Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Penguin (Using Toilet Roll)

Christmas is coming and if you're looking for something to do with your kids during the school holidays, crafts is a fantastic way to spend your time. These penguins are so adorable, you'd want to use them as Christmas decorations around the house. 

How to make Penguins Using Toilet Roll

What you'll need: Toilet roll, Scissors, 2 x goggly eyes, Black art paper, White paper, Orange art paper, Craft glue/Double sided tape.

Time required: 10 - 15 minutes.


1. First, cut out a piece of black paper enough to wrap around the toilet roll. Wrap and secure with double-sided tape or glue.

2. Cut out an oval shape on the white paper (width should fit the toilet roll and go up to at least half the toilet roll - approx 5.5cm x 5cm) and stick on to the bottom half of the penguin. This is for its belly.

3. Cut out a circle using the black art paper, measuring 5.5cm in diameter. Snip the edges all the way around for its hair. Stick on the top of the penguin.

4. Cut out two long strips 6cm x 1.5cm using the black art paper, for its flippers. You can make the ends narrower to look more like flippers. Stick on the side of the penguin.

5. Cut out its feet and beak using the orange art paper. Beak is approx 2cm long(diamond shape). Feet should be big enough to stick out at the front. Stick on using glue or double sided tape.

6. Stick on goggly eyes.

Note: You can get craft supplies from either Mr DIY, Daiso, stationary shop or any craft shop.\

For more inspiration, check out our other Christmas crafts: Reindeer, SnowmanSanta and Elf.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wondermama, 1 Utama: New Menu, New Flavours

Located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Wondermama Restaurant & Cafe is well-known for their creative dishes, thanks to their brilliant ability to fuse local and international flavours together.

Mama has been away travelling around the world and is now back home with some fantastic ideas for her new menu at Wondermama. The new menu features a mix of brand new dishes as well as refreshed versions of old favorites.

Restaurant interior

Munch on the highly addictive Wonder PopChicks, crispy fried chicken bites featuring flavours from around the world. Choose from four flavours; the Totally Tom Yum from Thailand, Say Cheese from France, Barbecue Bugaboo from USA and Ba-Ba-Ba Ba-Ba-Na-Na from Malaysia, all priced at RM16.90 each.

Our vote goes to the tantalising Totally Tom Yum, with its fragrant, spicy and sour flavours, thanks to the dried chillies, lime juice, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves tossed with lime popcorn.

Mama takes us to Hong Kong next, with her new HK Murtabak (RM15.90). Instead of the usual roti canai wrap, chee cheong fun skin is used for a much lighter version . Minced chicken, chopped onions, egg and cheese is wrapped in the chee cheong fun skin and then pan fried, giving it a lovely crisp exterior. I'm not usually a fan of murtabak as I find it too stodgy, but I must say this is really good.

One of the new signature dishes here is the Wonder Nasi Ayam Berempah (RM27.90), which we love. This dish takes inspiration from three local Malaysian rice dishes, so you can expect to find elements from nasi lemak, nasi biryani and nasi kerabu. It's like a mini buffet on a plate as you get aromatic spiced rice along with a juicy fried chicken, sambal prawn, kerabu kacang botol, homemade sambal merah and hijau, salted egg, laksa soup and pappadom. Absolutely delicious, we highly recommend that you try this!

The legendary Baba Nyonya Laksa (RM22.90) at Wondermama gets a facelift and now comes in a refreshed presentation. This comes with flat rice flour noodles, two large prawns, boiled egg, fu chuk, fish cake, tofu pok and long beans in a rich, mildly spicy soup.

The Shanghai Tang La La Soup (RM18.90) comes with fresh clams in a miso-based soup, with black fungus, ginger, goji berries, garlic and cili padi.

The Hainanese Chicken Chop (RM22.90) is one of the most well-known fusion dishes in Malaysia. Here at Wondermama, you get two grilled chicken thighs in a tangy sauce, accompanied by shoestring fries, sauteed veggies and mushroom and the house special spicy mayo.

For pasta lovers, the Rockin' Beef Pasta (RM25.90) is one of the new additions to the menu. Spaghetti is tossed with shredded braised BBQ beef, spinach, mushrooms, garlic and chilli flakes for a delectable finish.

You can have a healthy and delicious meal at the same time - order the Papa Saba (RM18.90), a saba fish fillet grilled and served with the kickass sambal hijau and merah, along with a side of rice and veggies.

A bevy of new drinks has also made their way into the latest menu. Try the refreshing Lemon Mint Lychee (RM13.90) or the fruit-packed Merry Berry (RM12.90).

Lemon Mint Lychee - lemon, lime and mint leaves topped with lychee and basil seeds

Merry Berry - strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cinnamon stick, lime, mint leaf and soda.

Opening times: 10am to 10pm daily.

Location: Wondermama Restaurant & Cafe, Lot S131, 2nd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7732 2911

Nearest MRT: Bandar Utama.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Recipe: Pad Krapow Moo (Thai Minced Pork with Holy Basil)

I recently introduced Pad Krapow Moo to BabySumoKids and it's now our favorite pork dish at home. :) Pad Krapow Moo is a stir fried Thai dish, made using minced pork and holy basil (krapow). In the past, I made this dish using Thai basil (horapa) but since then I have managed to get a holy basil plant and it is now growing in abundance in our garden.

For the authentic Thai version, you may omit the veggies (red pepper, yellow pepper and green beans) which I usually add in to make it a more balanced meal for the kids.

Holy basil, also known as tulasi

A quick and healthy meal you can prepare in under 20 minutes :)

Stir fried minced pork with Holy Basil (Pad Krapow Moo)
Recipe by Baby Sumo
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Serves 4

350g minced pork
2 cloves garlic, minced
2-4 bird's eye chilli, deseeded and minced
1 small onion, diced
2 tbsp cooking oil
1/3 cup water
1 tbsp fish sauce
1/8 tsp caster sugar
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 1/2 cups Holy Basil leaves, washed

1/8 red pepper, cut into squares
1/8 yellow pepper, cut into squares
8-10 green beans, ends trimmed and cut into 1.5" lengths

Rice, for 4
4 fried eggs (see Step 4 in this recipe)

1. In a wok, heat oil over medium high heat. Once hot, add the garlic, chilli and onion and cook for 2 minutes, until the garlic is lightly golden and fragrant.

2. Add the minced pork and cook for about 5 minutes, until it is lightly golden and cooked through. Add water, fish sauce, brown sugar and oyster sauce and cook for another 1 1/2 - 2 minutes, until the sauce has slightly reduced. Taste seasoning.

3. Add in the yellow pepper, red pepper and green beans and leave to cook for about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Finally, stir in the holy basil leaves until slightly wilted.

4. Serve immediately with white rice and a fried egg.

Note: You may replace fish sauce with light soy sauce if you do not have this in your kitchen. You may also use minced chicken to make pad krapow gai.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Restoran Kang Le U Tiao 康乐油条, Cheras, KL

With a name like "Kang Le U Tiao" 康乐油条, what do you think the restaurant specialises in? Yup, it's you tiao also known as fried Chinese cruellers or yau char kwai or cakoi. As soon as you step through the restaurant, you will see workers frying batches of them in large woks, as well as various other fried dough items such as ham chin peng, kap chung, ma kiok, glutinous rice balls (jin dui) and nian gao with sweet potato.

Other than that, they also have economy meehoon (dark soy sauce or tom yum), mee, fried rice, kuay teow, fried chicken, fried egg, chee cheong fun, fishballs, fish cakes, dim sum, bak zhang and tong sui.

They operate a self service system here (except for the chee cheong fun and tong sui); help yourself to the dishes and pay before you eat. I've eaten both versions of their meehoon, and they're tasty, especially with the slightly sweet sambal. Love it!

Bak zhang, all year round

The bak zhang (RM5.50) is moist and flavorful, and comes with a chunk of pork belly, mushrooms and black-eyed beans. Very yummy.

They offer around 5 types of tong sui daily. The names of the tong sui can be found in English/Chinese above the pots. I had the fu chuk yi mai which was nice and smooth and not too sweet.

Of course, one must try the fried items here. They replenish them regularly, which is nice cos you get enjoy them fresh off the stove. I think most of the fried items are priced at RM1 each... we like the yau char kwai, kap chung (with glutinous rice filling), jin dui (with red bean filling) and the nian gao sandwiched between sweet potato slices. The only downside of this place is that the ventilation is pretty poor and they do all the cooking at the front, so you'll end up walking out of this place smelling of food.

Note: Kang Le stands for Connaught.

Opening times: 7am to 6pm.

Price: Total bill RM18.

Location: Restoran Kang Le U Tiao, 15, Jalan 33/154, Taman Bukit Anggerik, 56000 Batu 9 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. (Street parking available)

GPS Coordinates: 3.058426, 101.748519

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hogan Bakery's Merrylicious Christmas + Giveaway!

Hogan Bakery is one of Taiwan's most famous homegrown bakery store. Its success is attributed to their ability to produce over 140 different kinds of bread daily in their bakery, using only natural, wholesome and locally sourced ingredients. In Malaysia, you will be able to enjoy Hogan Bakery's goods at 7 of its outlets located around Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, namely Pavilion, Lion Office Tower, Bukit Bintang sidewalk, Jaya Shopping Centre, IOI City Mall, Cheras Leisure Mall and Mid Valley Megamall.

In conjunction with the upcoming festive season, Hogan Bakery presents a Merrylicious Christmas from 22 November to 31 December 2018. There will be seven new products available during this period, perfect for gifting during Christmas.

The Chickie Bread (RM59/piece, 1.3kg) comes with a whole roasted spring chicken, stuffed with potatoes, apple, onion, black pepper and garlic butter sauce. This can easily feed 4 pax. For a lighter bite, you can opt for the Chickie Drumstick Bread (RM6.90), a black pepper roasted chicken drumstick wrapped in a fluffy, toast bread.

It ain't Christmas without some fruit cake. Hogan Bakery's version, which is made using butter, dried mixed fruit and nutmeg is deliciously light and moist. It is also alcohol-free so everyone can enjoy this Christmas treat.

Another must-have bake during Christmas is pannetone, an Italian sweet bread studded with dried fruits. Hogan Bakery presents a muffin-sized version at a pocket-friendly price (RM5.90). Kids will delight at the sight of the adorable Gingerbread Man, priced at RM3.50 each. There will also be a Red Velvet Log Cake and Chocolate Yule Log Cake (RM99) available specially for the occasion.

*Early bird promo for pre-orders of Chickie Bread or Yule Log Cake, from 22 Nov until 16 Dec: free RM10 voucher gift voucher.


Baby Sumo is pleased to collaborate with Hogan Bakery Malaysia to offer five lucky readers RM50 vouchers each to spend at the bakery.

Prize: 5 x RM50 vouchers.

What you need to do:

1. LIKE and follow Hogan Bakery Malaysia on both Instagram and Facebook. (IG: @hoganbakerymalaysia,  FB: Hogan Bakery Malaysia)

2. LIKE and follow Baby Sumo on both Instagram and Facebook. (IG: babysumo, FB: Baby Sumo)

3. Share this blog post on Facebook with hashtag #BabySumoXHoganBakery. Please ensure that your post is public so that I can view it.

4. Answer the following question in the comments below: Name two products from this year's Merrylicious Christmas range. Please also leave your IG and Facebook name.

· To win, participant must complete all the steps mentioned above.
· Contest period is from 25 November to 5 December 2018, 23:59hrs.
· Five winners will be selected based on correct answer and will be announced by 7 December 2018.
· Winners will be contacted via DM on Instagram.
· Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of issue and must be collected from Hogan Bakery Midvalley Outlet.

Good luck!


Congratulations to winners: caprihoney06, miloke629, watiothman6, galvean_910 and loyifui_0120.

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Masala Wheels @ PJ Old Town: Briyani Sundays

A friend told me about Masala Wheels in PJ Old Town, suggesting that we visit them for their banana leaf rice and briyani. I set a date with my BLR partner-in-crime and come Sunday, I checked their Facebook page to look for their address and opening times and realised that they don't serve banana leaf rice on Sundays!

Despite the boo-boo, we went ahead and visited the restaurant for their Briyani Sundays. We arrived just after 12, so it was easy to secure a table. The setup here is pretty basic, with a blackboard listing "Today's Menu" as well as some of their dishes on display.

Menu at Masala Wheels

On Sundays, chatti briyani is available along with a variety of chicken, mutton and fish dishes. There are three types of briyani on offer, namely mutton (RM16), chicken (RM13) and vegetarian. We went for the mutton and chicken. The briyanis are served in earthen pots which you can scoop out onto your banana leaf "plate". The portions were pretty generous, we shared two pots between 3 adults 2 kids... it was just nice and we didn't leave feeling stuffed.

The briyani was well-spiced, though a little sloppy in parts. The mutton one came with two big chunks of mutton on the bone while the chicken came with a drumstick as well as a boiled egg each. On each table, there are raw onions, chicken and fish curry which you can help yourself to and eat together with your briyani. I liked adding some of the curry onto my briyani, which I feel enhances the taste.

We also ordered a mutton varuval (RM8) and chicken 65 (RM6). The mutton was tender and flavorful and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the chicken too.

*Note: Banana leaf rice is only available on Mon-Sat during lunch. In the evenings, they serve nasi lemak.

Opening times: Mon-Sat 12pm - 3pm; 6.30pm - 9.30pm. Sunday 12pm-3pm.

Price: Total bill RM57, including 7 drinks.

Location: Masala Wheels, 2, Jalan 1/3, Seksyen 1, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (Street parking available)

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