Thursday, November 8, 2018

YG Republique, SkyAvenue, Genting: Premium Korean BBQ

YG Republique, the well-loved premium Korean BBQ restaurant have recently opened their second outlet up in SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands. Located on Level 1 of the mall, the restaurant houses Samgeori Butchers, the BBQ grill concept set within a hip, stylish environment.

Serving only premium pork and beef, diners can be ensured of high quality ingredients and great service when dining here.

Over here at the Genting outlet, they offer two types of pork: premium and Spanish Iberico pork, which have both been cured in cypress pine to improve flavour and texture. Prices start from RM38 for pork belly and other cuts available are neck, jaws and Abanico. Special sauces are developed to accentuate the pork flavours.

We have previously tried their Butcher's Sampler in TREC; three types of premium pork presented in nostalgic newsprint butcher paper, reminiscent of the old times in Korea. So this time, we opted for their beef selection - the Butcher's Beef Set (RM400) which comes with 300g of Japanese Wagyu from Kyushu province as well as 150g of marinated LA ribs. The beef has been triple-aged for optimum flavour and is served with Turmeric grey salt to accentuate the flavour of beef.

The marbling on the Wagyu looked amazing. The staff will cook the beef to your preferred doneness; we asked for medium and he did a fantastic job cooking it.  Juicy and tender, with a lovely buttery, melt-in-the-mouth texture, we absolutely loved it. Perfect eaten with some of the turmeric grey salt.

The LA rib was just as good; although it's not Wagyu, the beef ribs were well-marinated and they were really tender as well. We enjoyed the bold marination of the meat.

The Butcher's Beef Set also comes with unlimited refill of ban chan (side dishes), two types of salad (refill will be charged at RM5), choice of 1 soup (kimchi soup, soybean paste soup or chilli paste soup), steamed egg, lettuce for wrapping your meat and pickled choy sum. The side dishes tasted fresh and complemented the meal well. The kimchi jjigae (soup/stew) was tangy and had a spicy kick to it, just the way I like it.

They have white kimchi here too! And the pickled choy sum is really unique and delicious.

We also ordered the Iberico Jaw (RM65), my favorite pork cut at YG outlet in TREC. Chewy, juicy with great marbling, you can eat it dipped in the garlic mustard or gochujang sauce. Just as good as I remembered it.

There are several other sets available here, including half a chicken and 3 beers for RM90 and Butcher's Pork Set (RM148 for premium pork or RM230 for Iberico pork) as well as a la carte meals such as tokkpokki, janchi noodles, pork fried rice, bibimbap, spicy squid and pork belly bulgogi, budae jigae and Korean pancakes. We had the scallion pancake (pajeon - RM20) which was lovely and crisp :)

Menu at YG Republique, Genting

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Operating hours: 11am-10pm (weekdays) / 11am - 12am (weekends & Public Holidays)

Location: YG Republique, Level 1, SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands Resort, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. (Parking at Sky Plaza)


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  1. That sure triggers my craving! Now I gotta go to the nice Korean place here.


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