Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011 Mooncakes @ Li Yen, The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur

Even before we finished our last mooncake, I already had in mind which mooncake I wanted to get my hands (or rather mouth) on next. I was intrigued when I heard that one of the new mooncake flavours from Li Yen was wasabi, so we headed to The Ritz-Carlton KL as soon as we got the chance.

Our intention was to get a few types of snow skin mooncakes to sample. However, while waiting to be served, we sampled some of the traditional baked varieties (white lotus, lotus paste and red bean paste) and was impressed with the baked lotus paste mooncake, hence we got one of those too.

The Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake (RM17) from Li Yen is the smoothest we have eaten this year. It received nods of approval from everyone in the family. I also like that it is not too sweet.

So smooth

We also purchased 3 different flavours from the mini snow skin selection; Moet & Chandon Champagne Mini Ping Pei (RM9.50), Green Tea with Custard & Salted Egg Mini Ping Pei (RM9) and Wasabi with Lotus Mini Ping Pei (RM9). There is also a Moet & Chandon Rosé Imperial Champagne Mini Ping Pei (RM16) but we didn't get it since I felt it was too expensive.

The snow skin mooncakes here are quite small, if I'm not mistaken they are about the same size as the Mandarin Oriental ones. Just enough to get a taste.

The Wasabi with Lotus Mini Ping Pei was the most distinctive... as soon as you bite into it, the wasabi hits you.. I think this is one you either love or hate. Personally, I found it an interesting contrast. Take small bites and you will be fine.

My favorite snow skin mooncake from Li Yen would be the Green Tea with Custard & Salted Egg Mini Ping Pei, one of the new flavours for 2011. The green tea flavours were subtle. The filling was really smooth; the custard and salted egg combination worked well together, I found this filling to be similar to the Flower Drum from Hilton KL.

The Moet & Chandon Champagne Mini Ping Pei is one of the popular snow skin mooncakes from Li Yen. Moet happens to be one of our favorite champagnes, so we were excited to try this. To be honest, I did not have very high expectations for this creation since Moet is an expensive drink and this mooncake was sold for RM9.50. We sniffed it, we licked it and we nibbled it, but we could not taste nor smell any champagne whatsoever. Having said that, I enjoyed the smooth lotus filling with salted egg yolk.

Mini Ping Pei mooncakes upclose

The mooncake festival falls on 12 September 2011 this year.. so another 13 more days left to feast on mooncakes. We are still on the lookout for good mooncakes to sample, so do share your favorites with us.

Verdict: The fillings of all mooncakes we tried from Li Yen were very smooth. The Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake and Green Tea with Custard & Salted Egg Mini Ping Pei is highly recommended.

Li Yen mooncakes are available until 12 September 2011.

Full set of photos, including mooncake menu available to view here.

Opening times: Monday -Saturday 12.00pm - 2.30pm (Lunch); Sunday & Public Holidays 10.30am - 2.30pm (Lunch); Monday -Sunday 6.30pm - 10.00pm (Dinner)

Location: Li Yen, Level 2, Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03- 2142 8000

GPS Coordinates: 3.147115, 101.71531

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Agehan Japanese Restaurant @ Grand BlueWave Hotel, Shah Alam, Selangor

Japanese food is something I enjoy eating very much and we are constantly on the look out for eateries serving this cuisine in KL / Selangor. We recently had a wonderful meal at Agehan Japanese Restaurant in the 5-star Grand Blue Wave Hotel in Shah Alam, thanks to an invite from iamthewitch. The restaurant has a simple setup; several VIP rooms for those wanting privacy, a sushi bar, or just regular wooden tables in the main dining area. Diners will be happy to learn that the kitchen in Agehan is helmed by a Japanese chef.

Lots of wood in the decor

Sashimi... one of my favorite dishes in a Japanese restaurant. The sashimi here was exactly how I liked it; fresh, firm and in thick cuts. The portion was also generous, with 6-7 slices of each type. Definitely enough for 3-4 persons to share. There was octopus (tako), salmon (shake), mackarel (saba), tuna (akami) and butterfish. The one that stood out for me most was the salmon, since it was quite fatty, hence had the lovely melt in the mouth texture. I also enjoyed the butterfish and octopus.

Sashimi moriawase - Large (4 pax) (RM165)

Edamame (RM8)- great for snacking

I usually tend to avoid sushi in Japanese restaurant because rice fills me up really quickly. The Nigiri Sushi Moriawase platter was skilfully prepared and consisted of toppings such as salmon, tuna, squid (ika) and octopus topped on a small mound of vinegared rice (shari). A plus point is the nigiri sushi here is offered in bite-size portions hence we could easily pop them into our mouth. This platter also included some maki sushi such as chopped tuna maki sushi and ikura sushi. I didn't hesitate having two of the ikura sushi since I love salmon roe.

Nigiri Sushi Moriawase - Large (RM80)

The glass carafe in which the sake was served was definitely pretty. It had a pocket to store ice to keep the sake chilled. Between the cold and warm sake, we preferred the former, it was quite mild and pleasantly smooth on the palate.

Nihon Sakari Kire Aji Sake (RM32 per 250ml)

The agedashi tofu was deep fried to a golden brown, and then topped with bonito flakes and spring onions. Crisp exterior with a smooth silky centre, it is a simple yet satisfying dish.

Agedashi tofu (RM10)

The Tori Katsu (deep fried chicken) was coated in a light batter, crispy and not too oily. Perfect snack with beer.

Tori Katsu (RM21)

Wasn't a big fan of the grilled mackarel since I found it a little too fishy for my liking. My fellow diners seem to enjoy it though.

Saba Shioyaki (RM21)

One of my favorite dishes of the evening was the Tempura Moriawase (RM30) with an assortment of battered vegetables and fresh succulent prawns. Again, the batter was light, crisp and non-oily, though presentation wise it could have been slightly better.

The Kaki Furai (deep fried oyster) was surprisingly good, and I did not mind eating two of these although I'm not usually a big fan of oysters.

Kaki Furai (RM21)

Another old favorite, California Temaki (RM10), with cucumber, crabstick, avocado and tobiko.

Tori Katsu Don (Chicken cutlet with scrambled egg on rice) - RM24

Grilled shishamo (a.k.a. pregnant fish or capeline roe fish) - RM16

For a sweet ending, we had matcha ice-cream (RM10) topped with red bean and a wafer. Simply delicious.
Agehan Japanese Restaurant

Verdict: Authentic Japanese cuisine which is well-prepared with fresh, good quality ingredients.

Current promotion: 15% off if you pay with your American Express card. All you can eat dinner buffet on Friday (RM65++) and Saturday (RM59++).

Full set of photos available to view here. Join Grand BlueWave Hotel's Facebook Page here.

Opening times: Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm; Dinner 6.30pm-10.30pm. Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays.


Service: Good.

Location: Agehan Japanese Restaurant, Level 1A, Grand BlueWave Hotel, Persiaran Perbandaran, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Tel: 03- 5511 8811

GPS Coordinates: 3.073559, 101.522813

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby D's Early Birthday Celebration @ Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar, The Gardens Residences, Kuala Lumpur

Our son turns 1 this week. To celebrate his birthday, we took both our kids and their grandparents to our favorite restaurant, Sage. We asked for a private room since we had our kids with us and did not want to disturb other restaurant patrons. The private room was suitably spacious.

We took a little peek outside the main dining area and noticed that they have changed their chairs. Since it was Baby D's birthday, we had wanted to take a photo of him with Chef Daniel but unfortunately it was the chef's off-day. Maybe next time.

Freshly baked bread

Refreshing welcome drink. In the background, Baby C feeding her grandmother some bread :)

Baby C's first time at Sage. She enjoyed it very much :)

When the Consommé of Foie Gras with Fresh Mushroom and Pacific Oyster arrived at our table, our jaws dropped. I was surprised that they served 3 fresh oysters with the consommé... was only expecting 1 when I read the menu. The consommé must have been good since my dad had the look of satisfaction on his face when he finished.

The oysters were really fresh... managed to try one :D

Pacific Oyster

The Tataki of Tuna Chutoro with Green Asparagus and Truffle Soy came beautifully presented. It also tasted great; the tuna belly has been lightly seared and topped with truffle soy. However the portion was rather teeny.

Pretty but small

Hubby's eyes light up whenever he sees wagyu beef on the menu at Sage. Everyone at the table had the Wagyu Beef Striploin cooked medium rare, which was served with a lovely creamy Dauphinoise Potato and French Mustard Sauce. A dish we thoroughly enjoyed.

Wagyu Beef Striploin with Dauphinoise Potato, French Mustard Sauce

The bavarois at Sage is fab and one of my favorite desserts here. So I was pleased when I saw this on the menu. The green tea bavarois was wonderfully wobbly and served with a delicious red bean ice-cream. The ice creams at Sage always have a wonderful quality to them.

Green tea bavarois with crème anglaise, red bean ice cream

We loved the red bean ice cream as much as the bavarois... excellent dessert!

And the wonderful people at Sage presented Baby D with a chocolate mousse cake for his birthday! Happy Birthday dear darling..

Happy 1st Birthday Baby D

His sister helped him wipe the plate clean. Sharing is caring.. :P

Baby D at Sage

My precious children enjoying each other's company.. words are not required for their love for each other is obvious
A first birthday celebration, surrounded by the people who loves him, what more can a child ask for?

Full set of photos available to view here.

Opening hours: Lunch:Monday to Friday 12.00pm to 2.00pm; Dinner:Monday to Saturday 6.00pm to 10.30pm. Closed on Sunday.

Service: Good.

Price: RM100 nett. 10% off with The Gardens Club card.

Location: Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar, The Gardens Residences, Level 6, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2268 1328

Friday, August 26, 2011

Selangorlicious Foodster Blogging Competition 2011 Results & Ramadhan Buffet @ Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel, Selangor

The wait is finally over. The results for the Selangorlicious Foodster Blogging Competition 2011 was announced in a prize giving ceremony in Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel on 25th August 2011.

Here's the full list of winners:

First Prize: Cakap Niaga ("Ayam Kampung Goreng dan Gulai")
Second Prize: Hungry Female ("Pantai Seafood: A Shore Winner")
Third Prize: Rahman Zawawi ("Mee Udang Nakhoda Kg Sungai Ramal Dalam")

Consolation Prizes
- Amir Muhammad ("What Happened When I Didn't Have Enough Cash to Pay for the Nasi Ambeng)
- Sarah Rees ("The Softest Lamb in the World")
- Bart Ahmad ("Reviu Regu: Restoran Panorama")

Best Food Photography: Nigel Low
Photography Runner Up: Baby Sumo
Photography Third Place: Alia Binti Md Ali

Yes, yours truly managed to win a prize in the Best Food Photography category. Thanks to Selangorlicious for picking my photo, am delighted to have won!

Selected entries from the Selangorlicious contest will be published in a Selangor Food Guide, do join their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter for latest updates and events.

"Selangorlicious is Yummylicious," says Mr. Leo Kuscher, the General Manager of Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel.

Pn. Noorul Ashikin, General Manager of Tourism Selangor giving a short speech

All the winners. Congrats to you all and nice to have met you :)

After the prize giving ceremony, we were treated to the Ramadan Buka Puasa buffet in the Grand Selangor Ballroom. With over 100 home-cooked local favourites, hawker fare, Oriental delights as well as Western food, we were spoilt for choice.

Stalls / food stations set up outside the Grand Selangor Ballroom

The sup campur was my favorite of the evening. Hearty and delicious, this soup was packed full of beefy goodness. I helped myself to as much meat/tripe/liver as I liked, sprinkled some daun sup, chilli soy sauce and bawang goreng (fried shallots) and voila... a soup you'd wanna keep eating.

Check out this bad boy... the sup gearbox, also known as bone marrow soup. Why the name? I guess the bone marrow resembles the car's gearbox in some ways. You have to be early to be able to get your hands on one of these since they get snapped up very quickly by the diners. They all know a good thing when they see one! I got to witness one of our fellow diners suck out the bone marrow (the best bit!) out of the girgantum bone! So remember, if you wanna get your hands on one, be early.

Lamb.... how can one resist this at a Ramadan buffet. One of the most popular food station in this Ramadan buffet, it comes as no surprise since the meat was tender and flavoursome. I think I saw a total of 3 whole lambs being served that evening. What a lotta meat!

Roast lamb

I was amazed when I saw the size of the grilled ikan merah and siakap on offer.. they must have been at least 1/2 metre long. There is also ikan bakar and satay available here.

Giant grilled fish

Rusuk Kambing Vindaloo


Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Colorful Nasi Hujan Panas

Sotong Masala

Roti Bom

Satay and popiah.. yummy!

We tried out a huge range of food here... I liked the rusuk kambing vindaloo, a dry lamb/mutton curry. The roast beef was also nice, I managed to get some medium cooked bits and it was delicious. We also enjoyed the chicken shawarma, an Arabic wrap of shaved chicken and a mixture of vegetables such as onion, cucumber and tomato. The pasta and Japanese tempura station seemed to be very popular with the diners.

Chicken shawarma

And end the meal with some sweet desserts such as kuih koci, mango pudding, tapai, and an assortment of cakes. Fresh fruits is also available with interesting varieties such as mata kucing and pulasan (similar to rambutan).


For those interested in trying the Ramadan Buffet, it is priced at RM95++ per person. Note there is a 50% discount on the last week of Ramadhan.

Full set of photos available to view here.

Location: Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel (formerly Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers), Jalan SS12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-5031 6060

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