Monday, November 29, 2021

Get bigger cashback rewards and more Shopee Coins on Dec 1 ShopeePay Day!


We are entering the last month of 2021, and what better way to start the holidays and festivities with cashback of up to RM10, a chance to win up to 36,363 Shopee Coins and be treated to the best deals in town with Dec 1 ShopeePay Day.

Top Up & Win up to 36,363 Shopee Coins: From now till 11 December, ShopeePay users who top up RM50 and above will get a chance to win either 12, 121, 1,212, or 12,121 ShopeeCoins. On Dec 1 ShopeePay Day, the fun and excitement triples as users stand to win either 36, 363, 3,636, or 36,363 ShopeeCoins when they top up their mobile wallet with at least RM30.

More savings with 1 sen ShopeePay Vouchers: 1 sen can do wonders for ShopeePay users by getting them attractive cashback rewards - up to RM10 on Dec 1 ShopeePay Day. Look out for the amazing deals below:

● Secret Recipe: Receive RM10 cashback with a minimum spend of RM50
● Gong Cha: Receive RM6 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15
● Kenny Rogers: Receive RM6 cashback with a min spend RM18
● Boost Juice: Receive RM5 Cashback with a minimum spend of RM10
● Boat Noodle: Receive RM10 cashback with a minimum spend of RM20
● Haagen Dazs:
- Purchase 2 Chendol Milkshake or Berry Yogurt Twist or Mango Orange Fizz at the price of RM38 (NP: RM52)
- Get 2 Ice Cream Handpacked Pints of your choice at the price of RM63 (NP: RM69)
- Get 3 Ice Cream Handpacked Pints of your choice at the price of RM88 (NP: RM103.5)

To get these special deals and more, just follow three simple steps:
1. On 1 December, head to the ‘Deals Near Me’ icon on the Shopee App homepage
2. Check out the ShopeePay Vouchers available near you
3. Purchase them for as low as 1 sen and head over to the outlet to redeem the voucher when you pay with ShopeePay

More savings for first time users with eDuit: First time Shopee users will receive RM100 when they activate their ShopeePay, and will be entitled to RM25 ShopeePay credit if they successfully activate their mobile wallet premium account. They will also receive RM60 worth of ShopeePay Vouchers, and a RM15 Welcome Voucher applicable for their first purchase on Shopee.

The Dec 1 ShopeePay Day is taking place in conjunction with Shopee's 12.12 Birthday Sale happening from now to 12 December where the e-commerce platform has prepared a series of surprises, excitement and rewards for Malaysians.

Users will get to enjoy free shipping with no minimum spend, 12 million vouchers and also a chance to win a new car by playing Spin & Win Hyundai Kona, fully sponsored by AIG Insurance Malaysia Bhd.

For more information on Dec 1 ShopeePay Day, visit

To be part of Shopee’s birthday celebration, check

Terms and conditions apply.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Recipe: Thai Braised Pork Collar Rice

Braised pork leg rice, aka khao kha moo ข้าวขาหมู is one of my favourite Thai rice dishes. A famous Thai street food fish, a whole pork leg is braised in spices and soy sauce until tender and falling off the bone.

However, when I make it at home, I use pork collar instead of pork leg, mainly because my kids prefer this leaner cut of meat. Pork collar still has pretty good marbling and some fat to keep the meat nice and moist when braised. Once braised for two hours, I roughly shred the meat and serve it with rice, Chaoshan sour vegetables and soft boiled eggs. Utterly delicious!

Thai Braised pork collar rice

Thai Braised Pork Collar Rice ข้าวคอหมูตุ๋น 
500g pork collar
4 shitake mushrooms, rehydrated
100g Chaoshan sour mustard, sliced
3 cups cooked rice
4 7-min soft boiled eggs

For the braising liquid
3 cups water
1T dark soy sauce
2T light soy sauce
1 cinnamon stick
2 star anise
1 bay leaf
6 cloves garlic, crushed
3cm old ginger
2 tsp palm or brown sugar
1/8 tsp Szechuan peppercorn
A few dashes white pepper

1. Place braising liquid ingredients in a pot. Bring to the boil.

2. Add pork and mushrooms and braise over low heat for 2 hours, flipping the meat halfway through. Remove and once cool, roughly shred.

3. Rinse sour mustard with water at least 4 times. Drain and set aside.

4. Strain braising liquid. Add sour mustard and simmer over low heat for 10 mins.

5. Place rice in shallow plate, top with pork, sour mustard and 7-min soft boiled egg. Spoon over some sauce onto the rice.

Thai Braised pork collar rice

Thai Braised pork collar rice
khao kha moo khao kha moo khao kha moo khao kha moo khao kha moo khao kha moo  khao kha moo
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Monday, November 22, 2021

Introducing a Brand New Technology: ACCESSTRADE Fraud Shield

Malaysia, September 30th, 2021 – As an advertiser or a publisher, you must be aware that ad fraud is massively increasing on all our marketing channels. Fraudsters have been stealing the hard work and all our hard-earned money from ad spending. According to, the estimated cost of digital ad fraud worldwide is predicted to rise from $19 billion in 2018 to $44 billion in 2022. Quite appealing to know, right?

Being in the Affiliate Marketing industry for 20 years in Japan and few other SEA countries, we truly understand your concerns. Therefore, ACCESSTRADE is finding any possible solutions, including how to deal with ad frauds that are currently uncontrollable.
So now, we’re proudly introducing you to the brand new protection technology created, called ACCESSTRADE Fraud Shield, which has officially launched on the 15th of August 2021, — a robust shield that is driven by our big tracking data and innovative machine learning. A new system that will ensure your ad spendings is now safely taken care of and will only be spent for actual conversions.

To those who still wonder, here’s how ACCESSTRADE Fraud Shield works. It is addressed into three main types of ad frauds that commonly exist:

1. Brand Bidding

This is a situation where fraudsters bid for certain brand name keywords to be displayed on the Google search results page without proper permission.

ACCESSTRADE Fraud Shield will manage such actions with a thorough monitoring effort of Google search results according to the given brand name keywords. A timely reporting will be provided when any violators are found breaking the rules.

2. Click Flooding

This happens when any fraudsters tend to generate a very large number of fraudulent clicks for a higher chance to be the last click of a conversion.

The solution to this is by applying collaborative Block and Improve methods by blocking such clicks with strong firewalls. This means the ACCESSTRADE Fraud Shield system will block click flooding from any anonymous traffic sources before they’re able to arrive at your websites or mobile apps. We certainly will keep upgrading the system to cope with the ever-changing ad fraud methods that are circulating online.

3. Fake Conversion Methods

This means to happen when leads are manipulated by the publishers themselves when they create fraud conversions in order to earn the commissions.

When such cases happen, ACCESSTRADE will implement the Track and Reject in the Fraud Shield system to trace all user device data that has been generating fake conversions and compile them into an analysis report. If any fraudsters are proven found generating fake conversions, both of their ACCESSTRADE accounts, and the conversions will be rejected.


All in all, ACCESSTRADE Fraud Shield will help to eradicate any fraudulent actions generated by any irresponsible parties. Thus, you will be able to run your marketing effort with zero worries of losing your money in ad spending.

Check their website for more information related to ACCESSTRADE Fraud Shield:

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Strong shopping activity on Shopee 11.11 Big Sale as Malaysia’s economy reopens


The reopening of the economic sector has not slowed down e-commerce demand. In fact, Shopee has wrapped up its most successful 11.11 Big Sale, with more Malaysians able to enjoy exclusive deals, bigger savings, and the widest variety on the platform.

On 11 November, Shopee users in Malaysia continued to stock up ongroceries such as Milo, cereal, instant noodles and fresh fruits and vegetables. More than 1.8 million home improvement and decoration products were also sold on Shopee.

With Malaysians resuming their out-of-home activities, health and personal care supplies on Shopee such as face masks continue to be one of the top products purchased. The product recorded a sellout of more than 13 million pieces whereas Covid-19 test kits saw close to 30,000 units sold on 11 November as Malaysians are reminded of their responsibilities and the Government’s call to ensure their safety as well as others around them.

Shopee saw the same robust support for 11.11 Big Sale across the region. Over 2 billion items were bought throughout the festival period, smashing Shopee’s previous record set in 2020. Excitement peaked on 11 November, with visits spiking 5.5 times in the first two hours compared to an average day.

Shopee’s year-end shopping festivals continued to bridge millions of Malaysians with brands and sellers. As such, offline merchants also enjoyed the surge in online-first customers to their outlets when users collectively claimed over 5 million in ShopeePay Vouchers through ‘Deals Near Me’ across the 11.11 Big Sale shopping festival period.

Entertainment continues to be a core part of the online shopping experience. Throughout the 11.11 Big Sale, Malaysians also spent more time connecting to sellers and watching their favourite celebrities on live streams, with a total of 4.8 million hours spent watching on Shopee Live. More than 41 million Golden Tickets were also given out as users played Tap & Win A Condo and Spin & Win for a chance to win a condominium unit worth over RM500,000 at SkyMeridien Residences @ Sentul East, and a BMW 218i Grand Coupé M Sport, respectively.

Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee said, “It brings us great joy to see the impact of our efforts on shoppers, businesses and the local community. The digital economy and e-commerce continue to present many opportunities for growth. We want to enable more people to benefit from this growth by increasing e-commerce adoption and helping more consumers and businesses come online and connecting them with one another.”

11.11 Big Sale has encouraged more people to access and enjoy the benefits of online shopping, particularly those outside major cities where digital awareness has been relatively lower. Across the region, a 5 times increase¹ was noted in the number of shoppers from rural and smaller towns, whilst ShopeePay transactions outside the big cities grew 9 times from an average day as users pay for their Shopee orders seamlessly.

For businesses in the region, the 11.11 Big Sale was a springboard for growth and recovery. Local sellers benefitted from the spike in shopping activity, with those joining 11.11 for the first time saw their orders on 11 November soared 18 times compared to an average day.

¹ Compared to an average day

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Shopee now offers seamless hotel bookings in partnership with Agoda and


As travel starts to rebound, Shopee is now offering hotel bookings in partnership with global digital travel platforms Agoda and Through this exclusive partnership, Shopee users will now be able to access one of the largest online inventories of hotels, resorts, homes and apartments supplied by Agoda and

This new service offering is timely in meeting the needs of consumers, as domestic travel re-opens in Malaysia, and more people are planning holidays amid the year-end seasons. Agoda’s search data1 in September revealed that searches for domestic stays have risen by over 57% compared to May this year. There has also been an increase of 37% more users in Southeast Asia searching for international destinations. Users can enjoy greater savings and exclusive travel deals by booking directly on Shopee. This partnership will also help to increase the reach and visibility of hotel partners to boost domestic and international tourism.

Apart from Malaysia, the partnership spans across other markets: Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Users across the region can seamlessly search, book and get instant confirmation for more than one million properties worldwide, all through the Shopee app.

Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer at Shopee, said, “We are pleased to partner with leading travel platforms, Agoda and to launch this new hotel booking service, which aims to provide our users with easy access to a wider variety of travel products and experiences. We also look forward to supporting the recovery of local travel and related tourism industries by promoting fun staycation ideas together with hotel partners. We invite everyone to travel safely and earn greater savings by booking their next holiday through Shopee.”

As users browse for accommodations, they will also be able to discover top landmarks near their chosen hotels, which can help them to plan travel itineraries that explore local enclaves, neighborhoods and attractions.

Damien Pfirsch, Chief Commercial Officer, at Agoda, said, “Travelers know and trust Agoda and to help make travel easier, because we are passionate about using our technology to connect people with the widest choice and greatest value deals, whether they are in Asia or across the world. This partnership with Shopee, the first with a regional e-commerce partner, will conveniently bring these great deals to Shopee customers, on a platform they are familiar with. At the same time, we can better support our hotel partners and tourism operators by connecting them to the biggest online community of shoppers in Southeast Asia. Such partnerships will help accelerate the recovery of the domestic and global travel and tourism industry in the long term.”

In conjunction with the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, the e-commerce platform brings the biggest savings in town via the 11-day long Book Hotels & Flights on Shopee campaign in partnership with Agoda, and Airpaz. Happening from 11 to 21 November, Shopee users will be treated to exclusive deals and 10% discount vouchers (capped at RM20) for hotel and flight bookings on the e-commerce platform.

On top of that, users who have made a purchase during the campaign period are automatically entered into a daily lucky draw to win 11 prizes which include five Grand Prizes and six Secondary Prizes. The Grand Prize consist of a 3 Days 2 Nights stay for two adults at either one of these hotels - Sabah Oriental Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Hotel Grandis in Kota Kinabalu, Sunway Hotel Georgetown in Penang, Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya in Penang and Hallmark Crown Hotel in Melaka together with a RM777 voucher for flight bookings on Shopee. Another six lucky winners will score themselves Secondary prizes - RM777 voucher for flight bookings on Shopee.

Meanwhile, users can get even more amazing discounts and deals on current activities and attractions across Malaysia, with tickets on offer under Shopee’s “Event Tickets” feature. This includes attractions such as the Awana Skyway in Genting Highlands, the Bayou Lagoon Water Park in Melaka, and Legoland Malaysia in Johor.

Payments for hotel and flight bookings can be made using ShopeePay, credit and debit cards, online banking and payments at 7-Eleven and KK Super Mart branches. Book your next stay at

1 Data is based on Agoda’s search data 30-day average from 1-30 September 2021 and 1-30 May 2021, for Southeast Asian origin markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

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Friday, November 5, 2021

How To: Renew Your Malaysian Spouse Visa (LTSVP)

If you're a Malaysian citizen looking to extend your spouse's visa (also known as LTSVP - Long Term Social Visit Pass), you've come to the right place. We recently went through the renewal process and would like to share some of our observations/tips to make your renewal process a smooth sailing one. Please note that this is based on our experience during the Covid-19 pandemic at the Ibu Pejabat Imigresen at Jalan Duta and may change now that we are in endemic stage.

For those with a valid (not expired) social visit pass, you may apply online via ePLSI (I've shared the step-by-step instructions here).

Before the visit

You will need to make an appointment on the Official Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia website using the Sistem Temujanji Online (STO), aka Online Appointment Application. *website updated 2.0 version:

Slots are limited and new dates are released two months in advance (ie a booking made on 30/10/21 will be for an appointment date of 30/12/2021). 

New dates are released at midnight daily. I tried for a whole month before I managed to secure an appointment. To increase your chances of getting an online appointment, you will need quick typing skills or have the auto-fill function activated so you can fill in the form quickly once the appointment date is made available at midnight sharp. 

For Kuala Lumpur, here are the selections you should make:

If your appointment is successful, you will receive an email confirmation. You should print out the confirmation and bring it with you on the day of your appointment. 

Once you have secured your appointment, please visit this page to check the required documents for the application. Please print out and fill in the Borang Imm.55 and Borang Imm.38 before your visit. For the third item (Statutory declaration of marriage), print out, fill in the details and affix passport photos of you and your spouse, but do not sign until you are in the presence of the Commissioner for Oaths. 

Other documents to prepare: Birth certificate for children (if any), marriage certificate (overseas/local),  your IC, and your spouse's passport. Make photocopies and also bring original on the application day. 

On the day

Both husband and wife need to be present for the application.

The main gates open at 7.15am. If you arrive early, do park your car at the left side of the road leading to the complex and once they open, you can proceed to the car parking inside the complex.

Mask up and join the queue to get into the complex. The doors will officially open at 7.30am. Scan in using MySejahtera. If you're uncomfortable queuing, just wait for 10-15 minutes in your car and the queue would have subsided by then.

Our first stop was the Commissioner for Oaths to get our "Surat Akuan Sumpah" notarised. There are quite a few of them stationed at this complex; so the process is quick. You will be asked to sign the document in his presence, and pay RM8 for his services. 

Next, proceed to Level 1 to the Immigration Pass office. Join the queue and get your documents ready along with your appointment slip for a pre-application check. The officers will check that all your documents are in order and will issue you with a number. It is important that both husband and wife is present here. 

Once you have been issued a number, only your spouse would be allowed to enter the offices. You will no longer be required, so either wait in the car or go home/to work. 

My husband was the first applicant of the day, so he got seen immediately. Once you have submitted your forms, wait in the waiting area until called for payment at the cashier. The cashier was opened at 9am during our visit.

Payment can only be made using credit or debit card, so make sure you have one of these. The visa will cost RM90 per year. 

Once payment is made, wait to be called for passport collection. Hubby got his passport back around 9.45am. Check your visa details and you can leave. Remember to check out from MySejahtera when you leave the building. 

Hope the above is useful to anyone planning to make a spouse visa renewal. If you have any questions, you can post them in the comment box below and I will try to answer them if I can. 

If your spouse visa has not expired, you can also check out how to apply online via ePLSI (step-by-step instructions).
Spouse Visa Renewal Malaysia Spouse Visa Renewal Malaysia Spouse Visa Renewal Malaysia Spouse Visa Renewal Malaysia Spouse Visa Renewal Malaysia Spouse Visa Renewal Malaysia

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

ShopeePay brings users an exciting line-up of rewards and deals at Shopee’s biggest festival of the year, 11.11 Big Sale

According to an online survey conducted by Shopee and Kantar, it is found that consumers across the region use e-wallets about 2 to 6 times a week. In Malaysia, over 75% of users use e-wallets for all their online shopping needs1.

As consumers and businesses continue to become more digital-first and are embracing digital payments for greater convenience, security and value, ShopeePay strives to support this move through various efforts. This includes offering big savings and upsized rewards during Shopee’s largest shopping festival, the 11.11 Big Sale.

This 11.11 Big Sale, users can look forward to a rewarding and integrated payment experience through unbeatable deals, and exclusive promotions both online and offline when using ShopeePay. This includes a chance to receive up to 11,111 Shopee Coins daily when users top up their mobile wallets with a minimum of RM30.

1. Shop more, save more with ShopeePay

o Exclusive vouchers from popular merchants: Crowd-favourites Petron and BHPetrol are launching exclusive vouchers offering up to RM4 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15 for shoppers during this Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, as Malaysians begin to travel interstate once again. Meanwhile, popular brand Emart24 also joins Shopee for the first time, giving shoppers up to RM4 off their purchases.

o Travel with ShopeePay: The Jom Cuti-Cuti Malaysia! Experience Malaysia Like Never Before in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia is offering holidaygoers discount vouchers of RM100 off with a minimum spend of RM150 on exciting travel packages on Shopee. This is on top of the RM100 rebate vouchers for 4- and 5-star hotels, and RM50 rebate vouchers for 3-star and below hotels.

o Free RM100 for first time users with eDuit: First time Shopee users will receive RM100 when they activate their ShopeePay, and will be entitled to RM25 ShopeePay credit if they successfully activate their mobile wallet premium account. They will also receive RM60 worth of ShopeePay Vouchers, and a RM15 Welcome Voucher applicable for their first purchase on Shopee.

2. Convenience wherever shoppers go with ‘Deals Near Me’

Deals Near Me is a location-based online-to-offline feature that allows shoppers to discover mouth-watering ShopeePay Voucher deals offered by merchants in their area.

o In conjunction with the Deepavali celebration, the Deals Near Me in-app portal will be featuring ShopeePay Vouchers from brands like Secret Recipe, BananaBro, Zus Coffee, Boost Juice, Mydin, KFC, Pizza Hut, Haagen Dazs and myNEWS, offering cashback of up to RM10 and special prices from now till 5 November.

Don’t forget to also check out Shopee’s video here as we celebrate the Festival of Light with our friends:

3. Serving more payment needs with ShopeePay

As digital payments become more integrated into the daily lives of consumers, ShopeePay serves as a multi-functional tool for all their payment needs including PTPTN loan repayments and water bills, all while enjoying rewards and seamlessness.

o Water bills: Users can now pay their household utility bills with ShopeePay from now till 10 November and enjoy 20 percent off, capped at RM3. Pay your water bill on 11 November and get as much as RM6 off.

o PTPTN loan repayment: From 11 November till 31 December, service your PTPTN loans and get Coin Cashbacks up to 300 Shopee Coins.

Meanwhile, receive a discount of 30% (capped at RM3) for all top ups, bills, entertainment and travel purchases through the Tickets, Top Ups & Bills function on the Shopee app throughout the month of November.

The 11.11 Big Sale is happening till 11 November, offering Shopee users even bigger and exciting deals, promotions and vouchers from hundreds of thousands of brands and sellers. This includes discounts up to 95%, free shipping with no minimum spend as well as RM1 deals.

The shopping festival is also giving away a condominium unit worth over RM500,000 at the multi award-winning SkyMeridien Residences @ Sentul East, in collaboration with property developer SkyWorld Development Group. Shoppers just need to play Tap & Win A Condo and collect golden tickets on Shopee to stand a chance of winning.

For more information about Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, visit

Terms and conditions apply.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Senheng Launches S-Food As Part of the New Super App

Senheng is launching its new and enhanced Senheng App in stages and S-Food will be launched in November 2021.

S-Food is a food delivery platform where PlusOne members can order food delivery from a wide range of food merchants and restaurants while earning high S-Coin cashback. It is a platform for restaurants or food merchants to reach our 3 million PlusOne members.

For every S-Food order completed, PlusOne members will earn high S-Coin cashback of up to 20%. The S-Coin cashback is a reward system that PlusOne members earn with every purchase on an eligible lifestyle product or service in the Senheng App. The S-Coin can be redeemed at any Senheng or senQ outlets nationwide.

S-Food features multiple payment methods and options for customers to get their food orders, such as delivery, pick-up, drive-thru, and contactless delivery.

Senheng hopes that S-Food can help Malaysia F&B SMEs to go digital with a low-cost of entry and provide them with a new channel for food delivery sales.

As part of the S-Food launching promotion, PlusOne members can earn up to 36% S-Coin Cashback, from 1st November 2021 to 4th November 2021. The additional cashback reward is limited to the first order per PlusOne member only.

In addition, PlusOne members get to join the “S-FOOD je!” Campaign from 1st to 30th November 2021. How it works:
1. Order food from S-FOOD in Senheng App. (Each transaction will be counted as ONE entry)
2. Follow @senhengapp on both Facebook and Instagram.
3. LIKE the S-FOOD je! Campaign Facebook/Instagram post (will be posted on 1st November 2021) and tag THREE (3) friends in the comment section.
4. Share a photo of your S-FOOD meal at your Facebook/Instagram account and include the hashtag #SFOODje in your caption and tag @senhengapp.
5. Complete the steps above before the closing time to be entitle to the weekly lucky draw (e.g. 11:59pm of 7 / 14 / 21 / 30 Nov 2021). The postings that missed the closing time will be brought forward to the following week’s lucky draw.
6. ONE (1) lucky PlusOne member winner will be drawn randomly by the system from the pool of entries every week. One order = one entry, two orders = two entries, and so on. More entries will mean a higher chance for one PlusOne member to win a prize. One PlusOne member can only win one (1) prize throughout the whole campaign period.

Prize: Samsung 43” TU8000 4K Smart TV (worth RM 1,999.00) x 4 units (1 unit per week)

Besides that, PlusOne members can participate in the Spend & Win S-Coin from 1 September to 30 November 2021. PlusOne members who made purchases in the eligible lifestyle products and services in the Senheng App in the month of September 2021 to November 2021 will stand a chance to win up to 33,300 S-Coin (valued at RM333).

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