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Lots of recipes to be found under Recipe Label.  If you would like to find a dish by main ingredient, they can also be found under Label: Beef, Chicken etc. You can search by course - soup, appetizer, main course, dessert, or by cuisine - Chinese, Western, Japanese, Malay or by occasion - Chinese New Year, Easter.

Here also some food lists to inspire you:
Top 10 Favorite Thai Recipes
♥ Top 8 Recipes for a Brilliant Sunday Roast
♥ Top 12 Healthy Recipes for 2014
♥ Top 8 Recipe for Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 
♥ 8 Easy Dessert Recipes for Mother's Day
♥ 12 Easy Pasta Dishes You'll Love

You may also find lots of kids-friendly recipes for cooking with kids.

Here are also some tips for cooking with kids.
Cooking with Kids - My Top 5 Tips

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