Thursday, March 30, 2023

How to Renew LTSVP (Malaysian Spouse Visa) Online

 If you are renewing your Social Visit Pass (Spouse to Malaysian Citizen) and need some clarification, you've come to the right place.  You may now renew your pass online on the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia website.

Please note that you can only use this online renewal service if your current LTSVP is still valid / not expired. If your pass has expired, you will need to visit the Immigration office for assistance. 

Based on our experience, here are some useful information and step-by-step instructions to secure a renewal to your LTSVP:

1. Head over to this link to check out the latest documents on what is required for the application. 

2. At the time of publishing, these are the documents required. You have to print and fill in a-c on the list before you can proceed with the application online. For c, you will need to visit the Commissioner of Oath to get him/her to verify that your marriage is still valid (we paid RM20 for this to be verified). 

a. Borang Imm.55
b. Borang Imm.38
c. Surat Akuan Sumpah oleh suami isteri perkahwinan masih wujud dan kekal
d. Sijil kelahiran anak (jika ada) : Child(ren)'s birth certificate (if applicable)
e. Kad pengenalan suami/ isteri (NRIC for wife/husband)
f. Sijil kahwin (luar negara/ Malaysia) (Marriage certificate overseas/Malaysia)
g. Pasport suami/ isteri (semua muka surat yang bercetak) (Spouse's original passport, photocopy all printed pages)

3. Scan all the above documents using Camscanner app or similar (please ensure file size is below 500KB each, you may need to compress the pdf before you are able to submit). Please keep all the documents in a safe place and bring along when collecting your visa endorsement as you will need to submit them for verification at the Immigration Department.

4. Visit this website - ePLSI. For first time user, you will need to sign up for an account. Select Social Visit Pass (Spouse of Malaysian Citizen), fill in your details and register. If you already have an account, then key in your username/password and log in.

5. Click on Application. Then, click PLS Renewal Application under "New Application". 

6. Key in Passport Number and Nationality and press "Search". 

7. Your current visa information will appear, click Apply. 

8. Check your "Renewal Application Information" details are correct, choose the correct branch to process application. Then proceed to upload the documents as stated in number 2. Please ensure the files are below 500KB each otherwise you will receive an error message.

9.  Once all files are uploaded, click submit. Print the page with reference number.  Your application will be checked by the immigration officer, you will receive an email within 3 days to let you know if your application is successful. You may also check the status of your application on the same website by clicking "Application" followed by the "check" button under Renewal Application Status. Key in your reference number or passport number to check application status.

10. An email will be sent to you once your application has been approved, along with details on how to make payment and the amount, as well as how to make an online appointment on STO to collect your visa endorsement. If you check ePLSI now, the application status would have now changed from "Extension" to "Approve". 

11. Click on link in email to make payment. Key in your application number or passport number. Make payment via debit/credit card and print payment receipt. You will need to bring this along with the original passport to get the sticker. (Payment will be RM90 per year)

12. Go to the Sistem Temujanji Online (STO website link), select "Book my appointment', select 'Foreigner (Valid Passport)' and key in your details. Make sure to choose the same branch as you have selected when you made your application. 

Choose "Kutipan Passport ePLSI" under Services and choose your desired date and time. (date must be within 30 days of your approval date. We managed to get an appointment the following day after approval) Note: there were plentiful dates available to choose from, Monday -Thursday. An email will be sent to you with your appointment date/time. 

13. Date of your appointment (before leaving your home)
a. Please ensure that you have printed out your payment receipt as well as your appointment form.
b. Both husband and wife must be present at the Immigration Department to collect the visa endorsement. 
c. Please remember to bring along the original documents (as per item 2) as well as photocopies (just in case it's required).  

14. At the immigration department: 
a. Join the queue and once it's your turn, let the officer know you have made an application online for ePLSI and wish to collect your visa endorsement. You will be given a number and asked to wait inside.
b. Wait at counter 29-30 (for those applying at Jalan Duta, KL). When your number is called, present your passport along with the payment receipt and appointment form. You will also be asked to present your original documents for verification. 
c. You will be asked to wait again while the new visa endorsement is placed in your passport. 
Note: The whole process here took us only 30 minutes - very impressed with the efficiency!

15. How far in advance can I apply for the Social Visit Pass via ePLSI? 
Not sure what the official answer is for this, but in our case, we applied 2 months in advance of my husband's current visa expiry date. (ie expiring in May 2023, applied in Mar 2023).

In conclusion, I would highly recommend applying for your social visit pass online. We applied on a Monday and received approval on Wednesday and got the visa endorsement in my husband's passport by Thursday morning the same week. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to answer them as best as I can.

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  1. Your hubby can't get PR like at many countries overseas? I really dunno the system here.

  2. If the BIL & sister decided to move back!

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