Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Crafts For Kids - Elf, Santa's Little Helper

When there's Santa, there will be Santa's little helper too. This adorable elf (again made with toilet roll) is another easy Christmas craft you can make together with your kids.

Cute Elf (Santa's Little Helper)
What you'll need: Toilet roll, Scissors, 2 x goggly eyes, Black tie wrap, Green art paper, Beige art paper Red ribbon, Craft glue/Double sided tape. Thick art paper (any colour), Black marker pen.

Time required: 10 minutes.


1. Cover half the toilet roll with beige art paper and the other half with green art paper.

2. Tighten a tie wrap halfway down the green art paper. This will be the belt.

3. Cut off two large teardrop shapes (for the elf's ears) from the beige art paper and stick onto the thick art paper. Cut two slits at the side of the toilet roll and slip the ears in.

4. Stick two eyes and draw the nose and mouth using the black marker pen.

5. Cut a circle from the green art paper, then form a cone for the elf's hat. Place on top of the elf's head. Then, add a ribbon just below the elf's mouth.

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