Sunday, April 30, 2017

Suki-Ya, MyTOWN KL - Shabu-Shabu

A couple of years back, we used to go to Suki-Ya in Pavilion or Paradigm often, but it's been a while since we visited. Last week we went to check out the newly opened MyTown Shopping Mall, and there was a Suki-Ya there so that's where we headed to for lunch. MyTown is connected to IKEA Cheras.

Now that the kids are older, they really enjoy this whole shabu-shabu affair. They would go choose their own items from the Healthy Bar (and would volunteer to go and get things for us too), though we would still do the cooking for them for safety reasons.

There are four types of soup to choose from - shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, miso and kimuchi. We went for the shabu-shabu and kimuchi. From the Healthy Bar, you will find different types of mushrooms (enoki, Eryngii, shitake, oyster), vegetables (spinach, lettuce, pak choi, leeks, corn, Chinese cabbage, carrot), tofu, udon, shirataki noodles, lala clams, sausage, fish cake,  fish balls, and much more. You can also help yourself to the sushi at the bar.

Suki-Ya is an all-you-can-eat place, so help yourself to anything you like.

Once the soup comes to the boil, you can first add some vegetables such as radish, leeks and Chinese cabbage to the soup for flavour. The beef and lamb are thinly sliced so they take a matter of seconds to cook. Just swish swish in the soup and they're ready to eat. I love dipping the meats in the misotare sauce. You can get unlimited refills of the meat.



Once you're done with the meat and vegetables, help yourself to the soft serve ice cream ... the flavours vary on every visit. I like the green tea ice cream with chocolate sprinkles and konnyaku jelly.

The price is RM31.90++ for adults and half price for kids for lunch (11am-5pm). There will be a RM2 surcharge on weekends. For dinner, price is RM39.80++. Kids under 4 eat for FREE. Buffet time is 120 minutes.

Checking out some of the wall art / murals at MyTOWN after that

Opening times: 11.0am - 5.00pm (Lunch); 5.00pm - 10.00pm (Dinner)

Service: Good.

Price: Total bill RM118.60 for 2 adults 2 kids.

Location: Suki-Ya, L2-042, Level 2, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, No 6 Jalan Cochrane, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Waze: IKEA Cheras or MyTOWN)

Tel 03-9226 7732

GPS Coordinates:  3.134107, 101.722801

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mak's Chee, Pavilion Elite, KL

Following the success of its first outlet in 1 Utama, Mak's Chee is set to open its second outlet on 1 May 2017 at Pavilion Elite, a new wing of Pavilion KL Shopping Mall.

Mak's Chee serves authentic Hong Kong-style prawn wonton noodle and is famous for its 100-year old recipe from the Mak's family. The Mak's Chee recipe originated from a street-side eatery in Guangzhou before World War II by Mr Mak Woon Chee, best known as the King of Wonton. The war brought the Mak's family to Hong Kong, and from then on, the Mak's name grew in popularity in Hong Kong. Their gold fish shaped wontons and special handmade noodles have received Michelin's Bib-Gourmand title.

We were delighted to be invited to their new outlet at Pavilion Elite for a preview last week.

The menu now comes with enticing photos of dishes, and I was surprised to learn that their prices are even cheaper now compared to when they first opened. All the more reason to visit more often! ;)

To order, simply write the code on the order chit and pass it to the waiting staff. Service is quick, so before long, we were tucking into our noodles.

I had the Wonton Dry Noodle with Prawn Roe (RM16.90 for small). The noodle texture was as good as I remembered it - they are handmade daily at a central kitchen using quality flour and golden duck eggs with multiple dough flattening techniques to release excessive air for ultimate springiness of the noodles. Before serving, the thin noodle is sprinkled with high quality prawn roe and a splash of sesame oil. For those who prefer more noodles, you can go for Large, which comes with 1.5x noodles.

When my noodles arrived, I wondered where the wontons were, but the waiter explained that they were placed underneath the noodles - this is based on the cooking tradition of their ancestors - and the reason they do this is to keep the wontons warm. The wontons here are made using fresh sea prawns with dried prawn roe seasoning - bite into one, and you'll see exactly how fresh, juicy and crunchy they are.

Each plate of dry noodles come with a small bowl of soup - slow-cooked using top quality dried halibut, prawn roe and pork bones. Robust and flavorful, with a smooth finish.

To please the Malaysian diners, they now serve pickled green chillies on every table.

In conjunction with the opening of the new outlet, Mak’s Chee unveiled a new dish - the Swiss Chicken Leg. This item will be available for a limited time only, from 4th May to 31st July 2017. There will be three options to choose from - Original Swiss Chicken Leg (RM9.90), Swiss Chicken Leg Rice with Sunny side-up egg (RM15.90), and Swiss Chicken Leg Dry Noodle (RM13.90).

Hubby went for the latter. Swiss Chicken Leg is a specialty from Hong Kong, whereby the chicken leg is slow cooked with sweet soy sauce and a variety of herbs and spices. Despite the name "Swiss", it is unrelated to Switzerland. The chicken was tender and juicy, and the accompanying sauce was great with the noodles.

A must-order here are the Deep fried wonton - we got the small one (8 pcs - RM16.90), thinking that that it would be enough, however it was so good, we just had to get another portion. Crispy and juicy. Love it!

You must also try the Braised beef tendon and brisket (RM19.90 for small). The best quality beef cuts are selected and marinated in five spice and then braised to perfection.

Since we still had room for more food, we also went for the noodle with braised beef tendon and brisket. The sauce goes really well with the noodles - next time I want to try this, with added prawn roe (add on for RM5).

For drinks, we had the Champion Milk Tea served in bucket of ice (RM6.90) - this way, the tea keeps cool without getting diluted by melting ice so it always tastes its best - smooth and fragrant.

To commemorate its opening, Mak's Chee will also be having special weekly half-price (50% discount) promotion at its Pavilion outlet.

· Week 1: 4th – 10th May, for Signature Wonton Soup/Dry Noodle
· Week 2: 11th – 17th May, for Beef Tendon & Brisket Soup Noodle
· Week 3: 18th – 24th May, for Sweet & Sour Pork Dry Noodle
· Week 4: 25th – 31st May, for Dumpling Soup/Dry Noodle

Opening times: 10am to 10pm daily.

Location: Mak's Chee Authentic Wonton, Level 7, 7.101.02, Pavilion Elite, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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Friday, April 28, 2017

Grill & Chill @ Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

For BabySumoKids, their favorite part of any staycation is pool time. Renaissance KL's pool is located on Level 4 of the hotel, and features a children's pool, as well as an Olympic-sized pool. The pool area is also beautifully landscaped, with tall palm trees providing shade.

Hotel guests can chill and enjoy a wide range of exotic cocktails, tropical fruit juices and a variety of light bites by the pool. Every Saturdays and Sundays, there will also be a weekend grill themed "Grill & Chill" by the poolside, offering a selection of meat and seafood along with entertainment by the resident DJ.

The smell from the grill is absolutely alluring.

From the BBQ, we ordered the Whole Andaman Seabass grilled with Malaysian spices (RM48) and served with acar awak. This was absolutely fabulous - we loved everything about it! The flesh was moist and I adored the tangy lime-chilli dipping sauce that came with this.. had to go back for seconds and the chef happily obliged. The price is very reasonable too for the portion served. Highly recommended for seafood lovers. ;)

If fish is not your thing, they also do great Grilled Angus beef sliders (RM44) with jalapeno, cheddar cheese, and lettuce, along with gherkins and potato chips. Each serving comes with two sliders; the beef patty was nice and juicy. We were pleased that the potato chips were nice and crispy too.

BabySumoKids and their papa chilling and enjoying their meal by the pool

Other items on the menu include mini chicken burgers, corn on the cob, Chorizo lamb sausage, and chicken hot dog as well as several appetizers such as fattoush, salad and Halloumi and vegetable kebab.

Do a few laps in the pool after to stay healthy ;)

Grill & Chill - happening every weekend from 12pm to 6pm. For the full menu, click here.

Location: Poolside, Level 4, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail & Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2716 9388


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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Zip Line & Kayaking - Lost World Adventure Park - Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

When you spend the night in a tent at one with nature, you tend to wake up refreshed and more adventurous than usual. What better way to act upon those feelings of adventure than to jump into a kayak and power yourself across the lake or even step into a harness and scream as you accelerate down the zip line.

During our recent Glamping trip at Lost World of Tambun, we did exactly that!

Hubby and Baby D went first on the zip line, while Baby C and I watched from the side. I plucked up enough courage and agreed to go next on the zip line with Baby C. I surprise myself sometimes. The professional team at Lost World Adventure Park strapped us into the harness and safety helmets, and up we went onto the take-off tower.

The most intimidating part was walking off the tower, but after that as you take in the view and zip across a 120m long cable over the beautiful Boga Lake, you can't help but feel the excitement. Truly an exhilarating experience! The Zip Line experience costs RM20 per person.

The Boys Team

The Girls Team

You only live once - just DO it ;)

Check out BabySumoFamily as we go on the Zip Line at Lost World of Tambun and conquered it like pros ;P (Hubby says "Scream if you wanna go faster" LOL)

The following morning, BabySumoKids went on their first kayaking experience. The backdrop couldn't have been anymore perfect; with the 400 million year old limestone hills and surrounding nature. I was majorly impressed with Hubby's kayaking skills too. Another activity checked off our bucket list ;) For those interested, you can try kayaking for RM5 per person.

Our Glamping site is located right next to the Lost World Adventure Park - blog post coming very soon!

Lost World Adventure Park also offers other adrenaline-filled thrills such as 13 High Rope Course, Via Feratta with Abseil, Wild Woosey, and Super Adventure Race. A great venue for teambuilding activities. For more info on the activities, please click here.

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Lost World of Tambun is open on weekdays from 11am to 6pm; weekends, Public Holidays and School Holidays from 10am to 6pm. Closed every Tuesday except PH and SH.

Location: Lost World of Tambun, No.1 Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia (Parking RM1 per entry).

Tel: 05-542 8888


GPS Coordinates: 4.625842, 101.154697

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