Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Maccha Iki, EkoCheras Mall, KL

Maccha Iki, located in EkoCheras Mall specialises in all things matcha, including desserts, drinks and ice-cream. Dessert lovers will certainly delight in their delicious green tea creations.

The cafe has a relaxed ambiance, with natural wood interior as well as tatami seating. The cafe overlooks the mall's main concourse; during our visit, a lion dance performance came on and we literally had the best seats in the mall to watch it.

The Iki Matcha Blended (RM23.90) is their signature drink, an aromatic ice blended drink made using premium matcha powder imported from Japan. The green tea flavour is distinctive; the white chocolate cream topping complements the slightly bitter green tea taste. This drink also comes with two glutinous rice balls.

Other than matcha, they also use a few types of tea from China, namely oolong, pu er, jasmine and jin xuan. My first sip of the Frozen Jin Xuan Tea (RM15.90) and I'm in love! A refreshing drink, the light jin xuan tea is topped with sea salt cheese, green tea cream and crushed walnuts. Sweet, savoury and creamy, all in one.

You can find a wide variety of matcha desserts here including mochi, mousse, jelly, crepe roll, crispy puff, panna cotta, ice cream and more.

The Matcha Mille Crepe (RM17.90) was my favourite of the lot. Delicate layers of crepe with smooth green tea cream, the level of sweetness is just right. Highly recommended!

Equally good is the Matcha Tiramisu (RM17.90), served in a Japanese wooden box, featuring green tea sponge with luscious mascarpone cream, with a dusting of matcha on top. The tiramisu comes with a small serving of sweet, strong green tea.

Matcha Lava Cake (RM19.90) - moist cake, paired with a refreshing yuzu ice cream. The green tea sauce is poured over the cake rather than having a molten lava centre.

When it comes to swiss rolls, the more cream it has, the more I love it. The Matcha Swissroll (RM12.90) is filled with a generous amount of rich chestnut cream. In contrast, for those who prefer cakes with less cream can go for the Matcha Red Bean Cake (RM12.90), with a light layer of cream and red bean paste, crowned with two strawberries coated in matcha chocolate.

Opening times: 10am to 10pm daily.

Location: Maccha Iki, Lot F-K6, 1st Floor, Eko Cheras Mall, No 693, Batu 5,Jalan Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur. (Parking is currently free)

Tel: 03 – 9765 2919

Nearest MRT: Taman Mutiara (Exit Entrance A - 300m)


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  1. Not a fan of matcha but everything sure looks nice and the place is so clinically clean. Nice Chinese New Year decor.


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