Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dragon Inn 龍軒港式點心, Cheras: Dim Sum

Hi everyone! We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope 2019 will be good to you :)


On the last day of the year, we had a fantastic dim sum lunch at Restoran Dragon Inn, located in Damai 23, Cheras. It was a very hot day so we were looking for an air-conditioned place to escape the heat and decided to give this place a try... and I'm glad we did!

They serve Hong Kong-style dim sum here. Simply pick the items you like from the dual language (English/Chinese) picture menu and tick them on the order chit.

We enjoyed the selection of dim sum that we ordered, which were all skilfully made, using good quality ingredients. Prices are slightly on the high side, when compared with other dim sum restaurants in this area but tastewise, it is far superior than the rest.

Siew mai- pork dumplings (RM7.40) - nice and juicy!

Har gau - prawn dumplings (RM7.70) - plump prawns wrapped in delicate, translucent skin

Fried bean curd rolls (RM7.40) - crispy, with fish paste filling.

What I was delighted to discover here was the Zhaliang or cha leung 炸兩 (steamed cheong fun with fried cruellers) - I first had this in a dim sum restaurant in London and fell in love with it. This is the best version I've tried in KL. I like how they serve the sauce separately, so that the cruellers do not go soggy and remain crisp. Baby C tried this and loved it too!

Dough cheung fun (RM6.80)

Prawn cheung fun (RM7.70) - slightly thicker cheong fun, but still smooth. 

Glutinous rice (RM6.20) - soft, sticky and flavorful

Baked egg tarts (RM5.70) - nice and flaky.

Soft egg yolk buns (RM5.70) - soft steamed buns with lava centre

Dim Sum Menu

Opening times: 8am to 4pm daily.

Price: Total bill RM58.85 for 4 pax.

Location: Dragon Inn, No. 32A, Jalan Alam Damai 1, Damai 23, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (street parking available).

Tel: 03-9107 8989

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  1. Makes me think of one of those old Chinese swordfighting movies. Slurps!!! Now I'm craving for dim sum...

  2. Happy New Year! That was a very nice new year eve dim sum lunch.


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