Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hi-5 House of Dreams in Malaysia

Back in September this year, we had the pleasure of meeting Hi-5 at Bella NTV7 studio as they were appearing on the same show as Baby C and I. Hi-5 are a well-known children's musical group from Australia and we sometimes watch them with our kids on TV. So, we promised the kids that we would take them to see Hi-5 live during their House of Dreams tour in December 2015.

Coincidentally, Malaysia Airlines ran an Instagram contest giving away Hi-5 tickets and we won 4 Grand Circle tickets to go on their opening show at 10.30am 10th December at Istana Budaya KL;) Thank you!

The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, singing and dancing to the Hi-5 songs. The cast did a really great job in engaging the children in the audience. There was even a mosh pit for the kids at stage level and boy, were they energetic!

In short, the show is about 1 hour 15 minutes long, with a 15 minute interval in between. With the help of Chats, the “Dream Meister”, and her magical Dream Catcher, the Hi-5 casts are brought on a journey on some wild, wonderful and wacky dream adventures! This show is all the more special to see since it is Stevie's last stint before he leaves the group. 

In Hi-5 House of Dreams,  Ainsley, Dayen, Mary, Stevie & Tanika enter a world of dreams, finding themselves in the jungle (Gorilla King), fairy gardens, outer space, underwater (Lobster Rockstar) and even in the super cool world of superheroes! Awesome ;)

The show is available from 10-13 December at Istana Budaya KL. Tickets are priced between RM120 to RM300.

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