Sunday, November 6, 2016

Korean BBQ @ San Nae Deul + SkyPark @ One City Mall, USJ25

After we got back from our Europe trip, I was craving for some Korean BBQ. One of the weekends, we were at One City Mall, so we decided to go to San Nae Deul (not sure if it's a chain of the one in Publika, but they share the same logo). 

We ordered one set of sam gyeop sal (thick pork belly -RM28) and one set of moksal (pork neck meat - RM28). Firstly, when the sam gyup sal arrived, I questioned the foreign waiter as it didn't look like pork belly but he kept insisting that it was. Then, I noticed that the pork was frozen solid.... I mean I don't mind if you use frozen pork, but at least defrost it before u bring it to your customers table. Next, I was really irked by the way he cooked it as he started adding raw meat right next to the cooked meat and used the same utensils to move the raw meat on the grill and cooked meat to our plates. Ugh so annoying! Where is the food hygiene?

The ban chan didn't taste too fresh either, so overall not a great dining experience here. When we were paying, I noticed a sign saying that they would be changing their name to Dae Bak soon. This is a far cry from the Publika outlet. NOT a place I would be returning to anytime soon. 

After dinner, we went up to the SkyPark rooftop for a look. It was a nice cooling evening so it was quite nice to walk around and the view wasn't too shabby either. They have a see-through glass roof walk, whereby you can walk around and look down into the shops. The kids enjoyed it up here. Other than that, there's not much to do here in this mall, as they have very limited shops.

Service: Poor.

Price: Total bill RM65.30

Location: San Nae Deul, No. B-GF-06, Skypark One City, Jalan USJ 25/1A, 47640 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

GPS Coordinates: 3.021644, 101.579343

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  1. Oh dear! That Korean restaurant experience was such a disappointment! Most likely the staff was not adequately trained. What a shame :(


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