Monday, October 14, 2013

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands

There is no better way to understand about fruits or vegetables and the journey from farm to table than to witness it for oneself.  Hence we have always wanted to bring the kids strawberry picking and to farms to experience it for themselves. In Scotland we saw many animals however the PYO (Pick-Your-Own) strawberry farms around us had closed down.  Upon our return to Malaysia, we went to the Genting Leisure Strawberry Farm in Gohtong Jaya. 

Red Malaysian strawberries

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is the biggest strawberry farm in Malaysia and actually encompasses the strawberry farm, lavender farm, vegetable farm, mushroom growing facility, a cafe and some shops. It is opened daily from 9am to 6pm and admission is free to all farms, except the lavender farm.  It took us about 45 minutes to get here from Kuala Lumpur. There is plentiful free parking at Gohtong Leisure/Sport Centre opposite the farm.

It was a sunny day, but weather was cool enough to enjoy the day outdoors. Since we visited on a weekday, the farm wasn't too busy but I can imagine it getting really busy during weekends and school holidays.

Rows and rows of strawberries are grown hydroponically. During our visit, only a section of the farm is opened for strawberry picking. Grab a basket and a pair of scissors and we were off hunting for red, juicy strawberries. It's a really cool experience for kids, cos now they've seen how strawberries can be grown, and also how the flower, unripe and ripe fruits look like and get to pick their own. I showed them an example of a nice strawberry to pick and soon, our baskets were filled with beautiful, red strawberries.

Unriped strawberries and flowers

Kids were content once we spent a good 15-20 minutes walking around and picking strawberries. Just bring them to the counter and pay - it is charged at 100g per RM8, more expensive what's sold in the stores, but the experience gained is definitely priceless. We had a great time and another fun family activity ticked off our list.

Counting how many strawberries they collected each

Some flowers growing overhead

Red rose

Here's a simple recipe for strawberries and cream:
Serves 4

15- 20 strawberries, hulled and sliced into quarters
200ml whipping cream
1 tbsp icing sugar
Honey (optional)
Fresh mint

1. Using an electric mixer with whisk attachment, whisk whipping cream with icing sugar until stiff peaks. Place strawberries in a small bowl, then place a quenelle of whipped cream on top. Garnish with mint leaves and drizzle with some honey.

Note: Malaysian-grown strawberries are quite tart, so honey will make them more palatable.

Strawberries are also great as garnishes for cakes. I topped some sliced strawberries on the moist butter cake (recipe here) - simply follow the recipe and replace edible flowers with the strawberries. So pretty and goes well with the butter cake and whipped cream.

Butter cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream

Opening hours: 9.00am to 6.00pm daily.

To get here, drive towards Gohtong Jaya signage, then when you arrive at the town, there will be signage leading towards "Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm." You can read about the other farms here.

Location: Genting Strawberry Leisure Farms, No.1, Lot 3707, Jalan Jati 2, Bandar Gohtong Jaya, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang Darul Makmur. Malaysia.

Tel: + 603-6100 1121


GPS Coordinates: 3.398617,101.766817

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  1. How fun!! I wouldn't mind tagging along either ! LOL

  2. I want some! Hehehe.
    Didn't know that there is a lavender farm in Genting, thanks for sharing. :D

    1. No probs... later I will share the photos from the lavender farm. :)

  3. Hi Yen, no need to travel so far to pick the berries, yeah! The kids must be so exciting in picking those strawberries!

    1. Yes yes, cos we were talking about it throughout our Scotland trip but didn't get to do it. It was fun for them :)

  4. Hi, Yen! I went to Cameron and did the same thing with my son, plucking strawberries!

  5. that's a cool tip about adding honey! yeah, i'm not really a fan of tart strawberries either, so i'd eat them with lots of neutralizing whipped cream and sugar sometimes :D

    1. We love strawberries very much, and Korean variety is the best as it is less tart. But sometimes we have to make do with the ones from US and Aus too so adding honey is a good option. :)

  6. That's a clever way to pick strawberries-beats bending over the patches to retrieve them! :D

    1. Hehe and I guess it stops the kids from running over them as well.

  7. last year we bought two strawberry plants, very fast die liao..have to find one day to visit this fun strawberry farm.

    1. Oooo I also saw strawberry plants for sale, but Hubby advise me not to get cos he say sure cannot survive in the hot weather down in KL.

  8. Hi Yen, it reminds me the strawberry farm in US. We were there many years ago. My 2 boys were 9 and 5 then. They each carried a bucket and go around picking strawberries just like your son and daughter. Really missed those days...

    We didn't get to see strawberry farm during our last trip to Cameron Highland. Will visit this place one day.

  9. Hi Yen, Great pictures! Didn't know there is a lavender farm in Genting. Got to visit it soon. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Our strawberry season is over and I'm jealous of your delicious berries (and the cake!). My kids haven't gone strawberry picking yet. I should take them next season!

  11. This looks like a fun outing from Kl. It's very similar to the pick-your-own strawberry farm we visited in the Cameron Highlands. Since moving here, my daughter has grown to like the tartness of Malaysian strawberries. I was so excited to be back in Texas last summer and eat the sweet strawberries there. My girl turned them away and said she preferred the Malaysian kind. I must try your recipes.

  12. cute siblings. both of them work professionally collecting strawberries :-)
    BTW...that cake look so moist!


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