Friday, November 25, 2016

Eu Yan Sang 5 Baby Treasures for Kids

Eu Yan Sang is a leading integrative health and wellness company with a unique heritage in traditional Chinese medicine. It has been in the market for over 137 years and is a well-known brand trusted by many families around the world, including mine. Ever since my teen years, my mum would often stock up on Eu Yan Sang (EYS) products for making nourishing soups and Bak Foong Pills which she encourages me to take regularly to alleviate symptoms during that time of the month. During Chinese New Year, we would buy all our auspicious ingredients from EYS such as fish maw, dried mushrooms, dried scallops, dried oysters, abalone and sea cucumber.

When I went to the UK to study, my comfort food from back home was bak kut teh and EYS bak kut teh sachet was my best friend. My mum would also pack me American ginseng tea to drink in winter and when I came home during my summer holidays, she would double boil bird's nest for me to enjoy. When I was pregnant, my mum consulted the staff at EYS and got me all the necessary products to aid in my confinement. Confinement, for the Chinese, is an important event post-pregnancy as many believe it will help heal and strengthen the body. Without a doubt, Eu Yan Sang is our go-to place whenever we seek any natural health and wellness Chinese products.

Healthy kids = happy kids = happy parents :)

Subsequently as a mother myself now, I turn to Eu Yan Sang too when I'm in need for traditional Chinese medicines for my children. When you are a mother and your child falls sick, you can't help but feel worried. I am sure all mothers can relate to this. Eu Yan Sang's 5 Baby Treasures series, which include Bo Ying Compound, Pearl Powder, Pak Poh Powder, Jun Ging Powder and Kitz Cough, are each formulated to help protect your child and strengthen their immune system.

When travelling with your children, a couple of essential items to bring along are the Eu Yan Sang's Pearl Powder and Jun Ging Powder. Their compact size makes them really convenient and perfect for travel. Pearl Powder is made from 100% pearl and can be used to clear excess heat and relieve mild symptoms associated with heatiness.

Babies and young children are much more sensitive to new surroundings, which may cause them to feel unsettled. Eu Yan Sang's Jun Ging Powder can be used to calm their nerves, as well as relieve phlegm, diarrhoea, mild fever, and mild cold.

If your child is feeling feverish, you can use Eu Yan Sang's Pak Poh Powder to cool them down and soothe uncomfortable conditions such as thick mucus, blocked nose, cough, phlegm and fever caused by teething. Eu Yan Sang's Kitz Cough is an all-in-one kit primarily for relieving cough and reducing phlegm in your child. 

We most commonly use the Eu Yan Sang's Bo Ying Compound in our household. A special formula made using traditional ingredients, it is natural and free of synthetic ingredients and has been tested against heavy metal and chemicals. This traditional remedy is proven by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine for its effectiveness in curing pediatric illnesses and maintaining our children’s health. It can help relieve mild symptoms such as milk spewing and vomiting, mild heatiness, mild diarrhoea, mild coughs or colds or crying at night. However do note that children with G-6-PD deficiency should not consume this product. From my experience, after consuming the Bo Ying Compound, it helps to calm and settle your child down and he / she will fuss less at night, and subsequently help them sleep better at night.

Bo Ying Compound manufactured by Eu Yan Sang Malaysia is a registered TCM product certified by local health authorities. This product has passed all the required tests for safety (including lead and other heavy metal content), quality standard and stability. Bo Ying Compound sold in Eu Yan Sang retail stores and its authorised distributors are safe for consumption.

The production of Bo Ying Compound is safe, and is manufactured in Eu Yan Sang’s GMP certified factory to authenticate quality and safety. You can view the Production & QC Control Video here.

Eu Yan Sang has also released an official statement to clarify the safety of the Bo Ying Compound product. You can read it here.

For more information on Eu Yan Sang products, please visit Eu Yan Sang Malaysia website. Do also check out the current promotions on Eu Yan Sang's 5 Baby Treasures series in this leaflet.

*This is a sponsored post.

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  1. We have their outlets here. Gotta go and check this out.

  2. i trust in eu yan sang too! :) and absolutely, the kids look healthy and happy - they're growing up pretty fast! :)

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