Thursday, November 3, 2016

Restoran Vietnam Jie, Cheras, Selangor

After breakfast at Mama Love, we spotted a Vietnamese restaurant on the same street. I told Hubby that we should come back and try another day.

Restoran Vietnam Jie was packed on the weekend that we visited. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait for a table and service was pretty efficient. The restaurant is air-conditioned, with a cafe-type setting. The menu has photos of some of the dishes, which kind of helps as most of the dish descriptions are quite vague. Heard that most of the workers here are Vietnamese so the food is pretty authentic. They also sell Vietnamese products here.

To start, we shared a chả giò 4 cuon (RM10), which is deep fried minced pork spring rolls. These were good - they were non-oily, crispy with a flavorful, meaty filling. They served it with Vietnamese chilli sauce and some pickled carrots and radish as well as mint leaves.

Hubby had the banh mi thap cam (RM10.90),which is described as mixed bread. Bánh mì is a popular Vietnamese sandwich which is made of a Vietnamese-style baguette and native Vietnamese ingredients. So, for us, one of the most important component of a good banh mi is the baguette. Thankfully, the bread here had a great crisp texture, light and airy, without being too hard - exactly how it should be.

The filling includes egg, BBQ meat, ham, and pickled vegetables. Definitely one of the best ones we've eaten in KL. Even the lady at the next table asked us which one it was, after seeing how good it looked and ordered one herself!

Look at the nice airy texture of the baguette :)

Hubby also had the Vietnamese coffee (RM8.90). Btw, they serve a complimentary lemongrass drink to all diners.

I was hoping to get pho here, but according to the boss, they only serve that when they can get imported beef bones to make the broth. Hopefully they will have that during our next visit. I settled for the Bún riêu cua (RM14.90) which I enjoyed. The soup is tomato-based, and they serve bird's eye chilli and a lime, for you to add into the soup. So the overall taste of the soup is savoury, tangy and spicy, all in one. Really good! The soup is topped with thin rice vermicelli noodles, fried tofu, pork ribs, huyết (congealed pig's blood), ham and fresh herbs.

Opening times: 12pm to 12am. Closed on first Mondays of the month.

Price: Total bill RM45.70. Cash only.

Location: Restoran Vietnam Jie, 15, Jalan Tun Perak 2, Taman Tun Perak, 43200 Cheras, Selangor. (Street parking available. WAZE to Jie Vietnam Restaurant or Pro One Badminton Centre)

Tel: 010-240 2222


GPS Coordinates: 3.062813, 101.757736

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  1. I had the same problem at a Vietnamese eatery recently. The menu had photos but no description of the dish in English (even the name of the dish was in Vietnamese) which I can't understand at all.


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