Thursday, November 10, 2016

Turkish Food @ Mangal Restaurant, Cologne, Germany

We've eaten German, Peruvian and burgers in Germany - what's next? The Unc offered to bring us for either Korean or Turkish food in Cologne, and we chose the latter since we can easily get good Korean food in KL. We settled for Mangal Restaurant, since it was a hot day and this restaurant was air-conditioned. We were told that this street that the restaurant is on is known to the locals as the "Turkish Street" as you will find many Turkish restaurants and shops here.

Some Cologne sights, on the way to the restaurant 

On the less busy side of Hohenzollern Bridge (where you will find the love locks)

On the menu, they have English translation next to their German and Turkish names, though some of them may be incorrectly translated so better to check if you have a German-speaking friend around. There are lots to choose from, as their menu has over 160 items. We decided to order one appetizer to share, and a main course each.

The restaurant interior is modern, with an open kitchen at the front of the restaurant as well as their meats on display in the chiller


To start, we ordered the Karisik Meze, which is translated as Mixed Appetizers Plate (€7.50). We were expecting different Turkish appetizers (there was an illustration of different items on a plate) but what arrived was some flatbread with five different dips. It was nice enough, but we would have ordered a small portion if we knew they were serving this as we didn't even manage to finish 1/4 of the dips even with 4 adults.  The dips include Carrot, Beetroot, Parsley, Tomato, chilli powder and special sauce, as well as Herbs and garlic.

The main courses made up for the boo-boo with the appetizer. All main courses came with a side salad and rice (bulgur and pilaf rice).

Our friend, Debi had the Tavuk Sis (€11.50) which is marinated chicken shish kebab. The chicken was moist and juicy.

The Unc had the Kuzu Sis (€13.50), a very tasty lamb shish kebab.  He also ordered a couple of glasses of ayran (€2.20), a cold yogurt drink mixed with salt. It is considered the national drink of Turkey.

I had a look at the chiller and spotted some lamb cutlets and they looked good, so I ordered that. They were cooked to a beautiful pink in the centre, with a nice char on the outside. I shared this with the kids and they enjoyed it too :) By the way this was described as chopsticks on the menu.

Kuzu Pirzola (€13.50)

Hubby had the Iskender Kebap (€10.50), which is doner kebab served with flatbread and yogurt. The waiter came with some melted butter and asked if Hubby wanted some on his kebab. Remember to tell him when to stop! :P

After lunch, we had some Turkish tea (kucuk Cay - €1). It comes with cubes of sugar, apparently they like their tea super sweet. Overall, we had a great meal here and service is good, so would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a great Turkish meal in Cologne. :)

Open 24 hours.

Price: Total bill €75.00 for 4 adults (inclusive tips and drinks for 6).

Location: Mangal Restaurant, Weidengasse 58-62, 50668 Koln, Germany

Tel: +49 221 29883420


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