Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hubby's Birthday Lunch @ Lafite, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

Since we didn't get to dine in Lafite for my birthday (they were closed for a private event), we decided to dine here for Hubby's birthday lunch.  Because I was so busy, I sort of forgot to blog this. Please note that this showcase lunch is no longer available.

Starting early February, they have changed the set lunch format, it is now 3-course set lunch at RM99++, comprising of chef's daily inspiration of teasers (changes weekly), main course selection (pick 1 from 5) and  tasting of petite sweets. I have not tried the new set lunch yet, but I have tried the new a la carte menu for dinner and it is absolutely divine - will find time to blog that one in the next week. Just for your information, dinner now is either 3-course (RM195++) or 5-course (RM275++) - the menu is seasonal. No more tasting menus too. 

If you don't know already, Lafite has a new chef de cuisine John Nash. Be awed by his cooking and creative flair.

We have been to Lafite several times for its showcase lunch (Click here to read about our previous visit). During our last few visits, the desserts were showcased, this time it was the appetizers. At first, we had mixed feelings since we thought most appetizers won't work well if served cold. We thought wrong, as somehow the chef managed to come up with appetizers which worked well in the showcase. 


The new winter butter which we enjoy - it is made of maple syrup, figs, raisins and apricots.

Showcase appetizers

So, basically we were given an empty plate and can walk up to the showcase as many times as we wanted and then once we were done with the showcase, let them know and they will ask the kitchen to prepare the main courses. We didn't dare eat too much in case we were too full (we did eat our fair share) and spoil the enjoyment of our mains and dessert.

Tropical shooters

Potato soup with lumpfish caviar - this was pretty good, very smooth

This was my favorite one from the showcase - foie gras mousse with rye bread and a sweet "jam" which you squeeze on yourself... I lost count of how many I ate... but it was a lot. LOL

Fun food

We also liked this - the simple cured salmon with horseradish cream, love the herb leaf sandwiched between the crisp. So pretty.

Was happy to see scallops, but dismayed to see that it was served with kiwi (which I am allergic to). Luckily, the waiting staff said he could get me some without the kiwi, and he brought out 4 plates for me. Yay! How's that for good service.

Roasted scallop with kiwi and orange glaze

Without kiwi ;)

I also loved this one - goat's cheese with apricot and cranberries - but it was very filling so I think I only ate 3-4 LOL

Spiced tuna with pineapple and citrus.

Caesar salad with dressing in one of those cute tubes again

Sweet potato parfait with marshmallows and hazelnuts

Feta cheese with melon

Smoked duck wrapped with vegetables and lemongrass sauce

For mains, there were 5 selections - Hubby picked the black cod with olives, tomato and onion. Beautifully flaky, I had a few bites and I preferred this over mine. The beef short ribs with horseradish, carrot and celery root was also nicely prepared but perhaps fish was more suitable cos it was lighter and more suited after a heavy *ahem* round of appetizers. There is still black cod in the current lunch menu but paired with other ingredients.

Black cod

Beef short ribs

There were 3 dessert choices, luckily I didn't order the Mont Blanc Minutes (chesnut/meringue/mango) since it contained kiwi. Even if I did, Hubby would be forced to swap his dessert with mine LOL. I had the apple tatin (cinnamon/gratine/caramel), which also had an apple granita, mango leather and apple crisp. Both desserts were okay but not particularly memorable.

Mont Blanc Minutes

Apple tatin

Some fresh fruits

Nice Christmas tree 

*Note: This showcase lunch is no longer available. Current lunch menu is RM99++. 

Verdict: This was good, I can't wait to try out their new set lunch offerings.

Full set of photos available to view here. 

Opening times: Lunch Monday to Friday 12.00 - 2.30pm; Dinner Monday to Saturday 7.00pm - 10.30pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Price: RM88++ per person, including coffee/tea.

Location: Lafite Restaurant, Lobby Level, Shangri-La Hotel, 11 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03- 2074 3900


GPS Coordinates: 3.1541, 101.706297


  1. Aaaa...John Nash! We have to try him! :)

    1. Oh wait til you see my blog on his a la carte stuff, they're yummy!

  2. Yum! Must give this place another shot with the new chef. John Nash... sounds like a country and western singer :-)

    1. They have a huge photo of the new chef plastered on a billboard right outside Shangri-La. Very nice guy. And his food is very good.

  3. New chef = New hopes? Macam Star Trek aje, yes? :P

    And a Happy Belated Birthday to BSH! (Baby Sumo's Hubby, that is, haha.)

    1. Thanks Kenny dear.

      I think with the new chef, Lafite will be much much better. The food for one is really good (and unique) and service is so much better too.

  4. goat's cheese with cranberry must be a really good one!:) happy belated birthdae to your husband!

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  5. i think i would lose count of the scallops and foie gras if I were to be there. Unless someone keeps all the empty plates right before me as a reminder to myself:D

    1. Haha yea. They kept clearing the empty plates so I couldn't remember how many I ate LOL.

  6. ooo, i'd probably grab at least 10 helpings of the foie gras mousse with rye bread! and i haven't tried john nash's food yet, but i have faith that lafite always brings in the best men to helm its kitchen! :D

    1. I think that is pretty close to the number of helpings I had of the foie gras mousse. And you have to go try his food when you find the chance! All the better if you can find someone who has an AMEX Platinum card or Shang card (50% discount LOL)

  7. You really have a good appetite. :D

    1. LOL I do. That's why I can be a food blogger ;P

  8. Wow what a long list of foods! I bet I would have enjoyed it!

    I found that squeezy thing very cute! Hehe

    My favorite of all from the post is... Winter Butter! OMG! Your description makes me want it so bad!

    1. Hehe thanks. I'm glad u enjoyed the post. I know someone who actually eats the butter on its own (not spread it on bread, but straight in the mouth).

  9. that's a very awesome combination of food, I'm actually crying here for not able to try them out T_T

  10. The foie gras mousse with rye bread is so cute! Especially with the jam in the cute squeeze bottle.. I wonder if we can use the Amex card for the set lunch too?

    1. I believe you can enjoy 50% discount when dining in 2, with the AMEX Platinum. Call them and check!

  11. hi, i was planning to have my 1st fine dinning.. may i ask is lafite worth it?? which fine dining is the best?=) thanks ya

    1. CheeMei, it all depends on what type of cuisine you like etc. Maybe you can email me and I will help you narrow down the choices for fine dining in KL.But as a rough reference, here are some of the best fine dining in KL:


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