Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Macarons @ Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

Let them eat macarons.. 

It's been a while since I visited Singapore, so I was very excited for this trip. Shopping and good food was the main target of our trip. After a wonderful meal at Gunther's, we visited H&M (my favorite fashion brand when in UK and I still love it now), I really can't wait for it to open in KL in Q3 2012. ;)

After the work-out (oops I mean shopping), we decided to stop at Antoinette, Mandarin Gallery for some macarons and cakes to refuel. Antoinette is opened by Chef Pang, who previously worked in Les Amis and is also the person who started Canele (whose macarons and cakes I love a lot too - will blog soon!) and then decided to start his own venture... ok.. you gotta check out the name of his company.. Sugar Daddy Group. LOL. Very apt for what he's doing and very funny too.

So we stood there, gawking at the beautiful cakes and I got my eye set on the Antoinette and then they tell me it's been reserved for a guest. :( The others, while looking very beautiful did not really take my fancy. So we decided to just get some macarons to take away. In hindsight, it may have been better for us to sit in and enjoy the macarons, as some of them sort of melted by the time we got back to the hotel (which wasn't too far away but I guess it was a hot afternoon).

Nice packaging

Happy me with my Antoinette macarons

Pretty bag and very distinctive

The macarons all had very thick fillings, and were perfectly formed. During our visit, some flavours were sold out and there were only 8 to choose from. We decided to try 6 different flavours - passion, tahiti, Chloe, Antoinette, Violette and sesame.

The more "cream" based filling has gone a little soft (almost melting), ie the Chloe (citrus yoghurt and yuzu), violette (violet flower cream) and Tahiti (tahitian perfumed vanilla cream). I do however like the tanginess of the Chloe macaron as well as the violette filling. Not a big fan of the sesame one (black sesame cream with toasted black and white sesame seed) but that's a matter of personal taste. The passion (milk chocolate passionfruit ganache) and Antoinette (milk chocolate earl grey tea ganache with raspberry confiture) were also very nice, the filling is creamy and rather unique, especially the Antoinette which revealed a wonderful raspberry surprise within! Most of the shells were light and airy, but one (cant remember which now) was a little crunchy.

Overall, we enjoyed the macarons from Antoinette (each priced at S$2.50) however I do suggest that you eat them on the premises as I think they don't travel too well, especially in the heat (even for 30 minutes).

Enjoy the photos of the macarons.

A little game of macaron stacking!

Antoinette macaron

H&M Singapore

Louis Vuitton Takashimaya

Huge Gucci store on Orchard Road

ION Orchard

Full set of photos available to view here.

Price: S$2.50 each.

Location: Antoinette, 333A Orchard Road, #02-33/34 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897.

Tel: +65 6836 9209


*All photos taken with the iPhone4S. 

P.S Blog got a mention on The Miele Guide's Facebook page.


  1. The filling indeed full! Well..the flavors are quite special hoh.
    Still no news on which location H&M will open rite? May be Pavilion....hehehe

    1. Yeah, the flavours are definitely unique.

      Mmmm read in the news that H&M will either be Bukit Bintang area or Midvalley.

  2. The queue was so long, me and ladyironchef were too lazy the last time! but wow.. very cool u got to blog it. macs look delicious!

    1. We were lucky there wasn't a queue even though it was a Saturday. Most of the cakes have run out by then though ;(

  3. Nice nice! Too bad we didn't manage to get a table for our group last time.. the ambience looked really romantic :) But I guess as long as you have your macarons you're a happy girl! :)

    1. Hehe yes. I was happy with my macarons. And next day I also got macarons, so very happy too.

  4. the macarons look regally/royally good enough to have served to marie antoinette herself :D

    1. Most of the macarons we tried in Singapore were good, puts KL to shame really.

  5. You r killing me softly with those photo of the macarons~

  6. Compare and contrast against Les Deux Garcon and Nathalie's? Nice one on the Miele Guide mention too! Shu xx

    1. Hmm it's hard to compare... I think I need to have all 3 in one sitting before I can.

  7. My friend's friend own this place. Hehe. :)

    Generally, I don't think macarons travel well. :)

  8. a hard decision to choose from all those lovely choices of macarons.... looks like you have a fabulous trip to the city of the lion! :0)

  9. Mmmm...I ate mine from Antoinette already. Quite nice. Saw the ones at Canele but they were so badly made! Uneven filling...cracked surfaces. Didn't buy any. :/


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