Friday, February 10, 2012

Iwate Ramen, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

I am a huge fan of noodles, the Japanese variety in particular. My favourite ramen place is Hokkaido Santouka but there is always a queue at the Pavilion KL outlet.
Recently I read on Augustdiner's blog about this ramen place called Iwate Ramen in Sri Petaling that she feels is better than Hokkaido Santouka. That certainly got my interest piqued! Furthermore, Sri Petaling is pretty convenient for us with quite ample parking (we went on a weekend evening) and no queue! (hurrah!)

Special Spare Ribs Ramen (RM20)

The restaurant is actually both a steamboat and a ramen place, we were there quite early hence no steamboat action yet. There are 17 types of ramen available, all served with a pork broth boiled for 12 hours. The cheapest ramen available is kyu syu ramen for RM9 and it goes up to RM28 for the special Iwate ramen.

Baby D waiting for his noodles :)

Since I wanted to compare the ramen here with Hokkaido Santouka, I decided to order the char siew ramen (RM15) as I felt this would be most similar as both are served with char siew. Firstly, the broth -- very flavourful and undoubtedly good (but a little thirst inducing). Baby D loved the broth very much as he kept asking us for "more more mummy". The noodles, we are told, are own-made noodles, are pretty similar to the ones you get inside the Shin Ramyun pack (nothing wrong with that as I like the texture of it and it feels much more familiar). The ramen is also served with a flavoured omega egg, which was super yummy - they got it right here. The char siew as well was very good, I would say that the char siew here tastes better than Hokkaido Santouka.

To really compare the two places though is really difficult. They both had their strong points, but overall I still prefer Santouka's broth.

Hubby had the special soft ribs ramen (RM20) which comes with lots of yuen kuat (soft bone). Although both uses the same pork broth, when added with other ingredients, they taste pretty different (in a good way).

Flavoured egg

Baby D will now demonstrate the best way to eat ramen...
Showing how long the noodles are.. can he do it?

Put it in your mouth

Slurp slurp slurp..

Drink up!

Do you think he liked it? ;)

For dessert, we had some hazelnut chocolate ice-cream at home. 

Verdict: I will definitely return here for the ramen, it has a comfortable dining ambience and the ramen is good. Thanks to Augustdiner's for blogging about this place.

Full set of photos available to view here. 

Join their Facebook page here. 

Opening times: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm. Closed on Tuesday. 

Location: Iwate Ramen, 123 Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-9057 4909

GPS Coordinates: 3.069928, 101.69242


  1. oooh, this is only a five-minute drive from my home in sri petaling. maybe we'll bump into each other there someday (it could happen!). baby d is such a cute toddler, i wouldn't be able to resist patting his head (though i promise i won't try to pinch his cheeks!) :D

    1. Hehe we never knew there was so many foodie potential in Sri Petaling til we came here. Will definitely be dropping by more often for some good food. Hope to bump into you ;)

    2. There's lots of good n affordable Chinese :D

  2. I'm a noodle person too, but SRi Petaling is way too fay for me :(

  3. Yikes...this is in my neighbourhood...gonna have to try this soon :)

    Btw...Baby C not around? =)

    1. She went on a daytrip with her grandparents. ;)

      Hehe maybe I'll bump into you here someday too.

  4. Little thirst inducing equals bad news for my mom!

    I want to try that daimon yokocho place!!! been saying this for ages but nobody is willing to bring me there. :( my mom tried the tonkatsu broth and she loved it!

    1. If I had to compare, this one is way better than daimon yokocho.

  5. That's very near my workplace! Went there for lunch before... loved the broth but thought the noodles were a bit normal. Did u know this place is opened by Jeff Chan the MyFM DJ? When we were there, we saw him! :) Next time you go on weekdays let me know! :)

  6. Sri Petaling seems to be mushrooming with lots of eateries!

    This place looks good and the flavoured egg itself based on your picture warrants a visit. Yummeh!

  7. yummy til the last drop. :)

  8. Too cute! Baby should be earning advertising bucks from this place. :-)

  9. me would like to try this out. but the limited parking space in this area is a headache problem.

    btw, D is soooo cute! *cubit*


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