Thursday, February 23, 2012

Late Night Supper @ 333, Pusat Penjaja Taman Len Sen, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Hunger pangs at 10pm.. what to eat?

Oh the dilemma... should you eat or should you not? Just worry about the expanding waistline later...

Next question, what to eat? Should you cook yourself a packet of instant noodles? Heck, there are even days when cooking a pack of instant noodles is too much work. So what's good that is still open at 10pm? 

Wantan noodles!

To be honest, I have no idea what this stall is called, but it has a huge banner hanging above it which reads "333" so I'm just gonna call it that. It is located at Pusat Penjaja Taman Len Sen, just a short row of food stalls and it's right next to a bak kut teh stall.

What do we like here? The wantan noodles of course.  The noodles are springy, just lightly tossed with some dark soy sauce with a few strand of vegetables (choy sum). You can have it with wantan and char siew (RM4.80) or with dumplings (sui gau) (RM6). My choice is always the sui gau wantan noodles, the dumplings are juicy with a nice bite. Lots and lots of porky goodness.

The char siew here is a bit more lean with a small layer of fats. Other than wantan noodles, they also have pan mee, pork noodle soup, chicken feet wantan noodle, curry mee, braised pork wantan noodles and many more!

Chinese dessert soup (tong sui) - different choices everyday - this one is black glutinous rice (RM1.80)

Wantan noodles with char siew (RM4.80)

The char siew


Sui gau wantan noodles

Springy noodles

Nice dumplings

Porky goodness

On another visit, we tried three different types of topping with our wantan noodles. If I'm not mistaken, they are all priced at RM6. My favorite is still the wantan noodles with sui gau (dumplings) as the noodles are coated with a darker, thicker soy sauce which makes the noodles more delicious. We also tried the wantan noodles with braised chicken feet and cha yuk (pork belly with wood ear fungus), liked the toppings but the sauce from the toppings diluted the wantan noodle sauce so the overall taste of the noodles is not as good as the one without any toppings.

Wantan noodles with sui gau

Wantan noodles with chicken feet

Wantan noodles with cha yuk

Opening times: 5pm to 3am. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

Full set of photos available to view here.

Service: Friendly and fast.

Price: Reasonable.

Location: 333, Pusat Penjaja Taman Len Sen, Jalan 1, Taman Len Sen, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. (right opposite a kindergarden)

GPS Coordinates: 3.074127, 101.742915


  1. Looking at this plate of wantan noodle at this hour is so not right. I started to feel hungry!!
    Always like my plate of wantan mee (cukup hitam) with the pickled chili.

    1. Then the wantan mee here will meet all your criteria, cukup hitam + pickled chilli. That's how I like mine too ;)

  2. hubby's favorite dish.. I ll have to make sure to take him there one night! ;)

  3. gosh, 3am! i love that closing time! my late-night indulgence would be from the 24-hour mcdonald's drive-thru near my place sometimes, but that's really unhealthy and guilt-inducing! this wantan mee looks more inviting :D

    1. It used to be open til 8am on weekdays and 10am on weekends and we came here for breakfast. But recently they changed their opening times, not sure why. Maybe sold out too quickly.

  4. I miss the wonton noodles in HK. T_T

    The sui gau looks big though.

  5. this is the supper that you mentioned about? oh yumms. the wantan looks good. gonna work late tonight...hopefully when we finish, its before 3am so i can check this out.

    1. Yes, this is the one. I try not to go there so often LOL

  6. Gosh look at the noodles! So springy.. I love! :)

  7. U very slim, don't worry, can have more supper :P


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