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Beef Extravaganza @ Prime, Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

How does one sum up their experience at Prime?


Gorgeous bread, gorgeous starters and gorgeous the company of a gorgeous person as well..

This blogpost will be a combination of two visits (one in November and one in December) simply because I have too many outstanding blogs to write. During our first visit in November, we had the chance of tasting the Sher Wagyu Tataki (RM208++), a beautiful starter both in terms of taste and presentation. The award-winning Sher Wagyu is a mixed breed between an Australian Wagyu and Black Angus -- this was a special  promotion for the month of November and December only.

I wish they would put it on their regular menu, as it was simply one of the most amazing starters I've eaten in Prime. The meat was juicy, tender and full of flavour. It was topped with a half runny egg and some truffles (yes!) as well as some grilled Portobello mushrooms.

The next starter was a special trio put together by Chef Antoine for us, you can still get separately from the a la carte. The trio consisted of jumbo prawns with avocado and spicy cocktail sauce, charcoal grilled foie gras, and truffle ravioli with mushroom fricassee. My favorite without a doubt is the foie, luscious and rich and the other two was also competently prepared. 

Trio of appetizers

Truffle ravioli with mushroom fricassee

Charcoal grilled foie gras

Next, we were treated to yet another trio of gorgeous red meat... prior to this, we have tried both the thick skirt and Master Kobe Oyster Blade Steak. The other meat included here was the Blackmore Wagyu Chuck Flap Tail. After tasting the chuck flap tail, I have to say that my favorite still remains to be the oyster blade, followed closely by the chuck flap -- both very tender with a melt-in-the-mouth texture. The thick skirt is more flavorful but requires a little more jaw work.

These three cuts are considered the non-premium cuts and priced between RM128 - RM180 and with a Starwood card, they are very reasonably priced. To be honest, I enjoy these cuts very much as they are very flavorful so it goes to prove that it doesn't always have to be the tenderloin or cube roll for it to taste good.

Trio of steaks

Oyster blade

Thick skirt

More truffles, this time truffle oil... in our truffle mash

For dessert, we had the homemade blueberry yoghurt ice cream cake with blueberry coulis (RM30) and chilled mango cheesecake with crackers crumble, coconut cream jelly, and An Xiaotong designed chocolate (RM30). We actually enjoyed the chilled mango cheesecake very much, these are two of the better desserts we've had here at Prime. (Click here to read about their award-winning pastry chef)

Homemade blueberry yoghurt ice cream cake

Chilled mango cheesecake

On another visit a month later, we tried a few new items from their menu. Their bread here has to be one of the best around, we always find ourselves stuffing our face with the bread as it is so good.

Freshly baked bread

For starters, I had the Foie Gras Experience (RM75) which is foie gras done three ways - charcoal grilled, creme brulee and terrine. I do prefer the charcoal grilled version over the other two and would happily eat 3x the portion which is simply cooked in this manner.

Charcoal grilled

Creme brulee


During one of our date nights, I discovered this Seared Sea Scallops (RM55) so that's what Hubby ordered for his starters. It was as good as we remembered it, served with parmesan potato, poached egg and fresh herbs dressing. I'll most likely be reordering this next time.

In October last year, there was a one month promotion for O'Connor beef, a 100% Black Angus breed and many diners commented that they liked it so this breed is now a permanent fixture on their a la carte menu. It is 150-180 days premium grain fed (best quality high barley content feed). There was 3 choices of cuts, filet mignon, ribeye and sirloin. I ordered the sirloin, but only after the meal I discovered that I was actually served the rib eye (when I saw the bill). When I started eating it, I did think that it was slightly "fat" for a sirloin and made a comment to Hubby. The O'Connor beef is not as tender as my favourite oyster blade but it is pretty flavourful and succulent. There is an option of 220g or 340g, I went for the bigger slab and ate to my heart's content. I wouldn't mind ordering this again.

O'Connor Rib Eye (RM140)

Hubby ordered the Blackmore Wagyu Chuck Flap Tail (RM180 for 220g) and it was yummy. The best part is always the grilled fat bits. Btw, did you know that for different doneness of the meat, a different herb is placed on the pimento sauce?

We had the steak fries seasoned with Cajun spice (RM15) for a change, it was nice but we still prefer our truffle mash.

Sauces in cute copper pans

We shared two scoops of gelato, rum and raisin and a sorbet (cant remember the flavour now). The rum and raisin one was very good -oh so creamy, and just enough to end our meal on a sweet note.

Italian gelato (RM8 per scoop)

Best for Steak in TimeOut KL Awatds 2011

Full set of photos available to view here.

Opening times: Monday to Friday: 12.00pm to 2.30pm (Lunch); Monday to Sunday: 6.30pm to 11.00pm (Dinner)

Location: Prime, 5th Floor, Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur, 2 Jalan Stesen Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Directly opposite KL Sentral station and next to KL Hilton)

Tel: 03- 2263 7555

Parking: RM8 for the first 2 hours, RM4 for every subsequent hour.

GPS Coordinates: 3.135685, 101.686524


*Part of the meal was by invitation and another is fully paid by us.


  1. Num Num Num, you make me hungry, I so going to try this when I visit KL, thanks for the sharing

  2. i guess when the starwood card divides the bill into half, the steak prices sounds so much better..

    the 1 thing i dont understand is why the steak is cut into such a thin slice..i would prefer a thicker but small steak.

    i have seen the sher wagyu around, maybe time to get some for a special treat.

    1. If you want something more wallet-friendly, then u can try Ril's Steakhouse.

      Actually it depends wht cut you go for... like the tenderloin and filet mignon will be a chunkier piece.

  3. OMG so much steak! Drooling!! When are you bringing me there? :P

    1. LOL when u wanna go? We go pak tor in Prime, and our hubbies can go Favola hahahaha!

  4. aggghh, prime's monthly promotions are always mouthwatering! the trio of steaks seems like a terrific way to sample different cuts in one meal. but i have to admit, after my starwood card expired, i've stopped going, since the prices are just murderous for the wallet. i know i should just get a new card, but i guess i'm being lazy & just waiting for someone else to offer me a supplementary card, heheh :D

    1. I should have given my supplementary card to you, since my mum doesn't use it at all.

  5. Good thing got Starwood card hor? :P

    You can finish 340 gm of steak?!

    1. Hehe I ain't called Baby Sumo for nothing... well, I did give some to Hubby since I ate a starter as well as lots of bread, but without bread, I think no problem to finish 340g of steak lor.

      The other day, Hubby and I shared a 700g prime rib also no problem ah. Hehe ;P

  6. Steak-citing! :D

    P.S. 700g? Wah, you really can handle your steak lah - I have a challenge finishing a 300g steak (and that after giving Devil a little too). Brava!

    1. 700g 2 orang makan sap sap sui. Besides that, we ate 3 starters and chicken and also dessert LOL!

  7. Man, since i Have the card, i think i should give this place a try.

    1. I thought your parents don't like steak? Well, they do have lamb and chicken too.

  8. I am currently salivating over ur Sher Wagyu Tataki photo :D

    700g of bone-in prime rib steak at Ril's for 2...I bow to d sumos :P

    1. Yup the sher wagyu was damn nice. I wouldn't mind ordering it again if I see it on the menu (at a nice price of cos ;P)

      We also ate a lot more on top of the steak. What do u usually have there?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Have tried their super-rich Lobster Bisque, the refreshing Chopped Salad, the good Crispy Pan-Seared Chicken Casserole, the sides Classic Mash, Sauteed Mushrooms in Butter n Double-baked Truffled Potato Royale and their lovely desserts of Sticky Toffee Pudding and Chocolate Fondant...itching to try their Apple Crumble with Hibiscus jam next =D

    4. Oops...if u meant steaks...their New York Strips n Ribeyes...done medium-rare :P

    5. Wow you really are their loyal customer la. You should try their croquette starter next time, it's pretty good.

    6. Oops...I have aredi tried their croquette starter...still prefer their Lobster Bisque though...planning to try d Prawn Cocktail next n looking to share a 1kg Porterhouse...hehe =)


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