Friday, November 26, 2010

Lafite, Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

I have been wanting to do lunch at Lafite for the longest time, so it was music to my ears when Hubby finally uttered the words "Let's go to Lafite".

With more than 20 years under its belt, Lafite serves fine French cuisine and is one of the oldest fine dining restaurants in KL. This year, Lafite restaurant welcomed a new chef de cuisine, Chef Georg Schröppel. Chef Georg has a pretty impressive resume; from working in two and three Michelin-star restaurants such as Residenz Heinz Winkler, Restaurant Waldhotel Sonnora in Germany and French Laundry in the United States to winning "Best Restaurant in Town Award" from Talk Magazine with Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou and earning the Chef's Master Degree in Rothenburg, Germany.

Under Chef Georg, Lafite has moved away from molecular gastronomy and now offers what he describes as "wholesome European cuisine" prepared with simplicity so that his diners can really enjoy the natural taste of each ingredient.

Lafite.. one of the country's top fine dining restaurant

Lunch is the perfect opportunity to sample the food at Lafite. Chef Georg's luncheon menu offers a large selection of cold and warm appetizers and main courses to choose from and a dessert showcase. For one appetiser and main course, the price is RM 82++ and for two appetisers and a main course, the price is RM108++. Both sets include unlimited desserts from the showcase and coffee or tea. We were both feeling greedy so we went for the latter option. What a fantastic deal!

The decor is elegant, contemporary and very posh. The glass water feature was quite unusual and reminded me somewhat of the Dalek's out of Doctor Who. Only this one in Lafite doubles up as a dessert showcase had tons of mouthwatering desserts. Contrary to what we've heard, the service we received that afternoon was excellent. Food service was nicely paced, giving us some time to chat in between courses and indulge in our food and surroundings. It is always a nice touch when my handbag gets a seat of its own (two Japanese ladies saw that I was given a handbag stool and asked if they could have one too lol).

Four types of freshly baked bread served here. We particularly liked the brioche.

Hubby finds this photo of the squid ink roll highly amusing. Appetizing.. no?

Instead of butter, the bread here were served with aioli.

An amuse bouche of yellow bell pepper mousse topped with sesame seeds; light and sweet.

Lovely appetizers to kick start our meal..

We both decided to order one cold and warm appetizer each. My first appetizer of Yellow Fin Tuna Tartar, topped with black sesame crisp, crushed avocado, cucumber salad, ginger yuzu vinaigrette was exquisite. Beautifully presented, with fresh and clean flavours.

Hubby's first cold appetizer was the excellent Chilled cucumber soup. A lightly seared Hokkaido scallop sits in the centre and is topped with a black sesame cream, dill and herb salad. Wonderfully refreshing.

I had the Spiced Risotto for my second appetizer. The risotto was very rich and creamy; topped with duck bolognese and sits on a bed of braised radicchio lettuce. It was a lovely dish, but if I knew it was going to be so rich and filling, I would have ordered only 1 appetizer.

We were slightly disappointed with Hubby's appetizer of Quail eggs and asparagus. This was categorised as a warm appetizer but everything on the plate was cold. The white asparagus was cold, the poached quail eggs was cold and not runny enough and even the Bernaise sauce was cold.

The main courses were spectacular...

It has been quite a while since I ordered fish for a main course but I made an exception today and ordered the Golden Brown seared Atlantic Cod Fillet. A great choice indeed! I was most impressed with the big chunk of roasted cod placed before me. Served with baby potatoes, young carrots, green beans, asparagus and black truffle sauce, this was simply heavenly. It was so good, I wanted to lick my plate clean.

Hubby's main course, the Braised Short Rib was equally impressive. The short rib was very tender and flavourful and was served with crispy celeriac sticks, young brocolli, corn and thyme sauce.

A sophisticated candy store..

Throughout the meal, it was hard not to eye the desserts from the showcase as we were sat directly opposite it. Everything looked so tempting. I wanted to try everything. If only I had more tummy space left...

I would strongly advise that you start your lunch sharp at 12 noon, so that you can slowly enjoy your meal before moving on to the buffet dessert showcase. Some of the dessert items get snapped up really quick, for example, the cheese platters were all gone by the time the second table went up for their dessert.

I was impressed with the dessert selection available that day. I loved everything I tried, especially the macaron. It was hard to stop after the first one. I must have eaten at least 5 that afternoon.

Simply irresistible macaron

The handmade chocolate bars were very good, particularly the Caramel Fleur de Sel. Also available to purchase at Cinnamon coffee bar in Lobby Level. The pastries were excellent; everything was so pretty and delicious. The dessert showcase is a real treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Puff stick royal and strawberry tart

Rose eclair

Marshmallow lollipop

Pistachio squares and rice crispy treats with edible gold paper

This was really yummy! Creme caramel with honey dew confit

Milk chocolate lollipop

The magnificent Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Verdict: In hindsight, we should have only ordered 1 appetizer and 1 main course and left more room for dessert. We didn't expect the desserts to be so good since it was technically a buffet. On top of being delicious, the food at Lafite is also visually appealing (beautiful food always scores extra points with me). All-in-all, a wonderful meal :)

Non smoking restaurant.

Dress code: Smart casual

Opening times: Lunch Monday to Friday 12.00 - 2.30pm; Dinner Monday to Saturday 7.00pm - 10.30pm. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

Location: Lafite Restaurant, Lobby Level, Shangri-La Hotel, 11 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03- 2074 3900


GPS Coordinates: 3.1541, 101.706297

*Winner of Best Fine Dining Category - TimeOutKL 2009 & 2010 awards


  1. wow....dessert is a buffet ...that is the sweetest words to hear

  2. OMG!!! those desserts are so nice...
    can eat the desserts as many as I like??

  3. Yes the desserts are unlimited. :)

    But I didn't see them replenish those desserts which have finished, like the cheese.

  4. I wish I have chance to dine in here too but it cost a bomb to me :(

  5. choi yen: for 1 appetizer, 1 main course and unlimited desserts, RM82++ is quite acceptable for this type of ambience and food quality. maybe can go for special ocassion?

  6. My problem is when it comes time to leave a tip. Recently, my wife and I had a glorious dining experience up the central coast of California. The food and atmosphere were excellent the service was decent.Seafood Naples

  7. Clyde: Tipping is not a must in Malaysia. Furthermore, over here 10% service charge is added to the total bill.

  8. their food visuals as always are tantalizing and never fail to please!

  9. Cuboid pink flowers! Hmmm, wonder whether the seating arrangements surrounding the center piece are still the same? We weren't comfy seated there.

  10. AugustDiners: Yar, they're so pretty.

    Quirky: The cuboid flowers make really nice table decor :). It's my first time at Lafite so not sure how the previous table arrangements were. But there were a couple of tables directly next to the showcase. We didn't really mind sitting there cos it's easier for us to get our desserts.. hehe

  11. I did love the cod fish, that really heavenly delicious but for the desserts I tried that day, they seem overly sweet for me ^.^

  12. Do they have foie gras on the menu at all?

  13. I remember seeing foie on their a la carte menu.


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