Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Crafts: Handmade Santa Claus Christmas Cards

Every year without fail, we would post Christmas cards to our relatives in the UK. This year, Hubby suggested that we make our own Christmas cards instead of buying them from the shops. The handmade cards turned out really nice, so I'm hoping that it puts a smile on our relatives' faces when they receive the cards ;)

Handmade Santa Claus Cards

Our handmade Christmas cards features Santa Claus, made using art paper and our kids gave us a helping hand (literally) i.e. their small hands were imprinted on the cards to make up Santa's white beard.

And check out the bottom left photo - Baby Sumo gets a Christmas makeover too ;)

Limited edition Christmas cards for our loved ones ;)

Handmade Santa Claus Christmas Cards

What you'll need: Water-based white paint, Art paper (red x 2, pink x 1), 20 x A4 Green paper cards, Scissors, Craft glue, Black marker pen, 40 goggly eyes, Cotton pads.

Time required: 45-60 minutes to make 20 cards


1. Fold the green paper cards in half.

2. Start by cutting out 20 no. Santa hats using the red art paper. They should be about 5cm in length and about 4cm wide (on the base).

3. Using cotton wool, cut out 20 no. rectangles measuring 6cm x 0.8cm, as well as 20 no. circles with a 1.5cm diameter for the Santa hat.

3. Using the red art paper, cut out 20 no. circles measuring around 1.2cm for the Santa's nose. (You can use goggly eyes as a guideline)

4. Using the pink art paper, cut out 40 no. circles measuring around 1.2cm for Santa's cheek.

5. Stick on Santa's red hat onto the green card, followed by the cotton wool cut outs from Step 3. Repeat for all cards.

6. Using craft glue, stick on the goggly eyes below the hat.

7. Using white water-based paint, paint your child's hand and stamp below the goggly eyes. Repeat for all cards. Allow to dry for about 10 minutes.

#babysumokids giving it their personal touch

8. Using craft glue, stick on red nose in between the eyes as well as the two pink circles at the side of the nose, for the cheeks.

9. Using black marker pen, draw a small oval below Santa's nose, for Santa's mouth.

10. Write your Christmas greetings inside the card and send it to your loved ones.

*All measurements are approximate and given as a guideline.

*Note: We used white emulsion paint which will easily wash off.

For other Christmas crafts which you can make with your kids, do check out: Rudolph Reindeers and Snowman.

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