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Marta's Kitchen in KL: Paella and Tapas

With its warm service and fantastic Spanish food, it's no wonder that Marta's Kitchen is one of the standout Spanish restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Since its inception 3 1/2 years ago, Marta's Kitchen has moved to bigger premises - a testament to their success. Their current restaurant, located in The Signature Hotel in Hartamas, is spacious, well-lit with lots of natural light, welcoming and modern.

Marta's Kitchen KL

The menu features a varied selection of the quintessential Spanish food, tapas, as well as paella, cold cut and cheese platters, salads, beef, Iberico ribs, desserts and churros. Enjoy your meal with a refreshing glass of sangria - made with red or white wine or Cava.

There are over 25 types of tapas to choose from, with classics like gambas al ajillo, croquetas, tortilla de patatas and much more. BabySumoKids even got a history lesson about tapas, from Marta herself - the world "tapas" means "to cover" in Spanish, and it was believed that in the past, small plates of food was offered to guests while they were drinking, and the plates also doubled up as a cover for their glasses between sips to prevent flies from hovering over their drinks. Somewhere in the middle of our meal, Baby D attempted to cover his glass with a side plate after listening to that story - not that there were any flies, but he wanted to pretend he was dining in Spain. Funny boy!

The tapas here sure tastes homely, we especially loved the Gambas Al Ajillo (RM27), large juicy prawns with olive oil, garlic and chilli. Simple and good - and they serve really good homemade ciabatta here, great for soaking up all the gorgeous garlicky oil.

Marta's Kitchen KL - Tapas

Hubby loved the Patatas bravas (RM18), deep fried potatoes served with a spicy tomato sauce and creamy aioli. Marta tells us that everything in her kitchen is made from scratch and it certainly shows in all her delicious sauces.

We also tried the Tortilla de Patatas (RM21), a lovely Spanish omelette with potatoes and onion as well as the Calamares a la romana (RM23) since both the kids love deep fried squid. Another exceptional tapas here is the Croquetas de jamon (RM20) - beautifully crisp with a creamy bechamel centre. So good!

Marta's Kitchen KL - Sangria & Tapas

Marta's Kitchen KL - Tapas

Marta's Kitchen KL - Tapas

Marta's Kitchen KL - Tapas

Marta's Kitchen KL - Tapas

What's a Spanish meal without some paella as well - we tried the Squid ink paella, which came with seafood such as squid and prawns. Baby D couldn't resist trying some too, getting his teeth all black and showing it off to us :P

Marta's Kitchen KL - Squid Ink Paella

Though pasta is not exactly Spanish, Marta gets a lot of Japanese customers who absolutely adores it, namely the Tomato & Cheese spaghetti (RM20), with a rich, intense tomato sauce topped with generous shavings of Manchego cheese.

Marta's Kitchen KL -  Pasta

The Pulled Iberico Pork Sliders (RM24) were inspired by her recent visit to London's renowned Borough Market. The pork has been slow cooked for hours, absorbing all the lovely flavours. Perfect size for kids too!

Marta's Kitchen KL -  Pulled Iberico pork sliders

One of the highlights of our meal here were the Iberico pork ribs (RM85 for half rack), which is marinated in their homemade BBQ sauce, cooked sous vide for 14 hours and then finished in the oven to juicy perfection. Loved the marinade and how tender and richly flavoured the pork meat was.. so good!

Marta's Kitchen KL -  Best Iberico pork ribs

Marta's Kitchen KL -  Best Iberico pork ribs

Mention churros in Malaysia and you would probably be told to go to Marta's Kitchen as she does some of the best ones in town. It's definitely no exaggeration - they're beautifully crisp yet soft on the inside, complemented wonderfully by the thick chocolate sauce. Also nice dipped in coffee.  Loved the cute dinosaur coffee art on the cortado.

Marta's Kitchen KL -  churros

Marta joked that she's probably one of the last to get on-board the burnt cheesecake trend in KL. For her Basque cheesecake (RM17 per slice), she makes it using the recipe from the legendary La Vina from San Sebastian. Soft, rich, creamy - we loved it!

Marta's Kitchen KL -  burnt cheesecake

Marta's Kitchen KL -  Paella & Tapas

Marta's Kitchen KL -  Paella & Tapas

Reservations highly recommended, book your tables online here:

Click here for the food and drinks menu.

Opening hours: 11.30am to 11.30pm daily.

Location: Marta's Kitchen , The Signature, 3, Jalan Sri Hartamas 22, Desa Sri Hartamas.Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Parking RM5 for 3 hours for customers).

Tel: 03-6411 0832

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  1. I was just there for lunch today! The ribs were phenomenal and the Valencia paella was to die for. Marta's Kitchen is the best discovery my brother and I made this year! We got to say hello to Marta too :)

  2. The churros do look very light and fluffy (I've had my fair share of dense churros...hehe!). Those Iberico pork ribs look fall-off-the-bone yummy :) Love those colourful tiled table tops too.

  3. I had ribs that day - tomorrow's post in my blog - at around half the price. :D

  4. Love the homely style of Spanish cooking at Marta’s. Food has always been consistent since day one . No one does a better Squid Ink Paella and the tapas, especially the octupus with potato is outstanding. Churros are so yummy . Marta and Finn have always been perfect hosts . Cant ask for a better dining experience - delicious and honest cooking that doesnt break the bank .


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