Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Miyazaki Wagyu Kaiseki at The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur

The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur is proud to present their first ever Japanese Guest Chef Hirohashi Nobuaki from the fine dining Wagyu Kaiseki restaurant, Ushidoki in Singapore.

The Osaka-born chef will be taking centrestage at The Library from 26-30 June 2018 and will be presenting an exquisite 4-course Wagyu Kaiseki dinner menu, featuring the creme de la creme of beef - the Miyazaki Wagyu.

With more than three decades of experience, Chef Hiro specialises in the art of preparing the perfect kaiseki experience. His love for wagyu beef has led him to curate delicate wagyu kaiseki cuisine that requires a set of distinctive skills and techniques to balance the flavours, textures and colours of his exquisite creations.

The three-times "Wagyu Olympics" champion, the top grade Miyazaki Wagyu A5 BMS12 highlighted in this promotion comes from Nishinoharu Farm in Kyushu Island and is fully certified Halal by JAKIM. The Wagyu cattle are raised with care by Norihto Nakanishi and raised on a diet of quality feed and fresh spring water from the Kirishima Mountains. They are usually butchered between 28-32 months, as the more mature cattle produce higher quality meat with superior marbling.

The stunning Miyazaki Wagyu will be paired with KID sake from Wakayama Prefecture. Sake Master Norimasa Yamamoto was present to give media guests an insight of the Heiwa Shuzou sake brewery (Heiwa means peace and shuzou means sake making) and an introduction to the sake pairing for the meal.

With peace in mind, guests were invited to "Kanpai" (equivalent to cheers) with the KID Junmai Daiginjyo (one of their bestsellers) to kickstart our meal. The sake, which is made using Wakayama's mild and clean water, was sweet, aromatic and easy to drink.

A refined Roast Wagyu Beef was served, along with asparagus, miso vinaigrette, yuzu zest and herbs. Chef Hiro uses top rump, which he cooks sous vide for 3 hours first, before roasting / searing. The beef had a nice, rich flavour which was complemented well with the sharp miso vinaigrette and zesty yuzu. This dish was paired with the KID Tokubetsu Junmaishu Karakuchi, which was served cold to match the flavours of the Wagyu.

My favorite dish of the afternoon was the Grilled Wagyu Beef, which perfectly showcases the beautiful richness of Miyazaki beef. For contrasting texture and flavour, Chef Hiro chose the shoulder as well as the chuck roll (zabuton), both grilled to a medium rare doneness. These were served with soya sauce soil (made by using the leftover soy beans), edamame, sweet corn and mountain wasabi. I especially enjoyed the beautifully marbled zabuton cut with a hint of wasabi. Rich, buttery and insanely good! To go with this dish, a dry sake, the KID Junmaishu was chosen and served at room temperature.

Comfort in a bowl, the Braised Wagyu Beef may look simple but was big on flavour. Cooked in a sweet sukiyaki sauce, the beef slices topping the steamed Japanese rice were tender and flavorful and was accompanied with the perfectly cooked soft boiled egg, black truffles and mitsuba. This was served with the KID Daiginjyo, the signature sake with a delicious aroma of vanilla and coconut.

Dessert was a luscious olive oil ice cream, with summer truffle shavings. Sublime. This was paired with the Tsuruume Kanjukuume, made using mild water and ume grown in Wakayama.

The 4-course Wagyu Kaiseki is available from 26 - 30 June 2018 for dinner only (7pm until 11pm) and is priced at RM350 per person with an option of sake pairing at RM500 per person. For more information and reservations, please call +60 3 2142 8000 or email

Location: The Library, Level 1, The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2142 8000

GPS Coordinates: 3.146901, 101.715438


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