Wednesday, March 16, 2016

School Holiday Fun @ Sunway Pyramid

The learning doesn't stop just because school holidays are here. Sunway Pyramid and Discovery Channel have teamed up to keep your children's minds active this school holidays with 3 interactive themed zones located at the Blue Concourse. Not only are the activities educational, they are also fun and will keep your kids entertained as well.

The Discovery Explorers event at Sunway Pyramid will run from 11-20 March 2016 from 10am to 10pm daily. The three zones you can experience here are the Discovery Science Gold Rush, Discovery Channel Gear and Animal Planet Virtual Reality. Before you start exploring the area, do head over to the Redemption Counter to get one of these passports - complete the 3 games, collect stamps from carrying out each activity and you can redeem a free gift, such as complimentary ice skating vouchers.

Our boy is a big fan of diggers and trucks, so he was most excited when he saw that they had manual excavators at the Discovery Science Gold Rush section. The goal is to get 3 gold pebbles within one minute - we sure had a fun time looking for the gold pebbles!

Family bonding 

There are also lots of photo opportunities at this event - look, here we are dressed up as gold miners! ;)

The Electric Eel challenge was the most challenging one for #BabySumoKids - they had to get the metal rod to the end within one minute without triggering the buzzer. Regardless, we had a good laugh whenever the buzzer went off!

There is also a mini Electric Eel, if you're up for another challenge. Our kids also tried their hand at putting together an electric circuit complete with bulb and diode switch (to illuminate a light bulb).

Adjacent to the Electric Eel you can find a bicycle dismantled into its constituent parts much like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. This was cool to see, fortunately there wasn't a challenge to reassemble the bicycle.

Over here, our kids dressed up as mad scientists...don't you think they look adorable? 

Finally, at the Animal Planet section, we explored the ocean with the 360 Virtual Reality experience. All we had to do was to download the Discovery VR app on our mobile device, and then don the virtual reality goggles for one minute experience of Discovery VR 360 viewing. We saw manta rays and sharks swimming in the ocean when we looked through the goggles. This was definitely a new experience for us and one which caught the imagination of our young son, who kept reminding us throughout the remainder of the day how the manta ray flew right past his eyes.

After experiencing the Discovery VR 360, we then dressed up for a splash in the ocean!

You can also visit the Astro counter at the event to try your luck at "Spin the Wheel" - all you have to do is LIKE the "Astro Circle" page to get a go at the wheel. Prizes include torchlight pen, cutlery set, phone stand and more.

Our family had a great time at the Discovery Explorers event, with new experiences and insights into the world we live in.

Visit the Blue Concourse at Level LG2 at Sunway Pyramid for a fun-filled, exciting and educational morning with your children. For more info, please visit

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  1. wah.looks like your family happy with the game..

  2. That is nice, definitely a lot better than just all those thrills and spills.

  3. looking at the fun that baby c and baby d are having, i wish i were a kid again too! :D

  4. Hi Yen,

    This holiday fun learning program looks fun. Nice to see baby D and C have learned a lot from these activities. Baby D is so cute wearing the oversized lab coat... LOL!


  5. its seem so fun to bring kids to this place...

  6. what a fun time with the kids :)

  7. Looks like something my nephews would enjoy. XD Maybe I should tell my brother about it.

  8. whoah its really fun place to go but those kids seems so tiring


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