Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Games for Kids and Families

Every Easter Sunday, we will have lots of activities planned out for the kids. Here are some of our kids / family's favorite Easter games.

1. Easter Egg Hunt

The day started with an Easter Egg Hunt. Hubby would hide the eggs which we have decorated earlier this week in our garden. Each child will be given a basket and asked to look for the eggs. The winner will get a small prize (usually in the form of a chocolate egg).

Is eating considered a game? LOL, every year after our Easter egg hunt, we will have an eggy breakfast for sure! This year, we had fried eggs and half boiled eggs

Followed by chocolate creme eggs ;)

2. Egg and spoon race

Each child is given a plastic spoon and plastic egg, and asked to race around the house. Best of 3 (fastest) wins!

3. Pin the tail on the Easter bunny

Not this year, but last Easter, Hubby made a giant sized bunny on a cardboard and the kids were blindfolded and will have to mark where the bunny's tail is. This was lots of fun, and also garnered lots of laughter.

4. Easter Word Search

You just need to google "Easter word search" and you will find lots of easy word search for kids.

5. Eating Toast off a line

This is not really an Easter game, but a game which our kids enjoy playing nonetheless. Hubby would toast some bread - usually he will cut a piece of bread into 4 sections and then put them on a line. The objective is to eat the toast using only your mouth (no hands allowed!).

6. Easter Dress Up

Usually we will dress the kids up for Easter, but this year, we didn't do much except for getting this chicken mask and asking our son to don it. Check out last year's Easter post for cute bunny get-ups.

Are there any games that you enjoy playing during Easter? Do share.

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