Monday, March 14, 2016

Chin Chin Eating House, Purvis Street, Singapore

After lunch at Saveur, we still had some tummy space, so we walked further along the street to Yet Con. Yet Con is famous for its Hainanese chicken rice as well as pork chops, unfortunately when we went into their restaurant, they told us that they no longer do pork chops and only serve chicken rice or steamboat.

Another restaurant which I had on my list was Chin Chin Eating House, located directly opposite Yet Con. Chin Chin is also famous for its Hainanese chicken rice and pork chop (though reviews say Yet Con serves the better pork chop) as well as chap chye (Hainanese mixed vegetables). Other Hainanese specialties they do here include Hainanese claypot mutton,  prawn roll, cereal prawn and mutton soup. They do have an English menu here, so no problems placing an order even if you can't speak Mandarin. Someone will come to take your order, and once you have eaten, pay at the counter inside the restaurant.

So, we ordered Hainanese chicken rice for 1 person (S$4.00), which comes with rice and soup. The chicken was smooth and tender and had a gelatinous layer underneath the skin. The rice was nice and fragrant, though not as good as Tian Tian's one. Their chilli sauce is pretty awesome, and they also offer a ginger dipping sauce. Overall, a good plate of chicken rice.

Smooth, tender chicken

The Hainanese pork chops was pretty decent (S$6.00) - Hainanese pork chop is essentially a thin pork cutlet, bread and then deep fried, and then doused in a tomato ketchup based sauce. The Hainanese pork chop here is served with three potato wedges and some peas. The pork chop was crispy and the sauce was appetizing, so this is worth trying.

Another highly recommended dish here was the chap chye (Hainanese mixed vegetables - S$10). For the price, I had high expectations and was expecting my mind to be blown away (especially since I have read very good reviews about this dish and has been said to be a must-try dish here). The mixed vegetables included cabbage, wood ear fungus, glass noodles, and beancurd. I would say it is tasty and is very similar to the Jai dish that we often cook during CNY back home. But this is not something I would come back for.

Opening times: 11am to 9pm daily.

Service: Good.

Price: Total bill S$20.50.

Location: Chin Chin Eating House, 19 Purvis Street, Singapore 188598.

Tel: +65 6337 4640

Nearest MRT: City Hall

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  1. that looks like quite a substantial serving of the pork chop ... it's nice that they put the sauce by the side instead of the way most places do it in kl, with the chop smothered in the sauce :)

  2. I love all the food! I can see the tenderness of that chicken. YUM!

  3. Hi Yen, so happy to know that you are in Singapore. Chin Chin is popular and they are very generous with the serving.

  4. I'm having chicken rice too in my post tomorrow.

  5. Now I feel like having some smooth chicken!


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