Friday, July 19, 2013

Kids Fun: Doonies Farm, Aberdeen, Scotland

During our family trip to Scotland, we had quite many outdoor activities planned. We were quite lucky that it stayed dry most of the time and a few days into our trip, the weather got warmer and some days we were even blessed with temperatures above 20°C.

Our kids love going to the zoo and also had so much fun at Farm in the City in Malaysia, so we brought them to Doonies Farm, a rare breeds farm in Aberdeen. The kids were dressed appropriately in their wind breakers and Wellies since it was quite a windy morning, though we were lucky as the sun was shining brightly that morning :)

Farm kids :)

Doonies Farm covers 134 acres on the southern side of Aberdeen from Nigg Bay to Cove, and it is a 15-minute journey by car from the centre of Aberdeen. Doonies Rare Breeds Farm is a member of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and is one of only two farms in Scotland to be awarded “ Approved Conservation Farm Park Status.” Here, you can find rare and endangered native farm animals.

Entry is £10 per family of 4, and there are also buckets of cabbage for 50p each which you can purchase and feed to the animals. I think it is fair to say the animals were well-fed (by our kids). The animals are not caged up, and allowed to roam free in their boundaries. The scenery here is breathtaking (as is the rest of Scotland), on one side you can see the sea and on another lots and lots of greneery. For me, the cool weather plays an important part too and it was just a wonderful and enjoyable day for us, strolling through the farm and feeding the animals, followed by some playtime in the children's playground.

Getting ready to feed the animals

Hello little lambs. You get to pat them too if you want ;)

Oh mummy, it's a PIG! And pigs eat everything (ok they learnt this from an iPad game)

First time seeing a real pig.... exciting moment for the kids 

Tamworth pig - Britain's only red pig and is the purest British breed. There are currently only 300 breeding female's left in the UK.An ideal outdoor pig, resistant to sunburn and produces some of the most prized pork.

Mille Fleur Pekins - first originated in China. Now one of the most popular breeds in UK, ideal as a back garden pet since they're good at finding slugs and worms. They have feathery legs (oh yes we noticed!). 

Speckled Sussex

A place they call home

More lambs (and also the White Park)

Mummy and the kids

Want a bite?

Ducks.. quack

You jump, I jump!

The White Park calf - so white, so fluffy. A rare breed of horned cattle in UK, also the most ancient breed. This one's still a baby. 


Eriskay ponies - rarer than pandas. A breed of pony from Scotland. Grey in colour, so magnificent. This one just loves posing for photos.

Beautiful sunny day

And cows like grass

Such a cutie! Lamb perched on a rock

Goats (they look like Golden Guernseys)

Awww isn't that cute? Snuggled up next to each other while taking a nap

Daisies growing wild everywhere.. love them

Farm kids for the day ;) And they're loving it.

Happy Family :)

Cute idea - plants in Wellington boots

Doonies Farm sell their own farm reared Longhorn beef and Tamworth pork. Longhorn Steak was chosen by Heston Blumenthal for his perfect steak meal. There wasn't much choice left, so we went for 2 rump and 2 rib eye steaks. Of course, I cooked it using the Heston method (see here) and served the steaks with some grilled British asparagus and mashed potatoes. Compared to Aberdeen Angus, I actually prefer AA over this. I think the fact that it is sold frozen loses some brownie points from me. However, it was still a satisfying steak dinner.

Pan fried Longhorn steak with British asparagus, mashed potatoes and cherry tomatoes-on-the-vine

Verdict: A fun and educational place to bring your kids to. We certainly had a nice day out here.

Opening times: From 1st March to 31st October (10.00am until 4.30pm); from November to February weekends only (10.00am until 3.00pm).

Price: £4 for adults, £2.50 for kids, £10 for family ticket (2 adults, 3 kids), under 2's free entry.

Location: Doonies Farm, Coast Road, Nigg, Aberdeen AB12 3LT

Tel: +44(0)1224 875879

GPS Coordinates: 57.131954,-2.060673

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  1. the kids are having a great time. both of them are so adorable.

  2. What gorgeous pictures! The little lone lamb and the piggies lying on their side are so cute! :D

    1. Thanks, had fun photographing the kids and the animals ;D

  3. Great photos! Scotland is so beautiful.

  4. heheh, i like the sleeping hogs photo. and the kids look like they're having a fabulous time! :D

  5. These are very nice pictures. Yes!! The little lone lamb and the piggies lying on their side are so cute...

    Tahitian Noni Juice

  6. The sheep knew how to pose in front of the camera whereas the pigs just didn't bother, hahaha!

  7. LOVE your kids in wellies. SO cute!

  8. You and family must have enjoyed tremendously at the place which you can't get it here in Malaysia. What a lovely family. Take care.

  9. Love the post... its a sight to behold! the kids looked so cute in their matching windbreakers & wellies.... and I love the cute small tractors... hehehe.. my son would love this place!!

  10. You're back in Scotland? Ooooo....what a lovely place!


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