Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pier Bistro, Aberdeen Beach, Scotland

We were bringing the kids to Codona's Amusement Park, down by the beach. It was a cold and windy morning and we quickly selected a restaurant to seek refuge at. Among all the restaurants by the beach front, we picked The Pier Bistro since it was quite busy, had an interesting menu, and looked rather inviting inside (modern-looking and cosy). 

Aberdeen Beach - if you get a seat by the window, this is the view you would be dining to

On a cold day, a hot chocolate is most welcomed and we just couldn't get enough of the Ultimate Hot Chocolate here (£2.95). The rich chocolate was topped with lots and lots of fresh whipped cream and marshmallows and it was so good - we made something similar for our nieces when we had a sleepover that weekend. :)

We enjoyed the butternut squash and sun dried tomato risotto served with a poached egg (£8.95). Slightly different from the risottos we're accustomed to, I like the tanginess from sun dried tomato - very appetizing. The texture of the risotto was rich and creamy too. The poached egg is also nicely cooked.

Soup of the day is chunky country vegetable soup (£3.95), served with warm bread. Quite a light soup, this was tummy warming and reminded me of the soups I used to make to take to work during the cold winter days.

Lots of chunky vegetables inside

We ordered a Burger & Chips (£3.30) from kids menu, for the kids. They also got a Whippy ice cream (£1.60) each - what a lovely treat! The good thing about eating ice cream in the cold weather is that it doesn't melt so quickly ;)

Whippy ice cream

I love watching him eat ice cream! :D

Pier Bistro

Verdict: Nice ambiance and great view, and good food at reasonable prices. 

Opening times: Café: Sunday - Thursday 9am until 5pm; Friday & Saturday 9am until 4pm
                       Evening Bistro - Friday & Saturday - from 6pm with last orders at 9pm

Location: Pier Bistro, Esplanade Sea Beach, Aberdeen

Tel: +44 1224 583357


GPS Coordinates: 57.150861,-2.077753

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  1. mmm, the risotto looks nice and heartwarming, and i can imagine the creaminess from the extra poached egg :D like the idea of having hot chocolate and vanilla ice cream in the same meal. hot and cold treats combined! :D

    1. We actually had a few risottos during our trip, and this was the most memorably tasty one.

  2. Love the looks of the risotto...especially with d poached egg! =)

    1. Hehe anything with poached egg sure to catch your attention, yea?

  3. We had some weird tastes ice cream during the trip to Otaru, I like the sea urchin one, hehe.

    1. Oh I saw on your IG feed! Sounds so unique.

  4. LOL!!! Naughty boy! Ice cream all over the face. So cute!

    1. Haha I like to snap photos of his "messy" face :P

  5. Ultimate Hot Chocolate - i love that

  6. I feel so relax just by looking at the breathtaking beach view... So serene and calm.. wooo~ How nice if I can enjoy the breeze over there one day~

    Hot choc on a cold weather... That sounds great, but minus to whip cream for me ! ;P me no likey whip cream.. ;P

  7. Hi there! I really love the photos you have posted on your blog! I bet you guys really had quality bonding time and that’s certainly amazing especially with kids around. You certainly have adorable kids too! Yeah, I must agree. Your little dude looks cute on those melted ice cream!


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