Monday, July 22, 2013

Chinese Dim Sum @ Hong Kee Restaurant, Taman Connaught, Cheras

One of our regular dim sum spots in Cheras is Hong Kee Restaurant located in Taman Connaught. The dim sum fare here is good, and the restaurant is comfortable as it is air-conditioned. Service is good most of the time, though it can be pretty slow.

Over here at Hong Kee, the dim sum are loaded into a trolley and pushed around the restaurant, for the customers to choose from. The steamed and deep fried items are placed in separate trolleys, and certain items such as pau (steamed buns) and chee cheong fun can be ordered from the waiting staff. The dim sum items are priced between RM3.50 to RM6.30. A typical dim sum breakfast here would cost us RM50 for 4 adults and 2 kids - very reasonable.

Other than dim sum, the restaurant also serves roast duck and other roast meats, as well as their a la carte menu. Been a while since we had dinner here.

Restaurant interior

Most of their steamed items are good - we usually have the har gau (prawn dumpling) which has a big juicy prawn within and the skin does not break easily nor is it too thick. Kids always need to have the juicy siew mai (pork dumpling), I also like their steamed chicken feet in black bean sauce. The scallop and prawn dumpling is alright, but a bit pricey since the scallops are a little small. Better to stick to the har gau. The chee cheong fun with prawns is nice eaten with the spicy chilli prawn paste. Another must order for the kids is the char siew pau.

Har gau

Scallop and prawn dumpling

Chee cheong fun with prawn

Eaten with lots of spicy chilli prawn paste

He loves his char siew bun

From the fried item cart, we always order the deep fried prawn wantan/dumpling (served with mayo), the deep fried yam cake, and another one which is prawn wrapped in deep fried beancurd (fu chuk) and katafi. Kids also love the egg tarts here (very crumbly pastry) and the deep fried glutinous rice ball with sesame.

Fried items 

Deep fried sesame glutinous rice ball

Prawn with deep fried beancurd and katafi

Deep fried yam cake (wu kok)

Another deep fried prawn in beancurd roll

Egg tart

Opening times: 7am to 3pm; 6pm to 10.30pm daily. Restaurant closed on Wed.

Dim sum priced between RM3.80 to RM6.30.

Price: A dim sum meal for 4 adults + 2 children usually costs around RM50 here.

Location: Hong Kee Restaurants, 106 Jalan Cerdas, Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras, KL.

Tel: 03-9100 2639

GPS Coordinates: 3.081648, 101.735661


  1. RM50 definitely sounds very reasonable for a good meal like this, ya. i like how everything looks quite fresh, including the fried stuff =)

  2. Yen, I haven't had dim sum for quiet a while. Looking at this post, I must get my dim sum fix soon!

  3. Yen, love the dim sim, esp the deep fried prawns & wu kok. Wu kok is something that I normally order while having yum cha!

  4. i love dim-sum... hmmm must go one day.

  5. yeah the dim sum here is pretty good and reasonably priced too. Enjoyed my meal here :)

  6. Everything looks really good! Not much of a crowd though?

  7. We seldom have dim sum in KL, two of us can't order much, need to go with friends, haha.

  8. Hi Baby Sumo, very nice dim sum. The CCF and char siew pau look awesome.

    Have a nice day.

  9. LOVE the food in Cheras.. as you know we are big fans. Will definitely check this out:D


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