Friday, July 12, 2013

Pan Heong Restaurant, Batu Caves, Selangor

Ah.... the craving for a good plate of sang har meen (freshwater prawn noodles) has hit us again! And whenever that happens, there is only one place to go to -- Pan Heong Restaurant in Batu Caves

Look at the size of my prawn ;P

We visited on a rainy weekend morning, and by 9am the place was packed full of customers. They have a new policy now whereby you can only place 1 order (ie no reordering if you find that you didn't order enough food). I guess this is to get people faster out the door.

Vegetables always arrive first - we finished the plate of stir fried sweet potato leaves (shi miu) (RM9.50) even before the next dish arrived.

Perfect for a cool rainy morning, the snakehead fish (sang yu) with century egg porridge hit the spot. Two person portion costs RM12.50 but can easily feed 4 (with other dishes). Thick and smooth, with generous amounts of fish. The only thing I did not really like this time was the century egg, which is not as creamy in the centre.

The mee mamak (RM11) is one of their famous dishes, so we thought we'd give it a try this time. Thin yellow noodles fried with fish cakes, choy sum and tomatoes, this was decent though we still prefer the sang har hor fun.

Another must-order whenever we visit is the Nam Yue Fah Yuk (deep fried pork belly marinated in red fermented beancurd) (RM13). Nice balance of fat vs lean meat with a crisp, flavorful crust- just beautiful.

And the piece de resistance here (for us) is definitely the sang har hor fun (freshwater prawn kway teow). Each freshwater prawn is now priced at RM25-30 each and they will advise you of the price when you place your order. We went for 2 prawns since they're pretty big. The gravy is so rich and luscious, and orange from the roe from the prawns. Love the smoothness of the noodles, it just glides off your tongue. The freshwater prawn was very meaty, definitely worth paying for.

Huge and fresh prawns

You can read about our previous visit here.

Opening times: 8.00am to 3.30pm (Do call before you go as they close on random days every month)

Location: Pan Heong Restoran, No.2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2, Batu Caves, 68100 Selangor, Malaysia. (parallel SRJK Kheow Bin)

Tel: 03-6187 7430

GPS Coordinates: 3.233434, 101.674165


  1. Aiyo this make me hungry, how good if I can have some sang har hor fun for lunch today. hehehe

  2. gosh, no reordering! that's quite a unique policy, heh :D the sang har hor fun looks great! i can imagine that big plate being wiped clean at the end of the meal :D

  3. That sang har hor fun looks super delish!! It'll take quite some resistance to not re-order, pity they dont allow it. ><

  4. That prawn dish must have cost a bomb! RM30-40 a kg here at the market, not cooked yet. Last I had it at a restaurant in Dengkil - they said RM85 a kilo... *faints*

    1. RM 50 for that dish since we ordered 2 prawns. A couple of yrs ago it was cheap to eat sang har hor fun here, I rmbr paying only RM30 for 2 prawns too.

  5. Visit this place for many years but have yet try the sang har hor fun (pricey >.<) but the version without prawns also not bad, one of the best wat dan hor I've tried!

  6. Wow, the gravy on those prawns looks delicious! Not sure I could handle that for breakfast though...wouldn't be so good with my toast!

  7. Yen, everything looks really good! I would be rooting for the deep fried pork belly :)

  8. That prawn...whoa!Everything looks so delicious, my eyes are on that pork good!

  9. Wow! Imagine having the sang yu porridge with the nam yue pork and a plate of those sang har...heaven =)

  10. LOOK AT THE PRAWN!!! I will be thinking of it going sleep now... :) I'm so jealous of this delicious meal!

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