Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kebab @ Lara's Imbiss, Regensburg, Germany

Due to the huge Turkish population in Germany, the döner kebab has become one of the staples of the German fast food scene. Döner kebab (literally rotating kebab in Turkish) is meat roasted on a vertical spit. The German version of the kebab is different from the original döner kebab, also known as the Iskender kebap. The meat is sliced off the vertical spit and served in a pita bread with a salad and a choice of sauce, usually a yoghurt based sauce, or a hot sauce. The result is a great snack which is loved by the young and old.

Our choice of döner kebab came from this small shop called Lara's Imbiss. The shop here sells kebab of the turkey meat variant.

Located within close proximity to the Steinerne Brücke (Old Stone Bridge), this can be a good alternative to the renowned Wurstkuchl, and at the same time a bit lighter on the wallet.

Take away one of these babies for €4 a pop...

Carbs check, protein check, greens check

Pretty balanced considering this is fast food!

Be it lunch, an in-between meal or a late night snack, there's always a time and place for the döner kebap

Seagulls by the bridge

Price: €4 each.

Location: Lara's Imbiss, Silberne-Kranz-Gasse 1, 93047 Regensburg, Germany.

Phone: +49 (0)941 5861754

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  1. Ackkk ! Looking at the six photos of your kebab sandwich makes my mouth water ! No Coke ? lol

  2. could you share the recipe please..

  3. I just love all of the mouth watering images. There are various festivals in Regensburg to enjoy and now I can say restaurants are also best.


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