Monday, June 10, 2013

Macarons @ Ladurée Paris, Charles De Gaulle Airport

*Update (24/11/2017): Laduree is finally open in Malaysia. At Pavilion KL Level 3.

Hi everyone! How have you been? We were in Scotland for two weeks during the recent school holidays. I look forward to sharing some photos from our vacation :)

We flew from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Aberdeen Airport, and in between we had a 4 hour transit in Paris. And when in Paris, one has to look for the famed Ladurée macarons, right?

Ladurée is known as the inventor of the macaron, and according to Wikipedia 15,000 macarons are sold every day. The story of the Ladurée macaron starts with Pierre Desfontaines, second cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée, who at the beginning of the 20th century first thought of taking two macaron shells and joining them with a delicious ganache filling.

The famed macarons from Ladurée Paris

On the way over, we stopped at Terminal 2F and the first store we saw after we passed through baggage check was Ladurée. It was fate. They have 17 different flavours to choose from at present, a few which are seasonal such as pure Origin chocolate from Ghana and red fruits. Each macaron is priced at €1.85, or you can choose from a range of gift boxes. Unless you're planning to keep the box or give the macarons as a gift, I say ditch the box and go for the paper bag option and use the money to get more macarons!

Gift boxes

Oo la la!

Macaron flavours

Yay! We got our first box of Ladurée macarons

A box of 6 macarons for € 15.80

The flavours that we went for were lemon (citron), chocolate, ginger yuzu (yuzu gingembre), salted caramel (caramel fleur de sel), rose, and raspberry. The macaron's texture was crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside - great! However, we found the lemon and raspberry fillings to be a little on the sweet side. The salted caramel and rose were just perfect for me.

Doesn't it look perfect?

Which brings us to our return leg from Aberdeen to Kuala Lumpur with another 4 1/2 hour transit in Paris, this time in Terminal 2E. Hubby laughed and commented how I conveniently found a place for us to rest our feet right next to the Ladurée store. :)

Temptation was too great, and we ended up getting macarons again, this time we skipped the box and went straight for our two favorite flavours - salted caramel and rose. And the lady was so nice to give complimentary macarons to our kids, definitely put a huge smile on their faces :)

We got a total of 8 macarons this time - 2 each (no sharing required :P)

Salted caramel and rose macarons ♥

Can't get enough! Trying to grab more macarons off the iPhone screen :P

The closest Ladurée to KL is in Singapore - will definitely go visit their store next time I'm there.

Price: €1.85 per macaron, €15.80 per box of 6 (gift box).

Location: Ladurée Paris, Terminal 2E and 2F, Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris, France.

For opening times, click here.

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  1. so adorable your kids!
    the price is kinda steep! but it looks worth it!

  2. Damn, haven't had one in a while!!!

  3. oh noooooo! i should have texted you to help buy back the ghana chocolate and liquorice flavors for me! heheh. great-looking macarons :D

  4. YUM! Had them recently in SG and couldn't get enough. So expensive though! Sweet of them to give you extra for the kids :) Btw, Baby C seems to be getting so tall!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your photos, Yen! Those macarons look so good!

  6. Haven't had macarons for so long now - I guess the trendy appeal has died out but this is the original authentic French stuff - must try! Good eh?

  7. Yummy macarons! My daughter would go gaga over these!

  8. Yen , HK $ 4. cheaper than in our side of the world :D To tell you the truth , I haven't tried it yet - too cheap to buy even one piece lol Chloe is getting taller !

  9. Did you try pierre hermé macarons?

  10. Hello Yen! Your girl has grown so much taller now! Both look so cute & seemed to enjoy eating those macarons! Thanks for sharing this history of macarons with us. I knew nothing abt it except for it was orginated from France. 150k macarons a day, no way! So even bought all 17 flavours also not that expensive hoh.

  11. Hehehe, we also bought some in the airport during our last trip.


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