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Liquid nitrogen gelato/yogurt @ NBrew, MidValley Megamall KL

N Brew is the first liquid nitrogen gelato/yogurt concept store to open in Malaysia. The store, originally at e@Curve has recently relocated to MidValley and has been opened for about 2 months there now. I accepted the owner's invitation to come to their store in MidValley and the kids got to tag along since Baby C had the day off school due to the haze. Ice cream galore!

Smoky effect

The gelato and frozen yogurt here is made on the spot using liquid nitrogen and also contains no food colouring, stabilizers or preservatives. The set-up is a little bit like a science lab, with the staff donning lab coats as well as a huge periodic table (of NBrew) on one of the walls.

What is liquid nitrogen? Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in a liquid state with an extremely low temperature and a boiling point of -196C, and can cause rapid freezing, hence its use in making ice cream. Using liquid nitrogen, the ice cream made has a super smooth  texture. With liquid nitrogen, NBrew can make gelato within minutes of you placing the order. For the kids, it was extremely fun watching the ice cream being made, and they were especially mesmerised by the smoky effect.

Some of the flavours you can get here

Periodic Table of NBrew

What makes NBrew different from others

The cream or custard or yogurt base mixture before  the LN2 is added

Test tubes - filled with Oreo and such

The magic begins

There are 7 standard gelato flavours, priced at RM9.90 for medium (2 scoops) and RM13.90 for large (3 scoops). There is also 5 standard premium gelato flavours, seasonal gelato (mango, watermelon, cucumber mint, lychee,apple pie, cempedak etc) and seasonal premium gelato (durian, orange cheesecake, nutty banana and gula melaka avocado). There is also liquid nitrogen yogurt as well as beverages such as coffee (beans from espressolab) and tea.

Peter, the owner tells us that the first flavour they came up with is the chocolate and nuts (RM9.90 for medium). I really like the smooth and creamy texture of the gelato, eating this is a little bit like having peanut butter and chocolate. Baby C's favorite is the intense chocolate (RM12.90 for medium), a gelato which is created for those who had nut allergy and couldn't enjoy the chocolate and nuts flavour. This is much darker and rich too.

Chocolate and nuts

Baby D's first order was the cookies and cream (RM9.90 for medium) - mummy likes this too!

They make the ice cream with liquid nitrogen first, then pour the cookie crumbs from a test tube.

This was our favorite flavour, gula melaka avocado (RM13.90 for medium). Not too sweet and very creamy. In future, customers can get the option of drizzling more gula melaka on top, which I think is a brilliant idea.

We also enjoyed the lemon cheesecake gelato (RM12.90 for medium) which was slightly tart, so I found it very appetizing. Peter tells us that they use a whole lemon fruit to make this. I also tried the mango yogurt (RM10.90) which is really good too, the kids enjoyed this very much. Sometimes, you may also get durian gelato (RM12.90) here - we found this quite mild tasting and not too pungent.

The race is on.. who will get to the gelato first?

Baby C won! *licks*

Baby D licks the one closer to him :P

Gelato love ♥ Sharing is caring ♥

Affogato (RM15) for mum since I dont take coffee - mum commented she likes the bitterness of the double espresso plus the subtle sweetness from the vanilla gelato


Note: We opted for 1 scoop of gelato per flavour, however please note that a medium cup usually comes with 2 scoops. 

Verdict: Love watching how the gelatos are made using liquid nitrogen. Very smooth texture and just the right level of sweetness for me.

Opening times: 10am to 10pm daily.

Location: N Brew, F074A, MidValley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur (near Cotton On).

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  1. Thank you Yen! Very nicely written!!

  2. Come back again we are expecting more new flavours soonish!

  3. Great flavors for ice cream! Traditional ones like cookies-n-cream are always welcome, but gula Melaka avocado is definitely very cool (no pun intended!) :D

  4. They pump car tyres with nitrogen too... Supposed to be better than just air.

  5. I want to try the chocolate and nuts, since it tastes like peanut butter! hahaha

  6. The guy looks like he's doing a big experiment in the lab.hehe...
    The flavors are quite interesting. I like the photo of Baby C feeding Baby D....sharing is caring ;-)

  7. i saw them in E@Curve some time ago but I don't think they are there anymore ?

    1. Yeah they closed down that outlet, now their new outlet is in MidValley.

  8. Hmmm..the gula melaka is pretty enticing. Would like to visit them some day.

  9. Ooh we have something similar here called N2! It's really interesting the way that they do it and the crowd gets a bit of a show too :)

  10. I wish I could tag along as well ! The popcorn gelato sounds interesting but will surely go for cafe latte ;D

  11. such unique flavours!! and the kids look so adorable enjoying their yummies...


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