Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fish and chips @ The Ashvale, Garthdee, Aberdeen, Scotland

During our trip to Scotland, we spent the bulk of our time in Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire. It was our first trip to the UK as a family so it was all rather exciting for us. I made an itinerary for our trip and we have planned to go to The Ashvale in Great Western Road for lunch. However, we ended up going shopping for clothes and grocery, and the kids were also a little jetlagged, so Hubby went and got us a takeaway dinner/fish supper from their Garthdee branch instead.

Welcome to Aberdeenshire ;) Our home for the next 10 days 

I have dined in The Ashvale a few times five years ago, at that time we went with the The Unc and he even got himself a "Certificate of  Achievement" for finishing the Ashvale Whale, one whole pound of haddock fillet! Those who can finish the Ashvale Whale can eat a second one on the house, or claim a free sweet of their choice. 

Among the many famous faces that have visited The Ashvale before are Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, Jack McConnell and Mel Gibson. Founded in 1979, the restaurant now has around 30,000 people visiting it every week. Garthdee is the smallest branch, that offers both takeaway and delivery service. The Ashvale only purchases fish from sustainable fishing areas. 

Fish and chips is a must for us when we visit the UK

Award-winning fish and chips restaurant in Aberdeen

I always have the Jumbo Haddock (£5.60) when I visit - the battered fish was crisp with a light batter and moist within, getting a big thumbs up from me and the kids. Hubby had the steak pie (£2.80) which was very tasty too, while my other dining companions had the breaded scampi (£4.85) and haggis pudding (£2.80), both of which I had a taster and liked too. The food here is good value for money. However, we did not like the chips (£2.75 for medium portion) and found it below par, rather disappointing considering this is a chipper. Just a bad day maybe, since we have always had good chips from their Great Western Rd branch.

The Jumbo Haddock is more than 2x the size of my iPhone

Breaded scampi


Haggis pudding

Very Scottish, very nice

Steak Pie

Verdict: For a sit-down meal, visit the Great Western Rd outlet. Affordable prices.

Price: Total bill £24.30 for 4 adults.

Location: The Ashvale, Caledon House, Garthdee, Aberdeen, AB10 7AP, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 1224 312980


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And btw, happy Duanwu Festival to all (see here for recipe for bak chang - glutinous rice dumpling).


  1. If converted to Malaysian Ringgit, how much would all of that cost?

    1. Conversion rate GBP to RM is about 4.9 now. But you really shouldn't convert when yr on holiday ;)

  2. Staple food of the English. I prefer breadcrumb coated though...

    1. I like any kind, as long as the fish is fresh and flaky!

  3. Can never resist a good F&C! Thats a huge haddock... and now I m wondering how the Unc finish off the Ashvale Whale of your one piece haddock is so huge! :)

    wondering what haggis pudding taste like?

    1. Have u tried haggis before? It's haggis coated in batter.

  4. The jumbo haddock looks good! Is that the local fish there? Over here, it's mostly barramundi.. hehe

  5. HAGGIS!!!!! i've only had it a couple of times, once in london and also at a pub in kota damansara, but i really like it. if you open a cafe in KL someday, make sure you serve haggis, ya :D

  6. Yen , I nearly licked the screen ! Okay , even the haggis even though I haven't tried it yet :D

  7. I haven't had fish and chip in ages, want to try that Jumbo Haddock! :D


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