Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wurstkuchl, Regensburg, Germany

There are a few things closely associated with traditional German cuisine. Amongst them are bratwurst (sausages) and sauerkraut (pickled sour cabbage). I had one of my best encounters with these two during my last visit to Regensburg, a city situated to the north of Munich in Bavaria. The city itself is quite a nice place to visit, with its beautiful medieval city centre named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bratwurst and sauerkraut

A stroll alongside the river brought us to the Wurstkuchl by chance. The smell of freshly grilled sausages was wafting through the air and we were led towards a tavern crowded with tourists and locals.

We were drawn to the aroma of freshly grilled sausages..

As I found out later, this eatery has been around for centuries, dating back to the 1100s, existing first as a site office and then converted into the eatery it is today. It first served as a foodstand for dock and construction workers. After a change of owners, the bratwurst and subsequently a menu was introduced.

The sausages here are grilled on an open charcoal grill and apparently the recipe is only known to a select few members of the staff. Raw sausages are also sold in containers for those who want to buy back to enjoy at home. Whether the same char-grilled effect can be obtained at home is another question!

We took our seats at the outdoor area, which turned out to be quite a chilly experience!(Weather was cold with occasional showers throughtout the week)

The menu was short and straight to the point. Not much of a choice here! We had a serving of 6 bratwurst with sauerkraut (€7,50) and a potato soup (€3,50) which seemed particularly fitting for the cold weather. The potato soup was not on the menu we were given but we spotted an elderly couple having it and decided to order it as well. I found out later on their website that they do have a separate menu for their lunch; serving other classics such as schnitzel, roasted meats, and dessert.

The bratwurst was definitely different from what I've tasted from my previous visits to various eateries, roadside stalls and restaurants. The sausages had a definite meatier texture to it and went very well with the homemade sweet mustard, a must have with Bavarian sausages. The sauerkraut, which is sourced from a local farmer, was as good a sauerkraut that I've tasted before; a perfect accompaniment to the sausages.

The potato soup was thick, warm and homey; comfort food for us in the cold outdoor surroundings. Slightly like a German version of ABC Soup, according to my fellow diner.

Bread to go with the soup (€0,80 each)

Wash it all down with a cold beer

All in all a rustic, traditíonal, no-nonsense German experience by the Danube river. Although I would recommend not sitting outside during winter!

Opening times: 8.00am to 7.00pm daily

Price: €20 inc. tips for 2 persons. A tad pricey for sausages, soup, bread and 2 beers but definitely a good experience for visitors to the area.

Location: Wurstkuchl, Thundorferstr. 3, 93047 Regensburg, Germany (right next to the Old Stone Bridge (Steinernen Brücke))


  1. germany, always about beer and sausages :)

  2. sausage! I love sausage! Dining outdoor during winter? Shiok! I'm sure the dining experience u had in German was great!


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