Friday, June 21, 2013

Fukuya KLIA Japanese Cuisine @ Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Usually I opt not to eat at airports, choosing to eat at home before travelling or making do with in-flight dining options.  Recently I found myself having to be at KLIA early in the evening, the timing was such that I was unable to enjoy dinner at home with the family however I could not put off eating until dinner was served during the flight.  I weighed up my options, passing by Burger King, Noodle House, Jalan Alor before finally opting for Fukuya Japanese Cuisine. It is the sister outlet of the famous Fukuya Kuala Lumpur.

The menu was pretty extensive, including sushi and sashimi by the plate and various set menu options. Pictures are included in the menu. I decided to go with the Salmon Belly Sashimi (RM55) and Unagi Don (RM55) washed down with iced green tea.

I purposely chose a table overlooking the busy airport outside and enjoyed watching the activities during my dinner.  The Unagi Don presented a large piece of eel set on a bowl of rice, accompanied by a bowl of salad, miso soup and some pickles.

The Salmon Belly Sashimi presented 5 or 6 large portions of salmon belly partially sliced and rolled to create an attractive presentation. The sashimi was deliciously fresh and was very satisfying to eat dipped in the soya / wasabi sauce.

Despite craving Japanese food above the other options available at KLIA, I was mindful that possibly it wouldn't match the quality widely available in Kuala Lumpur city, however I was pleasantly satisfied with my meal at Fukuya KLIA and will seek it out again should I find myself presented with the same set of circumstances in the future.

Verdict: Good Japanese eatery in the airport.


Price: Total bill RM135.

Location: Fukuya KLIA, SATMZ 24, Mezzanine Level, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia.

Tel: 03 - 8787 4187

*This is a guest post by Hubby.


  1. I might check out this place if i travel from KLIA the next time! :D

  2. wow~ a fukuya at KLIA! haha definitely won't get this view else where though

  3. the view's definitely a nice bonus for this meal! and phew, luckily it's at KLIA and not LCCT, ya. the salmon looks luscious and the eel seems like a hearty serving :D

  4. Must be in international departure - didn't eat anywhere when I was there last. Early morning flight - I think we had a heavy breakfast at the airport hotel, that was why.


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