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Flint Restaurant & Bar, KL

To me, the word FLINT conjures up images of cavemen or campfires. Both of these images sit well with a steakhouse restaurant, which FLINT Restaurant & Bar effectively is. A sister restaurant to Stoked, both restaurants are under The Vintry Group. The owner explained to us how they wished to continue the use of one word names for their restaurant group.

FLINT scores high on interior design, with its stripped down exposed brick walls alongside a classic bar and open kitchen. The pride of FLINT can be found in the open kitchen - a specially-imported Bertha cast iron oven and Drumbecue from the UK. The Drumbecue, a charcoal BBQ drum smoker is used for grilling fish, seafood and vegetables whereas the Bertha is used for grilling and smoking meats.

Chef Meg cooking our oysters in the Bertha

FLINT will score bonus points when compared to other upmarket steakhouses when considered by families, as they have thoughtfully included a play area for children upstairs to entertain the young ones while the grown-ups (read: carnivores) dig in to their food in the adjacent seating area.

The menu at FLINT showcases the best and freshest of ingredients ranging from seafood, poultry, vegetables as well as chilled prime cuts of steaks and meats. Unlike Stoked, FLINT is a pork-free restaurant; the owner tells us that most of the seafood are locally sourced while the chicken and beef offered are certified 'Halal'. Grilled and slow-braised dishes take center stage in their menu, largely attributed to the Bertha and Drumbecue. Fueled by charcoal and firewood to elevate the flavours, the dishes are infused with a kiss of char and smokiness, while sealing in their moistness and essential flavours.

To start, we had the Baked Oyster (RM13 per piece) from the grill. FLINT uses oysters from South China Sea, grilled and then topped with a mustard-mayo-lemon sauce.

A great selection of wines are available here. Lovely cocktails too - Mojito (RM26)

The white wine clams with fresh basil (RM38) was light and delicious. The clams were fresh and plump.

We were served two types of tartines - one topped with crispy white prawns, assorted pickled vegetables and remoulade (RM30) and the other with roasted beef, chilli jam, rocket and sourdough bread (RM36). The school prawns were amazingly sweet and crispy - we loved it. Meanwhile, the roasted beef was tender and was lovely paired with the chilli jam, which packed a punch.

For a comforting, hearty meal, try the Moroccan-inspired braised New Zealand lamb shoulder with haricot beans and apricot (RM76) or spiced free-range chicken stew with olives (RM42).

From the pasta and risotto section, we had the homemade tagliatelle pasta with spiced beef ragout (RM40), as well as the mushroom risotto with pecorino cheese (RM49). I particularly liked the risotto which was rich and scented with truffle oil.

Trimbach Gewurztraminer 2012 - loved the fruity, lychee aromas of this wine

The highlight of the meal were the main courses - starting with the catch of the day. The trevally fish was grilled in the Bertha, revealing a tender, delicate and sweet flesh and served with a tamarind dipping sauce. Superb!

Fast becoming a favorite in FLINT, the charcoal oven smoked roasted beef (RM58) was fabulous. The Wagyu brisket is smoked in the Drumbecue for 6-8 hours for a wonderful tender texture.

Steak lovers - behold the impressive Australian Black Angus OP Ribs (RM360 per kg), perfect for sharing. Grilled to medium rare, the meat was flavourful and tender with a beautiful smoky flavour, and required minimal embellishments.

Gorgeous steaks with charred, smoky finish ;)

At FLINT, the meats are served with several types of peppers, ranging from Cambodian Red Kampot, Madagascar Wild Voatsiperifery and Nepali Timur berry, to season the steaks with.

Great sides - spiced charred cauliflower and hand-cut sweet potato wedges

Australian chilled lamb loin (RM63)

Other than the OP rib, they also do a 250g/350g Australian grain fed beef rib eye (RM83 / RM111) - the rib eye steak was tender and full of flavour with the gorgeous char that we love on the exterior. We were told that they will also be offering grass fed beef soon.

For desserts, we had the Deconstructed Apple Crumble with Calvados Anglaise Sauce, Rocky Mountain Orange Brownie with Hazelnuts, Marshmallows and Grated Coconut and Earl Grey Bavarois with Raspberry Compote (RM23 each). Wonderfully decadent, with the bavarois being the crowd favorite. There will also be artisanal ice cream available (supplied by Inside Scoop).


Opening times: 3.00pm to 12.00am. Closed on Mondays.

Location: Flint Restaurant & Bar, 24 Persiaran Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur. (Street Parking available)

Tel: 03-4252 8262


GPS Coordinates: 3.158079, 101.746789

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  1. I am loving those clams! The food here are great! And the place is magnificent!


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