Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Family Time @ McDonald's

I have fond memories of going to McDonald's as a child with my younger brother. Our parents would take us there for special occasions, such as birthday celebrations and as a treat whenever we did well in school examinations. My favorite was the McEgg and it was something I would order almost everytime I visited McDonald's.

Many years have passed and as a parent myself now, I also love sharing quality time together with my children, in McDonald's, the same was my parents did with me.

Our children love the Chicken McNuggets; this is their default order upon entering McDonald's. We usually order a Happy Meal with Chicken McNuggets (there is nothing quite like getting a free toy with your meal) and an additional portion of nuggets and of course a sundae each, allowing us to chit chat and share the food on our table.

Bonding over nuggets and ice cream

Our family enjoys spending quality time together at McDonald's, bonding over food and ice cream. During our last trip here, one of our discussions was how best to eat McNuggets. Us parents like them with the BBQ Sauce provided, Baby C likes them naked with no sauce, and Baby D was showing us his new way of eating them - dipped in ice cream sundae :P It is nice seeing our kids sharing the chicken nuggets with each other and how much they enjoy eating them.

Recently McDonald's have launched 2 new sauces that heighten the McNuggets experience - the creamy French Cheese and sweet Honey Mustard - Dip 'em and share 'em!

For more info, please visit McDonald's website.

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  1. i have fond memories of mcd's too - especially visiting the bukit bintang branch when i was maybe 8 years old :D


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