Monday, September 14, 2015

Boat Noodle, Ikon Connaught, Cheras, KL

So last week we were looking for a place to have lunch, and the places we wanted to go to were shut, so we dropped by Ikon Connaught to try Boat Noodle. We fell in love with it and have been going back for more ever since :)

Traditionally, boat noodles are sold on boats that traversed Bangkok's canals and the merchant who sold boat noodles would be the one who had to do everything by himself from paddling a boat, scalding the noodles, serving the dish, checking the bill and washing the dishes. Hence why the noodles are served in a small bowl for easy handling and less chance of spillage.

Order Guide for Newbie - start with 4 bowls noodles per person (for ladies, probably 3 bowls will suffice especially if you're ordering a drink as well). You can always reorder if it's not enough ;)

Each bowl of noodle here costs RM1.90. Portion is not bad (it's definitely more than a mouthful - people really exaggerate on social media). There are 2 different types of noodles to choose from - thin Thai rice noodle or egg noodles (like wantan mee). Then, you can choose to either have it with beef or chicken (comes with a beef/chicken ball and some strips of meat). There is also the option of having it with clear (Pathumthani) or creamy (Ayutthaya) broth - each has its merits, the clearer one is slightly more tangy.

The noodles are also topped with kangkung and crispy garlic bits. 

We really liked the noodles, but it was too spicy for our kids. They ended up eating some noodles plus finishng my whole cup of Thai iced tea - cha yen (RM6.90).  Kids also thought it was funny cos the tea had the same name as mummy.

On our next trip, Hubby bought me 2 cups of this Thai iced tea, so yummy! He had the kaffe yen (Thai iced coffee - RM6.90) which he said was nice too.

Other than boat noodles, they also have several side dishes - we tried the chicken wings (RM4.90) and grill beef meat ball (RM5.90). The wings are really skinny (and tiny!), but pretty yummy - love how crispy they are! Meatballs were ordered for the kids, but they came covered in a spicy sauce as well, so Hubby and I ended up eating it all :P

The kids didn't need to be asked twice if they wanted this ka num tuay (RM1 for 2 pieces), a dessert made up of coconut and pandan. Love this!

The obligatory shot at Boat Noodle - eat and stack your bowls 

Love their rustic looking tables

Opening times: Mondays to Sundays 11am -9pm.


Service: Good.

Location: Boat Noodle Ikon Mall, G-09 & GR-09, Ground Floor, Ikon Connaught Shopping Centre, Jalan Puncak Gading, Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. boat noodle business is dish washer maker's wet dream.

  2. I get put off by those chipped bowls! No, thank you! I believe they hoard bacteria or something, so once chipped, such crockery would have to be thrown away.

  3. Love their crispy fried chicken wings!

  4. The best things for me here were the chicken wings and Thai iced coffee. The last time I had the meatballs, they were not covered in sauce.

  5. Tips to order boat noodle mee for kids: order the usual but put in remarks (non spicy for baby). They would make one bowl non spicy for them. My kids love them too and its our easy favourite to-go-to place for lunch (=


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