Saturday, August 29, 2015

Recipe: Stir fried beef with oyster sauce and spring onions

When we were growing up, our parents took us to Tc Keong in Seremban on a weekly basis as it is our favorite 大炒 dai chow restaurant. A must-order for us here is the stir fried beef with oyster sauce and spring onions. Even our kids who frequent this place with my parents whenever they're visiting, love it ;)

We rarely go down to Seremban nowadays, so I thought to myself "I must learn to recreate this at home".

I used striploin, which is a pretty tender cut. However I'm sure the Chinese restaurants use a lesser quality cut but the key is to slice the beef very thinly. We usually buy a big amount of beef and freeze most of them; I find that it is easiest to thinly slice beef when it is semi-defrosted.

Since I used a good quality beef (steak), I did not fully cook my beef (left it around medium to medium well). The beef is seasoned with oyster sauce and then spring onion is added 30 seconds before the end of cooking time.

So whenever I cook a new dish at home, I feel anxious whether my family likes it, so I asked them "is this as good as TC Keong's?". To my delight, Hubby said that it tasted even better (the beef is so tender, he says) and best of all was the reaction from Baby D, who reached out a couple of times to help himself to more beef. Such an easy dish to cook, with highly satisfying results. :)

Stir fried beef with oyster sauce and spring onions
Recipe by Baby Sumo
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 7-10 minutes
Serves 3-4

300g striploin beef
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
10 thin slices of old ginger
1 tbsp cooking oil
1 tsp ginger wine
1 tsp light soy sauce
A dash of white pepper
2 tbsp oyster sauce
Freshly ground black pepper
3-4 stalks spring onions, cut into 2 inch lengths

1. Slice the beef very thinly. Marinate with the ginger wine, light soy sauce and white pepper for about 5 minutes.

2. Heat oil in wok over medium high heat. Add the garlic and ginger, and saute for 1-2 minutes, until lightly golden.

3. Add the marinated beef and stir fry for 2-3 minutes. If you are using good quality beef, it is ok to serve the beef medium (with a little pink left in the centre).

4. Season with oyster sauce and a sprinkling of black pepper. Add spring onions and saute for about 30 seconds. Serve with rice.

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  1. My mum makes this all the time and we all love it, especially with lots of steamed rice! :D

  2. home-cooked beef dishes weren't a big part of my childhood, since my grandparents never enjoyed beef, but i think they might have enjoyed your recipe ... looks nice :)

  3. That looks good...but I've given up on our imported frozen Aussie or NZ frozen beef, can't get fresh beef here. So tough and the fact that I am near toothless sure does not help one bit. Sobssss!!!

    1. We always use Australian beef too, we buy them in bulk (3kg). The shop slices them into 300g pieces which we use for steaks as well as freeze some for stir fries later. :)


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