Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2015 Mooncakes + Dim Sum @ Ti Chen, The Saujana Hotel KL

Have I mentioned how much I love Mid-Autumn Festival already? ;) I'm sure you've read it many times before here on my blog.

Just like me, our kids love indulging in mooncakes along with a cup of hot tea. One of the mooncakes which impressed us this year was from The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur's Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant. 

At Ti Chen, dim sum chef Yau Kim Yew has specially crafted the mooncakes to represent three unique symbolic shapes in accordance to Chinese folklore; the heart, oval, and round. The "heart" mooncake represents the myth of The Old Man of the Moon (Yueh Lao Yeh) who is said to keep a book of records with the names of all newborn and their future partners. The "oval" mooncake represents the legend of The Lady of the Moon (Chang Oh) who stole and consumed the immortality pill from her husband, the Great General Hou Yi. The "round" mooncake symbolises China's revolt against Mongolian rule by sending hidden messages of conspiracy.

Chef Yau and Chef Sam Lu

Beautiful presentation of mooncakes... so unique! ;) Like a work of art.

There are a total of 8 traditional baked mooncakes as well as 4 snow skin mooncake varieties. The bestselling mooncake here is the durian custard snow skin mooncake (RM30) which is made using the Musang King variety. We were also pleased to learn that all their snowskin mooncakes are colored with natural food coloring; for instance, the yellow on the durian custard snow skin comes from saffron. 

A new flavour here at Ti Chen, banana chocolate snow skin (RM25) tasted fantastic and was a favorite with my fellow diners. Chef Yau used Swiss cocoa powder for this. Other two snow skin flavours are red velvet with mocha and cream cheese (colored pink with red yeast rice) and green tea with red bean (colored green with green tea powder), both priced at RM25.

Pictured here - banana chocolate and red velvet snow skin mooncakes

From the baked variety, you can find the more traditional flavours such as red bean (RM26), diced chicken ham and mixed nut (RM33), pure lotus paste mooncake (RM28) and low sugar white lotus single yolk (RM32). For those who love salted egg yolks in their mooncakes, you will be delighted to learn that Ti Chen are also curing their own eggs, which means you can expect high quality, moist salted eggs with your mooncakes ;)

I loved Chef Yau's new creation - the creamy milk tea (RM30). The filling is smooth and fragrant (you can smell the condensed milk) with a slight coffee centre. Also loved the pandan lotus paste with single yolk (RM32). Two other flavours you can find here is the new sweet corn lotus with single yolk, whereby corn kernels have been blended into a puree and mixed with lotus paste as wel as the black sesame lotus with single yolk (RM32).

Pictured here - creamy milk tea and pandan lotus paste with single yolk

The elegant Ti Chen mooncake box is covered with faux leather and is available in two colours - red (4 mooncakes) and brown (8 mooncakes). You can also opt for the wine option which comes with a bottle of Saujana Hotels and Resorts Wine Collection from the award-winning wineries of Frankland Estate and Margaret River (priced at RM139 and RM159).

Before the mooncake tasting, we were also treated to some lovely dim sum, namely the "Ti Chen" Steamed Prawns Dumplings "Har Kao", Steamed Signature Chicken Dumplings "Siew Mai", Deep-fried Jackfruit with Prawn Rolls, Deep-fried Beancurd Skin Rolls with Sweet Sour Sauce and Hong Kong Yee Fu Noodles.

Har Kao

Siew Mai

Deep fried jackfruit with prawn roll - my fav this lunch time

Deep fried beancurd skin roll

Yee fu noodles

Mooncakes are available from 10 August to 27 September 2015. 


Opening times: Tue - Fri (Lunch : 12pm – 2.30pm; Dinner : 6.00pm – 10.00pm), Saturdays and Sundays (Lunch : 9.00am – 2.30pm; Dinner : 6.00pm – 10.00pm). Closed on Mondays.

Location: Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant, Saujana Hotel, Saujana Resort, Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-7843 1234 ext 6122

Website: http://www.shr.my/the-saujana-hotel/dining_171-en.html

GPS Coordinates: 3.108554, 101.575981

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