Friday, August 28, 2015

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor

We met up with our dear friend, Eunice to have dinner in Puchong. At first, we were considering Indonesian food (we could see Anggrek Kuring from our hotel window) but as we walked closer to the restaurant, we saw Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, and instantly changed our minds. Been a while since we had Korean and it will also be the first Korean BBQ experience for the kids. :)

Daorae is a pretty popular Korean chain, with over 10 restaurants around Malaysia including locations in Ipoh, Seremban, Penang, and Melaka. 

After going through the menu, we ordered the gochujang sam kyup sal (RM32) as well as the regular non-spicy sam kyup sal (RM30) so the kids can enjoy it too. There is a minimum order of 2 items for them to fire up the charcoal BBQ grill.

The serving staff did the cooking for us, so we basically just watched and waited in anticipation ;) The long strips of pork belly are placed on the hot plate and then grilled until cooked and crispy and then will be cut into bite-sized pieces for the diners to enjoy. Out of the two, I actually enjoyed the non-spicy version more. 

While waiting, they also served us a wide variety of ban chan (side dishes) such as kimchi, spinach, beansprouts, radish, and more. You can ask for refills when you're done. A complimentary soup is also served at the start.

Oh look at her happy face!

Cut into small pieces for enjoyment

All nice and golden... almost there

Served with seasoned sesame oil and ssamjang 

So yummy - melting layers of fat! They also serve some lettuce for you to wrap the grilled meats in.

Gochujang sam gyup sal.

We also ordered a kimchi jjigae (RM20) and beef bulgogi (RM28), both of which were very yummy. The bulgogi portion was pretty generous and the beef was nice and tender. These two dishes comes with a bowl of rice each. When you finish your meal, they will serve you with sik hye (sweet rice drink) and fresh watermelon.

Kimchi jjigae - spiciness level just nice for us, even Baby C enjoyed some of this ;)

Opening times: 12pm to 3pm (Lunch) and 5.30pm to 11.00pm (Dinner)

Service: Good.

Price: Total bill RM128.25

Location: Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, No.27-1, Jalan Puteri 1/4, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Selangor.

Tel: 03-8062 1203

GPS Coordinates: 3.026655, 101.616676

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  1. Nice! Got the exhaust pump - wouldn't leave the place smelling like what one has just cooked.

  2. My fav Korean food place, always satisfying meal at Daorae!


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