Sunday, July 22, 2018

Family Fun: Moscow State Circus 2018 in Aberdeen!

We are back in Scotland for our summer holidays and what better to kick it off than with a visit to one of the world's most spectacular circus displays, the Moscow State Circus.

The Moscow State Circus began their Aberdeen leg on the 19th July and will be performing here daily (except 24th and 31st July) until 5th August 2018 - check the website here for show times!

Set in the Hotel of Curiosities, the world’s most famous circus will bring its latest and greatest production GOSTINITSA - a rapturous and passionate new circus experience that fuses the Moscow State Circus with the glorious Golden Age of Hollywood, and promises all the spectacle and nerve-tingling, edge of your seat thrills for the whole family.

This two-hour long show was entertaining and nothing short of extraordinary, with award-winning clowns, the Chervotkins Duo guiding us through the show with their funny antics and had the audience in stitches. BabySumoKids favorite were the Didyk Troupe, which performed acrobatics on Europe’s only DOUBLE Russian swings, with performers flying through the air and somersaulting from one fast moving swing to another.... amazing!

The marvelous Alikhanov Troupe will feature three acrobats performing on two ten meter poles balanced on the single shoulder of a man, climbing and spinning to the very top of the same pole.

You can also catch Unicyclists the Gorodetskiys Duo and the sensational trapeze artistes, the Peruskins Duo and Anna Rastsova.

Bell Boys with their rope tricks

Magnificent trapeze action.. flying through the air with utmost grace

Performers balancing the 10m pole on their heads with three lady performers perched on the top.

One guy, three girls... wow!

And then this...!

Hula hoops


High wire... performer standing on the shoulder of another performer

Doing splits high up while balanced on the gentlemen's head!

And then it was three performers walking the high wire!

Didyk Troupe and the Russian swings... check out the video here!

Snippets of the show here

The Moscow State Circus will also be touring in Dundee (8-12 August), Newcastle (15-21 August) and Leeds (23-28 August). For more information or to purchase tickets for the Moscow State Circus, please visit their website.

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  1. Back in Scotland, eh? I've a friend there, home-based business serving Malaysian delights. Maybe you would like to drop by and try?


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