Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Exploring Melaka with Kids: Mamee Jonker House, Jonker Street and Red Square

One of the must-visit places in Melaka is Jonker Street, whereby you will find a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, museums, boutique hotels, knick knacks and more. Red lanterns can be seen hanging above the roads and there are lots of Instagram-worthy shops and buildings to take photos at, so definitely worth a visit.

One of our first stops was Mamee Jonker House... who doesn't love the blue iconic Mamee Monster? Here, you will find a cafe (serving local food) and there is also a Merchandise area, Noodle Doodle area upstairs (where you can doodle on your noodle cup and watch it being packed) and a Lil Monster Kitchen (available weekends only) to see how Mamee Monster is made.

Hey hey, we met Mr Potato too!

Big "Mamee Chef noodle cup" table

Directly opposite Mamee Jonker House is the Hokkien Huay Kuan, a small temple you can visit.

Love the ornate wall carvings

Love this quaint shop too, selling cold drinks!

Yogurt ice cream to cool down!

You will see lots of trishaws here

The trishaws are usually dressed up in cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty and Pikachu and play loud music like KPop (think Oppa Gangnam Style).

Once you reach the end of Jonker Street / Walk, you will see the famous Red Square (Dutch Square) which is surrounded by the historical red buildings.

UNESCO World Heritage Site of Melaka

Check out where you can eat in Jonker Street, Melaka:
Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball
Hoe Kee
San Shu Gong and Chung Wah

Also, check out this post for more historical places you can explore in Melaka.

Location: Jonker Street, Melaka (Street parking available - pay using display coupons).

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  1. great pics! jonker street has a special place in my heart - i did an entire school history project about jonker and spent days walking up and down the street when i was 15 or 16 ... but that was more than 25 years ago, and the street has definitely changed further since then! :)


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