Thursday, July 5, 2018

Shin Nihon, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL: Japanese Charcoal Grilled Beef

Earlier this year, we met up with our friend at Shin Nihon for lunch. Shin Nihon, originating from Japan, have 15 branches in Tokyo with its flagship store in Nihonbashi and specialises in yakiniku (grilled meat). The KL outlet was opened in Desa Sri Hartamas in July last year and aims to bring reasonably priced, delicious charcoal grilled beef that they offer in Japan to KL-ites.

The restaurant is open daily for dinner but only on Saturdays and Sundays for lunch. Their menu features expertly selected beef with various aging methods, preparation, cuts, as well as sauce and dishes that pair wonderfully with grilled meat.

If you've never tried beef tongue before, I urge you to do so here at Shin Nihon. We were well-impressed with the atsugiri tan (RM35), also known as salted thick cut tongue. It is one of the most popular items here and it's easy to see why. Even in its raw form, the sight of the beautiful marbling is enough to make us drool. The staff will season it with salt and then grill it on the charcoal grill in front of you. The beef tongue used here is Wagyu, so the meat has a slight bite then gives way to a melt-in-the-mouth texture. So so good!

Next, we had the Wagyu harami (RM60), also known as premium skirt flank. There was about 150g in a portion.  Beautifully grilled, the fats were nicely caramelised with a lovely char. I enjoyed this a lot! With the meat, pink rock salt, homemade sauce and lemon is served together - the wait staff will recommend which sauce pairs best with each types of meat.

From the lunch menu, we ordered the Nishu Mori Teishoku, today's 2 special cuts set. You can opt for small (100g - RM26), medium (150g - RM36) or large (200g - RM46). We had the large since we are all meat lovers! :) The lunch sets come with refillable Japanese rice, kimchi, salad and miso soup. They use Koshihikari rice from Japan which is slightly sweet and is good paired with charcoal grilled beef.

The cuts served were rib rosu (ribeye) and tougarashi (chuck tender), both from the Angus cattle. The meat has been marinated so they tasted really flavorful. If you're feeling a little more flash, they also have premium Wagyu yakiniku sets.

We also tried two types of Wagyu beef sushi, the premium Wagyu aburi sushi (RM10 each) which is topped with roasted wagyu and Premium Wagyu Nigiri  (RM9 each) which is topped with raw Wagyu. It's worth trying if you've never had beef sushi before, however I prefer the charcoal grilled beef over this as the meat flavour is much more intense.

Please view current Menu here. Prices have increased/changed since our visit earlier this year.


Opening times: 5.30pm to 1.00am daily (Dinner), 12.00pm - 3.00pm (Lunch on Saturday and Sunday only)

Price: Total bill RM208.70 for 3 pax (complimentary green tea).

Location: Shin Nihon, No.26-G & 26-1, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. (Street parking available, valet parking only available for restaurant customers in evening)

Tel: 03-2856 7350

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  1. Those extra thick steaks look absolutely gorgeous, like what one would have in Australia and New Zealand, not the paper thin ones that we have here.


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