Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017 from BabySumoFamily

BOO! Happy Halloween from BabySumoFamily.

Introducing Count Dancula.. the 666th generation of Danpires.

It was actually Baby D's idea to be a vampire this year. He lost both his upper front teeth just in time for Halloween so it looks like he has mini fangs. Hubby DIY-ed his vampire cloak using a black apron and some red cloth. Some dark eye makeup and blood completes the look ;)

Here's Coco Cat.... a witch's black cat ;)

Spooky or frightfully adorable?

So the kids decided, "Mummy, you should be a mummy. That would be perfect!"

If you scroll back to the first photo, you will see that Hubby cleverly made the artwork to illustrate the Halloween characters we're dressing up as this year.

Annual Halloween Game... eating toast off a line. LOL! We played it one year and the kids enjoyed it, so we've been doing it every year ever since.

And this Halloween poster is made by Baby C using an app... clever girl!

Hope you have a spooktacular Halloween.

Here are some recipes for Halloween: Halloween eyeball pasta with blood sauce, Halloween ghost and bat cookies, Spooktacular Halloween coffin cake and Frozen Banana Ghost Pops.

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  1. happy halloween! both the kids have great costumes ... and their expressions are charmingly scary! :D


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