Thursday, October 12, 2017

BASF Kids' Lab 2017 at Petrosains, Malaysia

Science is one of BabySumoKids' favorite subjects in school. They also love the simple science experiments that we expose them to via our "homeschooling" at home during school holidays.

When we heard about BASF Kids' Lab 2017, whereby kids get a chance to learn about science in an fun, interactive manner, we signed our kids up instantly. This year's Kids Lab theme is "Clever Foodies" and is held at Petrosains in Suria KLCC. Upon registration, the kids were geared up with safety glasses and apron. They were divided into groups of 10 and then ushered to the Lab area where all the fun began.

Each child is given a booklet to record their findings. The first experiment was conducted to find out which fruit contained the most Vitamin C; using fresh lemon, fresh orange, orange juice (out of a pack) and lemon juice (out of a bottle). The kids were taught by the lab assistant on how to use a pipette to transport the iodine liquid to the test tubes and then calculate how many drops of juice it takes to make the blue colour disappear. From this experiment, the children learnt that fresh fruit is more superior and emerged as the Vitamin C champion.

The following experiment investigates the Vitamin C content in different fruits and vegetables. The test strips that is the darkest blue has the highest content of Vitamin C. Through this, the children can see that different fruits and vegetables have different Vitamin C content and learn to record their findings.

The final experiment sees the children doing a serial dilution to learn about pigments in fruits and vegetables.

BASF, in collaboration with MARDI, developed the Clearfield Production System which has successfully doubled the rice yield and eliminated weedy rice in Malaysia.

For those interested to join next year's Kids' Lab, do join their Facebook page where the announcement would be made for registration.

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  1. Been there, done that! Spent a fortune on it when my girl was little.


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