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Meet Robi the Robot

Meet Robi, the trilingual robot created by world’s leading robotics scientist, Professor Tomotaka Takahashi.

Coming very soon to Malaysia – Robi will give parents and children an opportunity to spend quality time together as they unbox and assemble Robi piece by piece using only a screwdriver. Robi parts are contained in a weekly educational magazine (made up of 70 issues) with clear and simple instructions in each issue on how to assemble the robot.

There are five stages to completion, and we have been given the honour of previewing the first 8 issues (Stage 1) of the magazine. We had two hours of family fun opening, arranging parts and assembling them. Following the clear diagrammatic instructions, we built Robi's head and attached the servo unit to allow movement.

Only a small number of pieces come with each magazine; this actually assists with the building of the robot as the family is not overwhelmed by the complexity of the task ahead and slowly but surely as the issues mount up Robi will grow along with your family's understanding of robotics and robot construction.

A happy Chloe, eager to get started

Incorporating cutting-edge robotics technology from Japan, Robi has become the bestselling humanoid robot worldwide. He can communicate with users, even expressing emotion through the colour of his eyes. He can talk, sing, dance and control selected household appliances eg. the television.

The specially designed Malaysian version of Robi has also been programmed to speak some Manglish phrases, as well as English, Bahasa and Chinese. With an extensive vocabulary of more than 250 phrases, once constructed, Robi interacts well with his new owners.

Daniel also wants to be part of our Robi construction team 

Children of all ages are fascinated by robotics. In fact it's probably every child's dream to own a robot. Robi will allow your family to slowly learn step by step more about the mechanics and circuitry of a fully functioning robot. Young families can spend quality time building Robi together learning along the way and bonding as a team, possibly learning many new skills in the process. The family can discuss together about how Robi is going to be able to walk, talk and dance and discover slowly the robotics magic as they construct the component parts as a team.

Briefly skim through the relevant issue before unboxing the components

Chloe was happy to find a mini Robi in Issue 1

We used our Robi Robot construction time as quality family time, a perfect example to our children that learning can be fun.  After dinner one evening, we sat down and reviewed the magazine issues one by one.  We all took turns opening the packaging, laying out the components exactly as shown in the magazine, reading the instructions, using the screwdriver and confirming each step has been completed correctly.

Discuss the task ahead and assign task for each team member 

Reading aloud each step prior to starting a new module

Look mummy, my eyes are like Robi's

Daniel demonstrating his dexterity with the screwdriver 

Taking turns, even I managed to help assemble Robi :-)

Joy as Robi begins to take shape 

Our in-house Robi expert, sharing his expertise

It was a fulfilling moment as we completed Issue 8, and Robi's head came together. The kids were excited as Hubby pressed the "Test/Set" button and Robi's head moved from left to right for the first time.  Our team had successfully completed Stage 1 and every team member had unlocked a sense of achievement.

Check out this cute video of Robi in action:

Head over to the Launch Event and Roadshow at One Utama Shopping Centre from 10th-12th March 2017 for a chance to meet Robi as well as Robi’s creator, Professor Tomotaka Takahashi and Hajime ‘Jimmy’ Murano, the Chief Executive Officer & President of DeAgostini Asia. Lots of exciting activities await you such as a chance to interact with Robi, customised games for parent and child, Robi giveaways as well as Robi balloons. You can also catch 100 Robis perform and dance in sync simultaneously to music. Hope to see you there!

You can find out more product information on Robi at the official website here: or contact 03-2168 3738 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm) or by email: for general enquiries.

Robi will be available at these locations in Malaysia: 7-Eleven, Borders, Cold Storage, Hamleys, Jasons Food Hall, Kinokuniya, Mercato, MPH,, Pansing, Popular, RadioShack, Times, WHSmith, or you may also order it through the website (FPX payment).

*This is a sponsored post.

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  1. I sure would love to have one but do send it over once it's done - I'm hopeless at assembling things - no patience and I will keep misplacing this and that and give up in the end.


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